RHUB Web Conferencing: Increasing Productivity for Every Employee

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Are your employees just showing up to work to collect a paycheck? Sadly, the answer is probably “yes.” According to Gallup’s “State of the Workplace Report,” released last summer, only 30% of the people interviewed said they were fully engaged with their jobs. Fifty-two percent of people said they were disengaged, and another 18% said they were actively disengaged.

How much does this matter? A lot. The same Gallup report says that engaged employees are more productive and produce work that’s of better quality. It states, “Organizations in the top decile of engagement outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share, and have 90% better growth trend than their competition.”


Does this have anything to do with web conferencing? Surprisingly enough, it does. The cost of web conferencing means many employees are deprived of this critical tool. If you look at what most web conference providers charge, initially it doesn’t seem like much. One of the most popular web conferencing solutions charges $49 per month per host. Actually, when you see the annual fee—$468—that does seem like a fairly significant amount. But you may not notice that it’s even worse—that is per host. Using this provider could make the cost of multiple users prohibitive.

To make a bad situation worse, with employee turnover and tens to thousands of employees with changing passwords, manual management of each user profile at a host provider server becomes impossible. LDAP integration for auto-deployment is impossible because of security policies. No organization can expose its LDAP server to service providers outside the firewall.

The upshot? Most users of hosted web services subscribe for less than 10% of their employees. This creates an employee ghetto, with only a fraction of employees enjoying all the advantages that web conferences provide. And to return to employee engagement—if you want your employees to feel fully engaged, you need to give them all the tools they need to do their jobs, and you need to make them feel fully part of company culture.

RHUB web conferencing uses a floating license with no limitations on the number of users. No $49 per employee per month–with RHUB, everyone in your organization can use web conferencing at no extra cost. And with RHUB it’s easy—and secure—to deploy web conferencing to everyone. Using LDAP integration automates deployment. You don’t need to input every employee profile. Just set up one user credential, and all employees can start using web conferencing immediately.

Web conferencing is a cornerstone of real-time collaboration. It reduces the time wasted in travel for face-to-face meetings and makes your employees more productive and efficient. It’s a tool all employees need to have. It’s like the telephone—fundamental to efficiently running a modern office.

Don’t deprive 90% of your staff of this valuable aid. Every employee deserves access to the productivity tools he or she needs to succeed. Give us a call and let us tell you how web conferencing can increase employee engagement. Our web appliance can help your employees excel, and not just some of them. RHUB is for everyone.

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