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I am a Social Media Expert…

August 8th, 2009

A Social Media Expert… how can you become one too? You see it on many profiles and you hear it announced on podcasts… but how and who gave these people this title and where can I get one too???

I often see profiles on social networking sites and bloggers, who are self-proclaimed social media experts. As you look more deeply into that person’s content and personal sites you realize, “Hey if this person is an expert then I must be an uber expert. I should really tell people what I know.”

So based on my research, I have devised a plan that will make you an expert in less than two days:

1. Own a blog – Congrats you are now a blogger!
Now tell people exactly what is on your mind at the moment; typically something about how you don’t really know what to say and it’s your first post.

2. If you haven’t already, sign up for Myspace and Facebook. Post an awesome picture of yourself. Invite and add everyone from your gmail emailing list to be your friend.

3. Sign up for a Twitter account and update with something along that lines of: “Hello! This is my first tweet.” Consider uploading a cartoon avatar of yourself. Follow everyone you see and message them all to view your blog. If you do not notice any new comments within 24 hours, direct message and tweet those same people in increments of 30 minutes. Keep this up for as long as you can. (You are quite the networker!)

4. Announce to the world that you are now a social media expert! Post it as the 1st sentence on every one of your online profiles.

5. Congratulations! Now smile,  because you are part of an elite group of social media gurus. Yay!

note: I hope you sense the sarcasm.

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RHUB Awarded: 2009 Emerging Vendor by CRN

August 5th, 2009

Emergine Vendors 2009 Channel Web – “Emerging vendors across the board — in software, storage, security, networking, VoIP and virtualization — are delivering hands-down greater return on investment (ROI) for them and their customers. They say emerging vendors are more channel-friendly and provide better technical support and service (solution providers say they are able to get high-level technical help at any and all hours from top-level technical talent). Not only that, they say they are able to get to developers and make product changes that benefit their clients.”

Finding Growth With Emerging Vendors

First Posted By Steven Burke, ChannelWeb
6:05 PM EDT Fri. Jun. 19, 2009

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Harry Potter: An Example That Marketing Is Viral

August 1st, 2009

Today I ran into a person who told me blogs do not work and that Facebook and Twitter are only occupied by young folks. As this is our first post, I find this an appropriate topic and hopefully an ironic one.

When Harry Potter’s Wizarding World was first announced, only 7 people knew about this. These 7 people blogged and discussed this exciting new project to the world. Within 24 hours 350,000,000 have already heard of Harry Potter’s Wizarding World at Universal Studios. Tell me viral marketing is nonexistent! I dare you. (But of course it is all about the content.)

Now to address his second statement… Facebook and Twitter are only for young people…? Who is this guy?!

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