Connecting with President Andrew Jackson Online

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When people hear the term web conferencing, webinars and business meetings may spring to mind, though its applications are far more than what the name implies.  Doing collaboration work online, staying in touch with loved ones through video chat are some of the more common ways web conferencing technology is being used. But there are also less ordinary uses that have popped up recently. In the home of our seventh president for one. Yup, web conferencing has made its way into historic sites.

The Hermitage, home of President Andrew Jackson, now offers an interactive, online education program called Reinforcing American History through Electronic Learning; or as known as RACHEL, after President Jackson’s wife. For 60 minutes, students worldwide can participate in an interactive program about the seventh president of the United States. Teachers no longer have to worry about student safety, cost constraints, time constraints, and the endless worries that accompany a typical field trip. Instead, they can sit back and enjoy with students as they learn about topics that range from slavery to the election of President Jackson.

To sign up for an online program, all it takes is a visit to The Hermitage website and a call to set up jameshallison casino the online tour. The participants only need to have access to a PC and good internet connection to partake in the program. To promote this new offering, the Hermitage is offering RACHEL at $30 a session, a discount from the usual $60 per session. But hurry, because is only good until February 1st when prices will go back back to the regular standard price.

So will other museums and points of interest follow in the Hermitage’s footsteps? Only time will tell. Truthfully, it is not an option that is suited to all institutions of this type. Many may simply be unwilling to give up that personal interaction which they see as vital to the learning experience. But whether or not web conference based education programs become a standard part of education, one thing is for sure. This sure beats the alternative, watching a documentary on the life of Andrew Jackson while answering questions on the handout.


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