Fail Proofing Your Web Conferences

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Ever started or joined in on a web conference and realized you were missing something? If lucky, the files or document will be in reaching distance. Worst scenario, you might have to get up and walk a few steps. While this isn’t a big deal for those weekly meetings if all that were forgotten were files, for a client meeting or sales pitch, unprepared is not the way you want to start off. And you certainly don’t want to find yourself without the proper equipment necessary for the web conference. As with any communication tool, requires that certain infrastructure be in place.

Making a List and Checking It Twice web conference checklist

Thankfully, making a checklist is as simple as using most web conference software on the market today. The equipment necessary to facilitate the meeting experience includes:

  • Telephone lines and internet: This is where it all begins since web conferencing takes advantage of existing internet service. High speed internet will make it possible to take advantage of all the features most programs provide.
  • System requirements: This is not of much concern these days as most software providers try to ensure compatibility with various operating systems. It still doesn’t hurt to make sure beforehand whether your operating platform will pose potential issues for your web conference software. Other things to check for:
    • Operating system
    • A top-of-line sound card
    • At least 128 MB of RAM
    • Processor speed of no less than 233 MHz
    • A high resolution monitor
  • Microphone, headset and speakers: These devices are all integral to the web conference experience. As is usually the case with technology, pricier items tend to equal better sound quality. The type of these devices purchases will however depends on the budget of the individual or company.
  • Web cam: While optional, a webcam makes the difference between a video web conference and an audio conference. Most users are likely to be more comfortable if they can see the person they are talking to. For this reason, consider investing in a web cam.

Attendees in the web conference do not necessarily have to match the presenter’s hardware. Though the quality of their system will still affect the quality of the presentation on their end. Once you have all the necessary equipment in place, you’re ready to start!

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