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The RHUB web conferencing solutions boost 1,000% of productivities by hosted services

August 9th, 2010

Web conferencing is one of few productivity tools applicable to all organizations everywhere Internet can reach.  In order to save costs, most users of hosted web conferencing services only subscribe a very few licenses, usually well less than 10% of their employees, and limit subscriptions only for sales people in most cases.

However, web conferencing can be used well beyond sales or product demos. It can be used by almost every employee in your organization. For example, your HR department can use to train employees. Your top executives can use to discuss company financials and proposals. Your engineers can use to collaborate their work. Your customer support staff can use it to train and support customers.

inhouse web conferencing

Web conferencing use cases

The RHUB web conferencing appliance allows you to deploy web conferencing function to everyone in your company. Its floating licensing only controls the concurrent number of meetings and participants. There is no limit to the number of users who can host meetings. That is, the other 90% of your employees can take advantages of web conferencing once you deploy the RHUB appliance. This is the first step to show how the RHUB web conferencing solutions boost 1,000% of productivities by hosted services.

To facilitate the deployment to all employees, the RHUB appliances (in 1U form factors only) come with very easy integration with your LDAP. You don’t need to input every employee profile to the appliance. Just input your LDAP IP address and one user credential and all employees will be able to use web conferencing right away.

In addition to web conferencing, the RHUB appliance comes with other real-time collaboration applications:

  • Remote Support – support PC and Mac users remotely
  • Remote Access – access your office or home PCs from anywhere anytime
  • Web Seminar – provide online seminars without download of any kind for view-only attendees

without any additional cost. That is the next step to show your boss how the RHUB web conferencing solutions boost OVER 1,000% of productivities by hosted services.

To learn the details about the RHUB appliance, visit this URL:

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