M3 Technology Consultants Adopts RHUB TurboSupport Appliance to Provide Remote Support to Their Clients

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M3 Technology Consultants, a company specialized in providing IT solutions for growing companies all over the Washington Metropolitan area, has adopted RHUB TurboSupport Appliance in order to provide remote support to their clients.

At the core of M3 services is IT support. The company is specialized in providing maintenance for critical computer services, such as network and server monitoring, backup supervising, and security management, preventing most unplanned system failures.

By using remote support, M3 is able to provide much of its IT support without the need of sending their consultants to the clients. Consultants could remotely perform routine tasks and management operations, saving money and time without sacrificing the quality of the support services.

Remote support has also proven its usefulness in the evaluation of the severity of many problems. By remotely connecting to their clients, M3 can immediately get a glimpse of what is happening without having to wait for the technician to get on site. This allows one technician to evaluate what is going on while another travels to the location in order to provide onsite technical support with a real assessment of what he might expect, speeding up the recovery of the system.

Remote support is about providing a quick response and quick solutions to real problems. Many critics of remote support solutions often state that it can’t substitute onsite support when addressing more serious problems and, in many cases, they are right. Onsite presence is vital when dealing with critical outages but many operations can be substituted by an effective remote support service.

Key to the success of an effective remote support service is the solution adopted by the company providing it. Having this in mind, M3 has chosen RHUB TurboSupport appliance between the many solutions available in the market.

The reasons are easy to understand. RHUB’s TurboSupport is very easy to use; the quality of the connection is very high. It has inbuilt security measures which make it very difficult to exploit, and it require little to no maintenance and being very easily deployed in any IT environment without jeopardizing it.

M3 Technology Consultants was founded by the still president Joseph Migliozzi in March 2003. With the corporate office located in Centreville, Virginia, M3 has its customer base in the Washington Metropolitan area. In the last five years has registered a growth of more than 400%.

RHUB Communications, a leader in high-quality web conferencing and remote support appliances, was founded in 2005 by Dr. John Mao and Larry Dorie. It is especially known for its TurboSupport appliance and 6-in-1 TurboMeeting appliance that combines six technologies in one package: remote support, remote access, video conferencing, web conferencing, audio conferencing and webinar.

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