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RHUB Web Conferencing: Increasing Productivity for Every Employee

November 22nd, 2013

Are your employees just showing up to work to collect a paycheck? Sadly, the answer is probably “yes.” According to Gallup’s “State of the Workplace Report,” released last summer, only 30% of the people interviewed said they were fully engaged with their jobs. Fifty-two percent of people said they were disengaged, and another 18% said they were actively disengaged.

How much does this matter? A lot. The same Gallup report says that engaged employees are more productive and produce work that’s of better quality. It states, “Organizations in the top decile of engagement outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share, and have 90% better growth trend than their competition.”


Does this have anything to do with web conferencing? Surprisingly enough, it does. The cost of web conferencing means many employees are deprived of this critical tool. If you look at what most web conference providers charge, initially it doesn’t seem like much. One of the most popular web conferencing solutions charges $49 per month per host. Actually, when you see the annual fee—$468—that does seem like a fairly significant amount. But you may not notice that it’s even worse—that is per host. Using this provider could make the cost of multiple users prohibitive.

To make a bad situation worse, with employee turnover and tens to thousands of employees with changing passwords, manual management of each user profile at a host provider server becomes impossible. LDAP integration for auto-deployment is impossible because of security policies. No organization can expose its LDAP server to service providers outside the firewall.

The upshot? Most users of hosted web services subscribe for less than 10% of their employees. This creates an employee ghetto, with only a fraction of employees enjoying all the advantages that web conferences provide. And to return to employee engagement—if you want your employees to feel fully engaged, you need to give them all the tools they need to do their jobs, and you need to make them feel fully part of company culture.

RHUB web conferencing uses a floating license with no limitations on the number of users. No $49 per employee per month–with RHUB, everyone in your organization can use web conferencing at no extra cost. And with RHUB it’s easy—and secure—to deploy web conferencing to everyone. Using LDAP integration automates deployment. You don’t need to input every employee profile. Just set up one user credential, and all employees can start using web conferencing immediately.

Web conferencing is a cornerstone of real-time collaboration. It reduces the time wasted in travel for face-to-face meetings and makes your employees more productive and efficient. It’s a tool all employees need to have. It’s like the telephone—fundamental to efficiently running a modern office.

Don’t deprive 90% of your staff of this valuable aid. Every employee deserves access to the productivity tools he or she needs to succeed. Give us a call and let us tell you how web conferencing can increase employee engagement. Our web appliance can help your employees excel, and not just some of them. RHUB is for everyone.

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RHUB Web Conferencing and Being a Good Host

November 15th, 2013

What if you gave a party and nobody came? Probably one of our worst teenage fears, and still not a pleasant thought. You’ve cooked an extravagant lobster dinner, you’ve uncorked that chardonnay, it’s 7 o’clock, and the doorbell is silent.

It’s just as bad to plan a business meeting and not have the guest of honor show up. And if it’s your fault it’s even worse. You’ve spent weeks working on your slide show because it’s critical that you impress the potential new client. You’ve made sure that your team is completely prepared. All your employees are in the conference room, looking expectant. Joe stops munching on a doughnut long enough to set up the call. But your potential new client isn’t there. When you finally reach her by phone she says she wasn’t able to connect, and she’s annoyed enough that she’s no longer a potential new client. And no wonder. If you haven’t provided a functional web conference, you’ve wasted her time.

If your web conferencing solution is letting you down, you’re losing money. Of course it’s a disaster when it’s impossible to get the call set up, and it also makes you look bad if the quality of the call is substandard, or if some people can’t join the call.

A web conferencing solution that never lets you down is critical to your business. A web conference that’s a failure looks unprofessional. You need something that works every time, and RHUB fills the bill perfectly. It’s easy to attend a meeting with RHUB. If your important client has Internet access, she’s in—it’s just that simple.

And that’s not the only benefit RHUB is going to provide your important client. It’s easy to use. It certainly doesn’t make a good impression on your client if the call involves complicated set up. Why exasperate her by making her jump through hoops? Nothing could be simpler than setting up RHUB. If your client is in view-only mode she doesn’t even need to download anything.

Of course, it’s not only your client who benefits from RHUB’s simplicity—your entire staff does too. In surveys, respondents identify ease of use as the most important attribute of a web conferencing solution. It’s easy to see why.

Do you want to have a short ad hoc meeting with your new client? With RHUB, nothing could be simpler than setting it up. But how about Joe, the marketing manager who needs to talk to your new client about an advertising campaign? He can use RHUB without an extra license, and RHUB is so easy to use that even technophobes like Joe are happy to use it. It’s important that your staff is happy to use the tool for meetings they need to set up too, and as a bonus our floating license means your entire staff can use RHUB without extra fees.

Want more information? Give us a call. We’d be happy to let you know how RHUB can make every web conference you host run as smoothly as a well-planned dinner party.

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RHUB Web Conferencing and Fine Wine

November 11th, 2013

Immediate gratification is wonderful. It takes just a minute to load the complete works of William Shakespeare onto your iPhone. War and Peace? There it is on your eReader, in much less time than it would take to pick the book up in a bookstore and carry it to the cash register.

Then there are the things that take a little more time. Dreaming of driving a Bentley? The wait time is about eighteen months. Want to buy a cabernet sauvignon from Schrader Cellars of California? There are 8,000 people ahead of you on the waiting list. If you want to dine at Noma in Copenhagen, they take reservations once a month. They estimate that 20,000 people try to get reservations that day.

Which brings us to web conferencing software. Most hosting service companies offer software that downloads immediately without the need of hosting the service yourself. We have to admit, we’re not going to be able to give you gratification that fast. We’re not just selling a download. We’re selling a physical product. Because of that, it’s going to take us a few days to get your appliance to you. But, like a fine wine, it’s really worth the wait. Here are just a few of the advantages that our product provides.

Security. You have the appliance physically on your premises, where your company firewall can provide protection for internal meetings while allowing external meetings. Hosted conferences are open to anyone with a meeting ID and a password. Our appliances can create VPNs and restrict access to authorized locations for internal meetings. Transmissions are protected by SSL and proprietary security. The security our appliance provides is second to none.

Remote support and more. The RHUB appliance is a wonderful and versatile machine, and it provides more than just web conferencing. Remote support permits remote control of computer, very useful both for long distance diagnosis and instruction. Remote access permits you to access your home computer from anywhere.

Ease of use. Really. Initial set up of the appliance takes about twenty minutes, and it’s a one-time only task. And it’s simple to set up a conference. View-only attendees don’t even need to download anything.

When you look at the numbers it’s astonishing. It takes only 3 – 10 months to pay off our appliance compared with monthly subscription fees to hosted service providers. For a detailed price comparison, see More importantly, it uses a floating license so that every employee in your organization can benefit from the productivity tool.

And as with some fine wines, the excellence is obvious. Video quality and sound quality are superb. We’d be happy to provide you with screenshots demonstrating just how superior our video quality is compared to that of some of our competitors.

Like more information? We’d love the opportunity to discuss our product. We think you’ll agree, some products just stand out from the crowd, and RHUB is unique among web conferencing solutions. And best yet—using our state-of-the-art web conferencing tool can help make your next web presentation state-of-the-art.

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