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How You Should Monitor Employee Desktops with RHUB

January 28th, 2014

Monitoring the computer activity of employees has become increasingly common among many businesses. There is certainly good reason to do so, as Internet access is associated with a number of risks that could leave your business vulnerable. Employee surveys have revealed that approximately 70 percent of employees who have access to the Internet at work have gone online for personal reasons at least once. While occasionally going online at work might seem rather harmless, it can lead to reduced productivity, the loss of confidential information, and exposure to dangerous downloads.

The prevention of time wasting is certainly one reason to keep tabs on your employees’ desktops, but most businesses do so in order to ensure that confidential information or files are not leaked. This can be particularly true in the case of sensitive financial information. Monitoring employee desktops can also help to ensure that your employees are not putting your company at risk by viewing questionable materials, including pornographic materials, online while at work. In addition to being inappropriate, viewing such materials in a professional environment could result in a sexual harassment incident if it is noticed by another employee who is offended.

Monitoring online activity also helps to protect your business from infiltration by hackers. It is not uncommon for hackers to attempt to enter the network of large businesses in order to obtain confidential financial data. By monitoring online usage, you can help to dramatically reduce the risk of an illegal entry in your company’s database.

The same is also true of virus prevention. While the Internet has significantly transformed the world and opened a world of possibilities, it can also be a dangerous place without adequate protections in place. The erection of firewalls can provide some protection from the transmission of viruses to your company network. Monitoring employee activity online can provide further backup support to protect your network from becoming the victim of a nasty virus.

Chatting with friends through instant messaging and clicking around the Internet can be not only addictive but also a time sink. As a result, it can rapidly consume productivity within any business. By keeping an eye on the activity of your employees, you can ensure that they are actually working and not wasting time online while they are on the clock.

With the RHUB appliance, you gain the ability to monitor your employees’ desktops in an efficient manner. Along with monitoring employee desktops, the RHUB appliance also allows you to control and record activity. In order to take advantage of this ability with RHUB, you simply need to log into the employee’s computer as an administrator user. Install the meeting client and schedule a meeting via remote access. Ensure that the checkbox to hide the meeting is checked and then log out. From this point, you will have the ability to monitor as well as control and record the activity of that computer from any location and at any time.

The monitoring can be recorded also. The recording can be used for reference when needed.

Regardless of your industry, online security is critical. By taking advantage of the ability to monitor your employees’ online activity with RHUB, you can limit your company’s liability and boost productivity.

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RHUB Webinars and How to Look Like a Million Dollars

January 26th, 2014

It was designed to get attention, and get attention it did. Cartier’s spectacular three-and-a-half minute commercial reputedly cost four million euros. The ad, featuring three leopards and a life-sized replica of a 1906 biplane, ran in its full glory on TV. If you saw it, you remember it, just as Cartier intended.

You may not be spending 4 million euros on a TV ad, but the face you present to the world should be as memorable as if you had spent big bucks and hired three leopards. Your webinar presentations are a critical piece of your branding, and you want them to look as glossy and sleek as if a big-name agency produced them. To that end, you need to be sure your webinar platform is as professional as your presentation. Here are some things to consider.

1. Is it easy to join your webinar? Few things make you look more unprofessional than a webinar that’s difficult or even impossible for attendees to join. With an RHUB appliance, nothing could be simpler than attending your webinar. Attendees can join your meeting within five seconds. No download of any kind is required. Firewalls and antiviruses are no problem. We guarantee attendance!

2. Do you need to give the floor to other people during your presentation? If you want more then one person to host, how expensive will that be? The RHUB appliance allows many people to host, and thanks to the RHUB pricing model, this won’t represent an extra expense at all.

3. What’s the learning curve? You want to have a webinar platform that’s easy enough to learn that anyone in your organization can do a presentation and look good doing it. Our appliance is designed to be used by everybody, and it’s very user friendly.

4. Is there an extra fee hidden in the platform you’ve chosen for VoIP or webinars? With RHUB the pricing couldn’t be more straightforward. You pay for the appliance once, and then you don’t have to worry about extra fees.

5. Does the platform permit mobile access? Mobile access is becoming more important for every type of presentation. RHUB permits anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone to attend your webinar through a browser. It couldn’t be simpler.

6. Can you record the webinar? Recording your presentation is important both for you and for attendees. You want to have a record of what was said for future reference, and if attendees have something to replay, your message can be broadcast not once but several times.

One of the most critical factors in making your presentation look truly professional is the quality of the audio and video. The RHUB appliance really surpasses the competition in these departments. We would love to give you a demonstration of just how superior our audio and video quality is.

Give us a call at 866-758-0984 if you’d like more information. Leopards not included.

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Cost Savings Available through Unlimited Hosting with Floating Licenses

January 21st, 2014

As the world becomes increasingly mobile, the benefits of web conferences are undeniable. One issue that many businesses and organizations have encountered is the named license model. Today, there are numerous services available that offer web conferencing; typically for a monthly or yearly fee. Limitations also typically apply regarding the number of named users that can tap into those services. When multiplied over a period of months or even years, this type of pricing model can quickly become exorbitant. Essentially, a business is renting a service without obtaining any type of equity for their investment.

The floating licenses pricing model with one-time purchase offered by RHUB makes it possible for everyone within their organization to be able to use it. Monthly recurring fees do not apply with this pricing model. Most businesses find that they are able to pay off the cost of the appliance within less than a year, sometimes within just three months, compared to the monthly subscription costs of hosted services. Over time, this type of investment can translate to significant savings.

As an example, many of the leading web conferencing services charge about $50 per month for just one host. Over the course of one year, that results in a total cost of about $600—for one host. Multiply that by two hosts, five hosts, or even more and it quickly becomes evident just how expensive this type of model can be for your company. That is an expense your company must face each month with the traditional web conferencing subscription service. With RHUB, you pay a one-time fee.

A floating license model, also known as a concurrent licensing model, also helps businesses to better track their spending and eliminate surprise billing. In the monthly subscription plan, extra costs can often occur when hosts exceed their monthly subscription limits. This is not the case with the RHUB appliance and floating licenses. Once the appliance is purchased, anyone within your organization is able to take advantage of the service and host meetings. Your accounting department can rest assured that your company will not be hit by a surprise bill at a later time. The more employees who take advantage of the RHUB appliance, the more cost savings you accrue and the faster you are able to enjoy a return on your investment.

Additionally, the benefits do not cease with cost savings offered by the unlimited hosting model. Once you have purchased the appliance, you own it and are able to exercise complete control. Estimates indicate that due to exorbitant costs, most companies using hosted web services only offer the service to 10 percent of their employees or less. Thanks to the floating license model used with RHUB web conferencing, there are no limitations regarding the number of users. Your company is able to take advantage of the opportunity to bring everyone into the loop and ensure they are informed and engaged. The result? A more productive, satisfied, and happier workforce.

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The Benefits of RHUB 6-in-1 Web Conferencing

January 14th, 2014

Significant shifts are currently taking place in the web conferencing market as new services emerge. Additionally, the emergence of smartphones, tablets, and other web-enabled mobile devices has proven to be a strong boon for the industry. Increasingly, more companies are now demanding robust web conferencing services as part of a desire to implement more efficient collaborative tools amongst dispersed workforces.

One of the biggest challenges facing companies today is the ability to connect with employees and partners outside its premises. RHUB 6-in-1 web conferencing provides the distinctive opportunity for solving this issue in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing provides the opportunities for remote workers in even far-flung locations to remain fully engaged. Along with participating in meetings with other team members, workers are also able to communicate more effectively with supervisors. Irrespective of location, employees are able to receive information in real time. Along with providing the ability to collaborate interactively, web conferencing also offers the opportunity to give sales presentations and product demos without the need to travel.

Remote Support

In the past, training and resolving technical support issues has proven to be a challenge for businesses. Through the use of remote support, one click is all it takes after an attendee is signed in to obtain control of a desktop. Additionally, companies can take advantage of the opportunity to invite additional colleagues to join support meetings for the purposes of collaborating to resolve issues or even train new staff in remote locations.

Audio Conferencing

Audio conferencing is certainly not a new introduction to the world of technology; however, with RHUB audio conferencing services, users are able to benefit from two TurboConferencing service modes. Hosts never need to pay fees through the free audio conferencing, resulting in unparalleled cost savings. The option to use a paid audio for individual meetings is also available. With TurboConferencing, traditional telephones are integrated with VoIP, video conferencing, and web conferencing for unrivaled remote communications options.

Video Conferencing

With multi-point webcam based video conferencing, up to 15 webcams can join a conference. During the conference, attendees and presenters are able to take advantage of a robust array of tools to make collaboration easier and more productive, including chat functions, file transfer, and a whiteboard for drawing.

Remote Access

Remote access provides the opportunity to access your home or office PC from any location at any time. No longer do you need to be concerned about leaving important files or presentations behind.


A webinar function offers the ability to provide online seminars without a download of any kind. Additionally, hosts are able to completely manage webinars as well as accept online registrations for greater timesaving convenience. Presenters are also provided with the ability to post multiple-choice questions and collect feedback from attendees.

An increasing number of employers as well as employees now support web-based communications compared to traditional options. Among the biggest reasons for such increased demand is the need to stay connected when collaborating on a project. RHUB 6-in-1 web conferencing solutions make it possible to accomplish more in less time from locations around the world.

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Is Video Conferencing Putting Your Business at Risk?

January 9th, 2014

Videoconferencing is new on the scene. It used to be something you only saw in science fiction. Remember the earth-to-space video communications in 2001? It wasn’t until the 1980s that anything similar became practical outside of the movies. The first videoconference between Africa and North America took place fairly recently: June of 1995. Like the Internet itself, once it got going videoconferencing evolved at lightning speed.

Now it’s everywhere, and the quality is something not even the characters in 2001 could have imagined. But there’s a dark side: videoconferencing set up outside a firewall can introduce vulnerabilities that it doesn’t take a HAL to figure out how to breach.

Rapid 7 is a company that specializes in finding security gaps in computer systems, and an investigation it conducted in 2012 exposed some glaring oversights in carelessly configured videoconferencing.

HD Moore of Rapid 7 found it easy to look around the boardrooms of top law firms, oil companies, and venture capital firms through their videoconference setups. Many systems are on the Internet with few safeguards, and Moore could have easily eavesdropped on attorney-client conversations or made himself privy to a board meeting.

Some videoconference systems can be set up to automatically accept inbound calls, and this makes it possible for anyone to dial in and make themselves right at home. Mr. Moore scanned the Internet for companies that had their videoconferencing configured outside a firewall while their systems were set up to automatically accept inbound calls.

After scanning only three percent of the Internet, Moore found 5,000 vulnerable systems, including a venture capital firm that was hosting a conference with company financials being projected on the screen while Moore was hacked into the system. One of the largest videoconferencing equipment vendors even sells its equipment with auto-answer enabled by default.

As if this didn’t represent enough potential for skullduggery, this summer the German magazine Der Spiegel accused N.S.A. of hacking into the United Nations’ videoconferencing system. According to its report, N.S.A. cracked the U.N. encryption code and spied on E.U. plans.

In light of all this, should we conclude that videoconferencing is inherently risky?

No, videoconferencing doesn’t need to be insecure at all. The RHUB appliance can be set up inside a firewall or in the DMZ. Deploying an RHUB appliance behind the firewall or in the DMZ allows both company employees and external attendees access to video conference. It’s easy to exclude external attendees altogether by just clicking an option on the setup screen, though exceptions can be created for specific external attendees.

We maintain transmission security of passwords and meetings with strong SSL security. SSL security or our proprietary encryption can be used for all other data transmitted in the meeting.

With video conferencing becoming a critical asset for most businesses, it’s important not to introduce security holes that put other business assets at risk. We can help you with a videoconferencing solution that provides security you can depend on. Give us a call at 866-758-0984 or email us at and let us tell you why the RHUB appliance is one of the most secure devices on the market. We give you space-age quality with down-to-earth protection for all your sensitive company information.

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