Web Conferencing Hits the iPhone

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Iphone – the feature rich device that has taken the world by storm has entered another arena, web meetings. According to news reports a new application was recently created for this popular smart phone that allows users to schedule online meetings and view meeting agenda among other features.
The application was created by TimeBridge, a company that specializes in software for setting up and running meetings online. One of their more popular offerings issues a SMS reminder prior to when a scheduled meeting is about to start. This is known as the Meeting Time Messenger SMS notification tool. (This new application won’t be available until October and is currently going through Apple’s approval process.)

Apple has always presented itself with something akin to an air of exclusivity. Owners of Apple computers have for years seemed to be part of an unofficial club. Given that their prices tend to be higher than PCs that trend has continued, although they have trotted out smaller laptops in recent years that are a bit easier on most pockets. The iPhone however is a bit different. Not everyone who owns one is necessarily an Apple devotee. Many computer users who insist they will never trade in the reliable PC for a Mac are huge iPhone fans.

What will this do for web conferencing? It seems that many have embraced this new idea. Larger players in the market are already making online meetings a relatively simple and convenient procedure by integrating web conferencing with the iPhone.

We at RHUB have developed a universal attendance technology that allows for anyone to join a meeting as long as they can open up a browser and have access to the internet. What does this mean for phones? As long as your phone has 3G capabilities, you are able to attend the meeting. Therefore, there are never any issues with attending meetings when using TurboMeeting. Like what the spokesman for the Men’s Warehouse says: “I guarantee it!”

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