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Self-Hosted Web Conference: “Never Rent What You Should Own”

February 12th, 2010

Here are RHUB, we take pride in our products and we strongly believe in the value of a self-hosted, on-premise web conferencing solution. Unlike monthly subscription services, costs are fixed, you buy it, you own it. No more fees. Plus, on-premise solutions allows for integration and customization with your system for added security. Like what one of our customer in the financial industry has to say, why rent when you can own it.

“After almost a year of researching a remote solution for my CPA practice I selected RHUB. Six months later I could not be happier with my selection. From the sales staff who were patient and informative, to the technical support staff, who were patient, diligent, and informative, we have had a very positive experience. Your product is reliable and functional, with innovative features not found in comparable product at several times the price. Our clients love it and are impressed with what they perceive our our technical expertise. Little do they know we’re just pointing and clicking!!

I advise my clients frequently to never rent what you should own. With RHub we own the product.”

— Dennis Duke, CPA, Duke & Duke CPAs

What are your thoughts on hosted versus on-premise solutions?

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RHUB Communications Web Conferencing Appliance Receives Listing as a Solid “Influencer and Contender”

February 5th, 2010

San Jose, CA,  February 04, 2010 — RHUB Communications, Inc. (RHUB), the provider of the TurboMeeting web conferencing and remote support appliance, today announced that it has been recognized as an industry ‘Influencer and Contender’ by Wainhouse Research (WR) in its 2009 Rich Media Conferencing: Audio and Web Conferencing Infrastructure Products report. This acknowledgement by WR recognizes RHUB’s ability to deliver a unique and viable collaboration solution to the market that is both recognizable and competitive within the enterprise conferencing area.

“We are excited to be recognized as a key contender in the WR report,” said Larry Dorie, CEO of RHUB. “We’ve worked really hard over the years to make our customers and influencers in the industry aware of our unique product offering which exists in a unique market segment that will continue to grow based on the ever changing business climate. We’ve tried to raise the bar in the industry by making our technology “own-able” and affordable, and by giving our customers four complete real-time collaboration technologies all in one appliance.”

In an executive summary, Wainhouse Research forecasts that the conferencing infrastructure product segments covered in their report will grow from $1.9B in 2009 to over $3.2B in 2014, resulting in a 5-year revenue CAGR of 11.2%. In addition, WR identifies drivers that are forcing corporate, government, and educational institutions to look at audio/web conferencing, unified communications, and team collaboration solutions with greater interest than ever before including, globalization, travel disruptions, and the emergence of the virtual business model.

Even given these growing challenges, RHUB has worked to address the demands of globalization and virtual work teams through its solution called TurboMeeting. TurboMeeting is the leading “Collaboration Quad Player” in the market as the solution delivers a 4-in-1 Web conferencing solution that’s fully loaded with four complete collaboration solutions – all in one box. The technology fully delivers Web conferencing that provides Web-based interactive meetings; Remote support which remotely supports PC and Mac users; Remote Access for remotely accessing computers at home or in the office from anywhere, anytime; and, Web Seminars which requires no downloads and delivers meeting access in seconds.

TurboMeeting also overcomes two key barriers found with WebEx and GotoMeeting – 1) the requirement of downloads, and, 2) ongoing monthly fees. Now, for the first time with TurboMeeting’s view only solution, there are No downloads, No Java, No Flash, No Nothing – just online meeting accessibility done fast.

For a full listing of TurboMeeting appliances and specifications or to learn more, visit

To download the executive summary for the WR report “RMC: Audio and Web Conferencing Infrastructure Products – 2009” visit .

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Guaranteed Web Conference Attendance from any Platform, Even from your Future iPad

February 3rd, 2010

The iPad was finally introduced to the world last week after month of speculation. Now that the initial excitement has finally settled, somewhat, people are looking more into what iPad has to offer, or the lack thereof. When the iPad was revealed at the Moscone last Wednesday, one of feature people found lacking was that it only supports one app at a time. To add to it, iPad doesn”t support flash.

But despite its lacking in some areas, there is definitely potential with iPad being an on-the-go work tool. A portable device coveted by road warriors and frequent travelers. Given its crisp and vibrant 9.7 inch display, and a 1024×768 screen resolution, the iPad is great for browsing online and reading documents. There is already announcement made by companies about creating a remote access app for the iPad, so you will be able to access your desktop with all the different applications running on it.

But for those who are not looking for a replacement to their laptops, and will be using the iPad for mostly reading books and browsing the web, the lack of flash support is a major drawback. For business users who are frequently on the road and need to attend meeting and seminars online, they would still need their laptops in order to attend as many online conferencing services requires flash and downloads to run.

RHUB”s universal attendance technology allows for anyone to join a meeting as long as they can open up a browser and have access to the internet. And for those concerned with a lack of flash support on the iPad, not to worry. RHUB”s web-based viewing support both flash and non-flash users. So as long you”re connected to the internet, whether through Wi-Fi or the more costly 3G option, you will be able to attend meetings and webinars, guaranteed. Now whether or not you’ll be able to get connection on the AT&T network is a whole other problem.

What are your thoughts, will you be getting an iPad?

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