Boosting Sales Presentations with RHUB

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Face-to-face meetings have traditionally served as the cornerstone for building strong business relationships. Today, personal meetings are still a critical element in the sales process, but in-person visits are not always practical for a variety of reasons. This has proven to be particularly true as more companies expand their global reach. With the use of the RHUB appliance, companies are able to boost their sales presentations in a cost-effective and time efficient manner. Regardless of whether your customers are located on the other side of the world, using the web conferencing tool on RHUB allows you to host robust sales presentations and meetings.

In order to make the most of this functionality, it is important to keep a few tips in mind. First, remember that even though you may be hosting the sales presentation via a web conference, it is important to approach it just as you would any face-to-face meeting with your prospective client. Toward that end, make sure you have a carefully planned agenda. For instance, make sure you have a plan in place that will encourage live interaction with the prospect. One way to do this is to have questions that will prompt discussion. Additionally, attempt to avoid attempting to multitask during the meeting so that you do not have any distractions.

Using the web conferencing function on RHUB allows you to demonstrate more effectively for improved sales conversions. Traditional sales demonstrations tend to be time consuming. Furthermore, they often require you to supply prospective clients with equipment or software. All of this can extend the sales cycle as well as increase the total cost of the sale. The demo portion of the sales cycle can be reduced with web conferencing. For example, rather than providing actual copies of software, web conferencing makes it possible for the prospective client to benefit from real time interaction with the software without the need to actually install it.

Additionally, the remote access function allows prospects to control the software remotely so that they are able to try all of the functions immediately. You can even help to guide them through to ensure they do not miss any of the key benefits. Any questions that the prospect may have are answered immediately rather than later, thus giving the prospect time to cool off and put off making a purchasing decision. In fact, deals can be closed in a much faster manner using web conferencing by actually walking the client through the entire purchase process to ensure the sale does not become a victim of cart abandonment.

The RHUB appliance also offers both an integrated audio conferencing service as well as video conferencing, both of which can be used to boost the impact of sales presentations. With the integrated audio conferencing service, users gain the benefit of dial-in numbers in 27 countries, making it possible to truly expand the global reach of your business. Additionally, with the video conferencing function, it is possible to gain critical social effects, thus benefiting from true client integration and interaction.

Improving your bottom line is naturally an important goal of your business. The best way to do that is to increase your number of customers and successful sales. By investing in the RHUB appliance, you gain the benefit of knowing that you can host impactful sales presentations at any time. The sales resulting from a single presentation held via the web conferencing function of the RHUB appliance could easily pay for your investment.

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