Why Webinars?

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If there is one thing we are all short of these days it’s time. It is one thing to think about upgrading your skills and increasing your value in the job market. It is quite another to juggle that with work, children, community involvement and anything else you can add to this list.

Often our jobs may require that we attend seminars or training sessions of some type. Web conferencing has made the prospect of meeting and training significantly cheaper. In fact it has become such an attractive option many companies now see it as their first choice. Advantages of web seminars over traditional training seminars are many. Some of those that readily come to mind are:

  • A reduction in travel costs
  • Employees don’t need to leave the workplace to attend, so they can still be engaged at work
  • There is no need to print information as everything can be viewed onscreen
  • Webinar and conferencing sessions can be recorded and saved for later viewing
  • The ability to stream video or audio makes for compelling content

Webinars are made even more interesting by the use of streaming video, audio feeds, annotations, whiteboards, and video broadcasting with a webcam – all common web conferencing features. These usually help to enhance the presentations and keep participants engaged. Partner this with interactive collaboration and you a very powerful tool.

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