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The RHUB Webinar Solution and Sherlock Holmes

January 6th, 2014

Being a great marketer means being a great detective. The RHUB webinar tool is a great way to sell your products, but are you using this tool as effectively as you can? Getting the most out of your webinar means planning not just for the webinar, but investigating the best ways of promoting your webinar both before and after the actual event.

If you’re using Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest to extend your network, be sure to keep track of which platform is giving you the best results. Facebook can provide a tool for tracking conversions, for instance, and for comparing how effective different ads are. Finding just the right niche in social media for promoting your webinar is a piece of detective work that will definitely pay off.

Perhaps you’re publicizing your webinar by email. Email is an object of investigation complex enough to do Holmes himself proud. Emails can be tailored many different ways, and figuring out just what works for your audience is a lot of effort, but effort that can pay big rewards.

It’s important to get the subject line exactly right and to use the wording that’s going to appeal to your clientele. Use bolding or bullet points for scannability. For paid webinars, including a discount for registering early is often effective. For all of these issues, A/B testing can give you lots of information, information that will help your marketing efforts in general.

You may have also researched ways of making attendees feel special. A white paper or eBook that is designed for registrants only can make your webinar feel exclusive, and—again—A/B testing can help you evaluate just how much a white paper contributes to conversions. Do extra conversions justify the cost of the white paper?

OK, you have lots of registrants. What next? Don’t forget confirmation and reminder emails. One study showed that sending registrants a pre-recorded message reminding them about the webinar drastically improved attendance.

The meeting itself is the source of more great data. Your RHUB appliance provides you with a report of the meeting attendance. It includes attendee names, emails, and join and exit times. This gives you lots of actionable information. Were some attendees interested in just one part of the presentation? You can use this knowledge to tailor your future marketing efforts.

The investigation doesn’t end when the webinar is over. Ask for feedback. A survey can be an eye-opener—just don’t make it so long-winded that no one wants to fill it out (or provide an incentive for filling it out). Follow up personally with attendees who have questions.

If you’ve conducted research every step of the way into how to make your webinar a success, you’ve not only had a successful webinar, you’ve gathered a wealth of data that will enrich your next webinar, and the next.

Have you also carefully pored over the evidence before making your web conference choice? Then you know how many advantages the RHUB webinar solution offers. Affordability. Security. Quality. If you’re still conducting your investigation, we have evidence to offer you that we think will close the case. Give us a call at 866-758-0984 or email us at

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