Web Collaboration market will reach $20 Billion in four years

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According to a new report called “ Global Team Collaboration Software & Audio, Video, Web Conferencing Solutions Market” by MarketsandMarkets, the web conferencing market will reach $19.97 billion by 2015, meaning  a 10.4% compound annual growth rate.

The report states that behind this exponential growth is that managers have started to realize that collaboration and web conferencing tools increase employee and business productivity. In the future, according to MarketsandMarkets, increasing productivity and cost control will determine how web conferencing software and appliances will evolve.

These tools and appliances already play an important role in businesses around the world but it is a market with an exponential growth capability. With many companies looking forward to expanding globally, web conferencing tools are the solution to overcome distances and time zones, bringing people together to work collaboratively in real time. Collaborative remote support appliances are also great to train employees and to supervise their work, allowing an employer to train and manage a team on the other side of the world.

With this exponential growth it is expected that over the next few years remote working and web conferencing systems will change the landscape of the traditional working environments. Companies with implemented remote solutions will tend to grow faster and create more jobs becoming dominant in the markets they’re in.

Appliance-based Solution: Lower your cost of collaboration

The web conferencing market is divided into three different types of service delivery: hosted, software and appliance-based services. While hosted services are the most common service available, there are some companies who provide software,  with appliance-based solutions being still relatively unknown to managers and IT professionals worldwide.

While still relatively unknown, the appliance-based systems offer the most reliable web conferencing and remote collaboration solutions.

When comparing RHUB, the leading provider of web conferencing and remote support appliances, with hosted services like WebEx, Citrix and LogMeIn, it is noticeable the RHUB’s appliance is a better solution for companies than the others because it offers more features and better quality. For example, the image quality is better over an appliance-based web conference than at a hosted solution, the same with audio in VoIP. Security wise the appliance is also a better product offering firewall protection for internal meetings and an SSL & Proprietary transmission security. RHUB’s appliance also allows to monitor employee desktops and has an unlimited number of users who can host meetings.

With the market growth with a 10.4% annual growth rate, it is expected that managers will be looking for the better solutions to implement in their companies and so it is anticipated that appliance-based systems such as RHUB will grow over the competition.

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