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FAQ about RHUB Communications

November 16th, 2012
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A 1000 user Audio Conference Bridge WITH Video conferencing AND Web Meetings AND remote support ?

November 2nd, 2012


• Web conferencing: Collaboration / Interactive Meeting – Host can assign any attendee to present – also host can assign anyone to control his/her desktop. Host can control what attendees can see (what application). Meetings can be paused at anytime
• Audio conferencing: (PSTN or HD VoIP – VoIP is only available in an interactive Meeting session) with up to 200 attendees at the same time
• Video conferencing: 4 party Web Video teleconference
• Webinars: No download seminar mode. Device and platform independent. Unlike competing services, click on link and join in under 5 seconds. No more downloading software and IT help and Firewall and AntiVirus issues.
• Remote Support: to any user’s desktop
• Remote access: to your own PC
• Session Recording: Records Web Session in real time + voice from Microphone
• File Transfer: One to one or one to many – If an interruption in the internet happens, file transfer resumes from point interrupted
• Remote Printing: Host can issue a remote print job to any attendee’s printer
• Chat: attendees can chat with each other and chat sessions can be saved
• Polling: Host can ask questions and poll users
• OWN IT: You own it – no monthly recurring fees and no expensive IT or support costs. Have as many meetings as you want without surplus fees. The more you use it, the more economical it becomes
• Green
• Secure: SSL or not – can go ahead of Firewall, Behind the Firewall or in a DMZ – YOUR choice
• Fully branded: by YOU – your company – put your own landing page and exit page and LOGO – not Webex !
• Multi-monitor support:(Host can select which monitor to present on)
• Change image quality for faster performance
• White boarding: is included
• Annotations: of any meeting and can also be saved as JPEG
• Auto-Reconnect: Session reconnects automatically should the internet interrupts
• Schedule meetings through Exchange/Outlook
• Outlook integration: built-in
• Muli Language Support (English, French, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional and simplified), Japanese, and Turkish)
• Host can chose to have attendees put their Email before they can join – thus capturing the Emails.
• Reporting: Report will state start and end time of each attendee (when they joined and when they disconnected), attendee names, Emails and IP adress
• Updates: Provided you have maintenance, firmware is updated automatically with no user intervention (admin or user side)
• Concurrent licensing: Unlimited users with concurrent users. Anyone can use it as long as you don’t exceed the concurrent users
• API: Integrate it in your Web Site – in your applications – anywhere (you can place “Host a Meeting” or “Join a Meeting” buttons on any internal or external web page
• Ease of deployment: 5 to 10 minutes and the unit is setup

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Web, audio & video conferencing with remote support in one appliance

November 2nd, 2012

Web, audio & video conferencing with remote support in one appliance
RHUBTM (which stands for Real-Time Collaboration HUB, and is pronounced R HUB) is a premier provider of award-winning web conferencing and remote support appliances that enable companies of all types and sizes to engage everyone through desktop sharing, audio and video conferencing, and remote desktop control. With over 2 million end-users, RHUB products require no monthly recurring fees and have proven to deliver the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Unlike competing solutions based on named licenses, every employee can use the RHUB productivity tools without any extra costs. Everyone can attend, using the patented RHUB WebView technology that requires no software download and is platform and device independent. Connect, collaborate and engage others as often as needed, with ultimate on-premise security, simplicity, speed, integration and branding.

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November 2nd, 2012

1.      You own it and,
there are no monthly recurring fees
pay forever models. Hold as many meetings as you would like with as many hosts.
The license manager only counts concurrent meetings/attendees, not names users.
The appliance installs in under 10 minutes.

2.      It installs
in 10 minutes
on your LAN or ANYWHERE.

3.      When sending meetings to attendees for viewing
Seminars/Webinars, – with the RHUB WebView technology, there is NOTHING TO DOWNLOAD – so
no Firewalls will stop them, or Group Policies – and no Antivirus will block
the meeting. The host sends out a URL not a file to download. When the attendee
clicks on it, they join the meeting in less than 5 seconds – not minutes, thus
guaranteeing the attendance. If the attendees can get to Google maps, they can
join your meeting.

4.      It works on a concurrent model not named licenses. So ANYONE can use it (whom
you allow)

5.      It is FAST (Screen refreshes are clearer and better than Hosted

6.      If you are holding meetings internally, unlike hosted
models, you don’t go up to the cloud and consumer your internet bandwidth – it
is all internal and screen refreshes are at Network Speeds. Lightning fast.

7.      The quality of the Audio Bridge is superior (HD codecs) to other models.
Attendees can join by dialing a phone number or completely free using VoIP

8.      It is BRANDABLE – it will have your company name Logos all over (not
the Webex or GoToMeeting logos, or others). The exit page can be tailored to
your messages – very helpful for sales/marketing Webinar

9.      You can embed it and Integrate it with and in your websites and
You can see examples at and

10.  It also allows your techs to use this as a REMOTE SUPPORT TOOL (it
allows a technician to control another user’s desktop and access unattended

11.  It is extremely secure-you have complete control over meeting access
including by IP address.

12.  All sessions
can be recorded
and then saved to FLASH
or AVI so you can post these to your Web Site or Youtube or other appropriate
sites. You own and control the recording – not the hosted company

13.  It includes Video

14.  It includes
File Transfer
. The host can send out
files to 1, select attendees or all attendees at the same time.

15.  It includes
remote printing
. The host can issue a
print job and it will print at 1, select attendees or all attendees (I think
remote printing is only available in the remote support/remote access mode –
need to check)

16.  It includes chat. Attendees can chat with each other
or host can chat with each or all

17.  Automatic reconnect – should an attendee’s internet
disconnect or go out, the second it comes back, the session is auto joined. No
need to do anything

18.  Host can choose to have attendees put their Email
before they can join – thus capturing the Emails.

19.  Reporting is
telling the host who has joined,
when, from where and capturing start and end time as well as their name and

20.  Provided the unit is on the LAN and you have
maintenance, firmware is
updated automatically
with no user intervention (admin or user side). We
protect you from obsolescence

21.  There is an appliance for practically any meeting size

22.  Platform and device agnostic

23.  It includes REMOTE CONTROL – the ability to access your own computer

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Hosted based Web Conferencing issues

November 2nd, 2012

based Web conferencing issues:




Hosted subscription based services means
recurring fees and $$$$ – you never stop paying and you never own it.




Hosted subscription based services often means
that you cannot brand the service to your company. Why advertise someone else’s




Hosted subscription based services require a
download to your PC. Corporate firewall or group policies often block downloads
to desktops = attendee may not join meeting

If you are not administrator of your own PC
(which is often the case in many companies), you will not be able to download
and run external programs/apps as required by hosted forever pay subscription
based services

Operating system or device compatibility issues
(Windows 7 Mobile? Windows 8 Mobile? Latest Android OS i.e. Jelly Beans? iOS 6?
Windows 8? Apple MAC 10.7?) = attendee may not join meeting

Antivirus product can be blocking the downloads
= attendee may not join meeting

Incompatible browsers = attendee may not join

User fear of accepting a download = attendee may
not join meeting

All of the above problems can significantly
increase complexity, costs and increase IT work, or worse, having to lower your
security shield to enable hosted services to work (i.e. remove antivirus from
desktop or lower company Group Policy Object (GPO) security




The inability to embed meetings into your own
corporate Web Sites

The inability to make it compliant with LDAP and
Active Directory




Industry experts have stated that only a
fraction of the desktops can join a meeting. A meeting missing one key attendee
can be a failed meeting.

Hosted solutions do not provide adequate access
security for many users since all is needed is a password and meeting ID –
which are usually distributed via unsecured email over the Web – a passing
person can see this or anyone who has access to your Exchange Calendar (often
shared between employees) – now can see and attend the entire meeting. All it
takes is 1 employee sharing your calendar or passing by to send that meeting info
to an external source, and the meeting session is now jeopardized

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