Ensure your Business security via RHUB Web Conferencing Appliance

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Web conferencing plays a very important part in every business, irrespective of whether it is small or big. It can be considered as one of the biggest boons for businesses of the twenty first century, because it gives countless companies the flexibility to conduct business beyond the walls of their offices. In fact, conferencing technology has created something that was considered unachievable at one point of time – a global marketplace. However, the Internet has always been anonymous with a lack of security. In addition, the continued absence of any stringent cyber laws means that there is still a great risk of security breaches in cyberspace while companies are using remote collaboration tools to team up over the Internet.

The vulnerability of web conferencing technology to security threats is not just applicable to large business; they are a reality for small and medium sized businesses as well. The frightening part, however, is that you would not even realize when your video or audio meeting sessions are compromised by unexpected intruders. This is especially the case when you have sent out tens or hundreds of invitations with passwords and login IDs. Those emails could easily get intercepted over the cyberspace. Thus, if you want to protect your business materials and if your business involves a lot of conferencing between other departments or with clients all over the world, then you need to first make sure that your business information remain completely secure. If you secure your internal and external communication portals over the internet, more than half your business cyber security measures are set in place.

However, the big question still remains – how can you secure your web conferencing services to ensure that your business stays secure? Appliance-based web conferencing solution is highly recommended. This is because that, compared to most software or web-based solutions, appliance could be deployed behind companies’ own firewalls.  Thus, unlike the hosted web based meeting service where conferencing is hosted in vendors’ servers, appliance-based solution will host meeting session on in-house servers. In this way, appliance gives users the ultimate protection from users’ own firewall. RHUB web conferencing appliance is a leading vendor who is dedicated to providing reliable and secure hardware based solution.

In addition to the firewall protection, RHUB web conferencing appliance offers transmission and access security to your web conferences while providing an affordable and easy way of conferencing over the internet. So, if you are concerned about internet security for your business, consider getting your hands on RHUB web conferencing solutions.

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