HD Video Conferencing Available through RHUB Web Conferencing

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As a RHUB customer for many years, I have been very pleased with the flexibility, cost, video quality, and screen sharing that RHUB offers. With the new HD video service, I can create video conference with as many as 15 attendees and without incurring any additional costs. Built into the latest RHUB 5.0SP1 software, this new feature doesn’t require any separate video conferencing equipment. All that is necessary is a microphone and webcam. Of course, if you want to reduce background noise, it’s nice to have headsets. Users can also take advantage of the opportunity dial into an audio bridge. Individual streams are displayed at a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, providing a maximum resolution of 1360 x 768 pixels.

When attending a demonstration with 15 attendees, I discovered that everything was extremely easy to use. In addition, the quality was quite good. RHUB software, which is available for Mac and Windows, is very quick to download. One of the things I like best about it is that you do not need to adjust any settings. The audio was absolutely perfect and video quality was very good, as well. By providing the service to 15 users at the same time, RHUB is able to provide more visibility during meetings.

One of the great benefits of this service is that a split screen is automatically displayed, dividing into the appropriate number of boxes necessary to show each attendee. When desired, there is also a screen sharing space. RHUB has also put a lot of thought into adding several user-friendly features, such as a white outline that will show which attendee is speaking at any given time. In addition, you can take advantage of the option to resize the viewable area in order to maximize the shared desktop, if you like.

In just the last few years, the world of business has changed dramatically and it’s become more important than ever to be able to communicate in real time. If you are not able to do that, there’s a good chance that you’re falling behind the competition. Traditional phone calls may work for casual communication, but when you need to disseminate important information, HD video web conferencing provides the ability to communicate faster and more effectively. Compared to a phone call HD video web conferencing capabilities from RHUB give attendees to review graphics and charts while simultaneously being able to view facial expressions and gestures, thus ensuring accurate and clear communication of relevant information. With this feature, you can interact with customers as if you were in the same room without racking up travel costs that could impact your bottom line.

Existing RHUB customers can take advantage of HD video conferencing and it is also available to trial users at no additional costs.

Are you currently using RHUB? Would the addition of video capabilities make the service even more appealing? If so, we welcome your feedback at support@rhubcom.com or contact us at 866-758-0984.

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Protecting Your System from Hacker Attacks with RHUB

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It seems that everywhere we turn today there is a new kind of cyber attack on the news. Whether it’s an attack that steals your password or your financial data, it’s still a concern. Recently, there have been increasing reports regarding attacks that are launched against RDP servers. Known as Bruteforce attack attempts, to date, thousands of victims have been identified.

The news of hackers targeting RDP connections is certainly nothing new. This is a problem that has been going on for years. Developed by Microsoft, RDP is a proprietary protocol that offers users with a graphical interface the ability to connect with another computer using a network connection. Originally, RDP was designed to provide remote access on a LAN. As a result, security issues can occur when RDP is used by support teams over the Internet in order to establish a connection with off-network systems. This is because such a connection often requires the use of a VPN tunnel as well as firewall configurations that can ultimately result in compromised security, including the opening of default ports. Unfortunately, these ports are entirely too vulnerable and easy for hackers to locate by using a simple Internet scan. To make matters worse, the login credentials are frequently susceptible to Bruteforce attacks because they are often shared.

Why would a hacker want to hack a RDP connection? It’s actually quite lucrative. After a hacker has gained the login password for a RDP connection, he or she can take control of the system in which the RDP server is installed. Once that occurs, the hacker has free reign for planting malicious software into the system and can access all types of data.

Additionally, the hacker can also gain access to your organization’s internal network if the workstation that has been compromised is connected to the internal network. This means that the attacker can then gain access to all of the passwords that are installed on the affected system. Clearly, the consequences of such an attack can be significant and broad-ranging.

While it might seem prudent for IT departments to cease the use of RDP for remote access, given the dangers, it is still largely in use. The primary reason for this is that RDP does not require additional software and it is also quite easy to use, especially in terms of server administration.

There is an easier and more secure solution, however. By adding RHUB, RDP users can take advantage of a number of benefits, including the ability to connect securely to remote networks, collaborate with multiple users within a RDP session, and provide support from any type of desktop platform. Additionally, the RHUB remote support and Remote Access tools ensure that your network is protected while still giving you the same functionality as you enjoy with RDP.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can protect your system from hackers while still supporting remote access-enabled systems, contact us at 866-758-0984 or email us at sales@rhubcom.com

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Taking Advantage of the Polling Functionality on RHUB Web Conferencing Servers

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Webinars have rapidly grown in popularity and are now used around the world for a variety of different purposes. As many companies have grown in global scale, the use of webinars for connecting with employees in locations around the world has also grown significantly. During webinars, a variety of different tasks may need to be handled. It is not uncommon for the need to arise in which the webinar host needs to hold a vote on various topics. While it might be easy enough in an in-person conference to simply ask for a show of hands; that will not work during a conference call. You need an organized and accurate method for conducting a poll and gathering important feedback. With RHUB web conferencing servers, you gain the ability to take official votes even if you are thousands of miles away from your conference attendees.

The Benefits of Polling

The RHUB polling function offers a full slate of benefits that can be used in different scenarios. By using the polling function, hosts are able to engage or even rejuvenate an audience when their attention may have wandered. You can elect to create polls prior to the conference or you can create them during the session as needed. Following the end of the poll, hosts can decide whether they wish to show the results of the poll right away or whether they prefer to reveal the results at a later point during the webinar. The host does handle the management of the poll, but he or she does not need to be present for the poll to be launched. In fact, RHUB web conferencing servers allow the poll to be sent throughout the online conference as a way of taking votes on issues, suggestions, or even when you would find it beneficial to gain insight into the conference participants.

Polling can be conducted in a variety of different ways. For instance, if you like, you can post multiple-choice questions to each attendee and then collect the feedback. You also retain the option to edit the polling questions so that you can ask any type of question. Conference attendees can even choose from among different samples and vote on the one that they like best using the polling system.

Additionally, voting sessions do not need to take a lot of time away from your webinar. They can be conducted quickly and easily while still providing conference hosts with a great tool for obtaining feedback that can be used for decision making purposes. Polling can also prove to be useful for finding ways in which you can improve the content of your future meetings. As is the case with any type of voting or polling scenario, the larger the polling sample, the more accurate the results.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can take advantage of the opportunity to conduct polls during your webinars, contact RHUB at 866-758-0984 or visit our website at http://www.rhubcom.com.

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Why Are RHUB’s Remote Support Appliances on the Rise?

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Recently, there has been an increasing trend among many of the big name IT companies focusing on the introduction of what has been termed as optimized software-plus-hardware systems, known more commonly as appliances. There has been tremendous speculation that such appliances will change the industry as we know it and have continued to make progress within the market due to their ability to assist companies in their transition into real-time business operations.

Highly optimized appliances provide a high value delivery platform that is capable of analyzing massive amounts of data in less time while providing greater insights. Along with the benefits provided by the appliance model, several other factors are currently driving its ascension, particularly as a SaaS alternative. Among those benefits are:

Enhanced Control and Security

One of the great benefits of an appliance is that it can be installed completely in-house as part of the organization’s security measures. As a result, companies gain the advantage of retaining sensitive data within their own organizational structure. There are never any concerns that sensitive data will be at risk due to passing through a third-party server. This has proven to be particularly relevant and important in light of the many data breaches that numerous companies have experienced in just the last year. In fact, our own appliance model is the primary reason that we are the only remote support vendor with the FIPs 140-2 Level 2 certification, the federal government encryption standard responsible for evaluating physical hardware security and software security. When it comes to security, you can simply never be too careful. Our enhanced security gives you complete peace of mind that your most sensitive data will never be at risk.

Increased Focus on the Software

When a vendor deployed software-only solution, entire cycles are devoted to making it possible for the solution to operate on different platforms. The downside to this is that it takes both time and money away from the ability to invest in the functionality of the software. When vendors partner with an appliance expert, they are able to more rapidly support newer elements of support functionality. This significantly reduces the amount of IT support required on a continual basis. With less time spent on IT support, you have more time to spend on what matters.


In today’s continually expanding business landscape, branding has become increasingly important. In order to reach maximum effectiveness, branding should be seen on a daily basis to ensure that you stay at the forefront of your customer’s minds. The physical appliance model offers vendors the chance to ensure that they are on the minds of their customers each and every day with continually present branding.

If you are not currently a RHUB customer and are interested in bringing in an appliance-based solution to benefit your business, contact us at sales@rhubcom.com or call us at 866-758-0984. We will be happy to assist you with making an informed decision regarding how your firm can take advantage of RHUB.

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RHUB’s Web Conferencing Server Free Trial Offers the Opportunity to Save on Meeting Costs

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Many times, when trying out a new software package, it is not uncommon for the package to seem as though it is a great solution when you are only reviewing the list of features. It is only after you have actually had the opportunity to use the software that you are able to gain an idea of whether it is really that great and will actually serve the purpose that you need it to serve. This is why it is typically a good idea to try out a software program for at least a week before you make a final purchase decision.

In the past, my method for purchasing software amounted to reviewing the description for the software online and then making a determination about whether it sounded like something that would meet my needs. Unfortunately, this method resulted in a lot of headaches and hassles, usually with the result being software that wasn’t compatible with my computer or simply didn’t work the way that I needed. There have been a few software programs that did provide the functionality I needed, but in those rare instances, the software was often so hard to use that it hardly seemed worth it.

Free trials are now fairly prolific and certainly offer a much better method for finding a software that works the way you need it. In fact, an increasing number of software vendors are now providing the opportunity to download a free trial version that will allow you to use the program free of cost for a specified period of time.

Not long ago, I took advantage of the opportunity to use the RHUB free trial. At the time, I was in need of a web conferencing product and was somewhat confused about which software product was the best solution. After trying RHUB, I was pleased to discover that it was fast and easy to set up, something that is definitely a rarity. Within just a few minutes, I was able to begin webinars with my customers. RHUB also provides a phone conferencing application as well as a web conference. You can also utilize the mic and speakers and your PC if you wish to incorporate audio.

During my free trial, I was able to use RHUB’s web conferencing platform several times and found that it was an ideal solution for my needs. In terms of small businesses, this platform offers a valuable opportunity to cut expenses. With the rising cost of travel expenses, even a simple meeting can easily cost thousands of dollars considering travel airfare and accommodations. With a one-time investment, the cost for RHUB is much less while providing the opportunity to benefit from much more.

Ultimately, after experiencing the RHUB web conferencing free trial, I was quite pleased with the service and highly recommend it. To learn more about the free trial, visit http://rhubcom.com/v4/web_conferencing/register_freeTrial.html or call on 866-758-0984 to get your account set up and running.

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