A 1000 user Audio Conference Bridge WITH Video conferencing AND Web Meetings AND remote support ?

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• Web conferencing: Collaboration / Interactive Meeting – Host can assign any attendee to present – also host can assign anyone to control his/her desktop. Host can control what attendees can see (what application). Meetings can be paused at anytime
• Audio conferencing: (PSTN or HD VoIP – VoIP is only available in an interactive Meeting session) with up to 200 attendees at the same time
• Video conferencing: 4 party Web Video teleconference
• Webinars: No download seminar mode. Device and platform independent. Unlike competing services, click on link and join in under 5 seconds. No more downloading software and IT help and Firewall and AntiVirus issues.
• Remote Support: to any user’s desktop
• Remote access: to your own PC
• Session Recording: Records Web Session in real time + voice from Microphone
• File Transfer: One to one or one to many – If an interruption in the internet happens, file transfer resumes from point interrupted
• Remote Printing: Host can issue a remote print job to any attendee’s printer
• Chat: attendees can chat with each other and chat sessions can be saved
• Polling: Host can ask questions and poll users
• OWN IT: You own it – no monthly recurring fees and no expensive IT or support costs. Have as many meetings as you want without surplus fees. The more you use it, the more economical it becomes
• Green
• Secure: SSL or not – can go ahead of Firewall, Behind the Firewall or in a DMZ – YOUR choice
• Fully branded: by YOU – your company – put your own landing page and exit page and LOGO – not Webex !
• Multi-monitor support:(Host can select which monitor to present on)
• Change image quality for faster performance
• White boarding: is included
• Annotations: of any meeting and can also be saved as JPEG
• Auto-Reconnect: Session reconnects automatically should the internet interrupts
• Schedule meetings through Exchange/Outlook
• Outlook integration: built-in
• Muli Language Support (English, French, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional and simplified), Japanese, and Turkish)
• Host can chose to have attendees put their Email before they can join – thus capturing the Emails.
• Reporting: Report will state start and end time of each attendee (when they joined and when they disconnected), attendee names, Emails and IP adress
• Updates: Provided you have maintenance, firmware is updated automatically with no user intervention (admin or user side)
• Concurrent licensing: Unlimited users with concurrent users. Anyone can use it as long as you don’t exceed the concurrent users
• API: Integrate it in your Web Site – in your applications – anywhere (you can place “Host a Meeting” or “Join a Meeting” buttons on any internal or external web page
• Ease of deployment: 5 to 10 minutes and the unit is setup

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