RHUB Web Conferencing and Remote Support Appliance helps Community Assistance Network give aid to those in need

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RHUB Communications, a leader in remote support and video conferencing solutions, is helping the Community Assistance Network reaching out for those in need. Community Assistance Network (CAN), a nonprofit organization founded in 1964, is using RHUB’s TurboMeeting video and web conferencing appliances to streamline its operations and reduce vulnerability among the poor, while promoting growth, stability and self-sufficiency of individuals in the Baltimore area.

RHUB’s TurboMeeting appliance offers a set of six powerful tools (remote support, remote access, video conferencing, web conferencing, audio conferencing and web seminar) which are helping CAN revamp their communications and operations, saving precious dollars on meeting trips and providing remote support to employees, volunteers and community partners.

Key among the several reasons to adopt RHUB TurboMeeting appliance over other solutions available in the market was its value. RHUB’s appliance has a great return of investment because it is very easy to install and it requires no maintenance or other special hardware, which means that it can easily adapt to most existing systems. Turbo meeting is also very easy to use and doesn’t require any special knowledge of computing whatsoever, and does it without sacrificing quality or security.

For a nonprofit organization such as CAN the ability to save dollars is key to their existence, especially because it allows them to focus their funds on what is really important: the people.

The CAN is part of a larger network of community action agencies, being one of the 17 members of the Maryland Community Action Partnership and one of the over 1,000 agencies that constitute the National Community Action Partnership. CAN also belongs to the National Community Action Foundation and CAPLAW.

In Baltimore, the Community Assistance Network operates the three largest homeless shelters: the Hannah More Emergency Shelter, the Eastside Family Emergency Shelter, and the Men’s Westside Emergency Shelter. The organization also provides food packages to families in need and is serving, right now, an average of 1,000 emergency food packages each month. Additionally, every Christmas CAN serves an extra 1,500 holiday food boxes.

CAN also provides free financial counseling for Baltimore residents. By providing financial counseling, the organization expects to improve awareness about money management, credit scores and cash flow, hoping to eliminate financial related stress and create self-sufficient individuals and families.

Additional services provided by CAN include family daycare, energy assistance and home weatherization.
Founded in 2005, RHUB Communications is the leader in cheap and high-quality video conferencing and remote support appliances which empower organizations all over the world.

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