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RHUB Remote Support Servers Offer Remote Support Software for iPad

September 25th, 2014

If you have an iPad and use it for a variety of daily tasks, you may be excited to learn that you can also use your iPad to offer remote support. While there are numerous programs available that make it possible for users to take advantage of remote support on their iPads, RHUB Remote Support Server is the one that offers the secure access to computers remotely from any location using an iPhone, iPad, and more.

No matter what your location might be, RHUB provides you with the ability to provide support in a remote manner to employees and customers from the convenience of your iPad. This provides far more flexibility and portability than was previously possible. As you are likely already aware, an iPad is easy to take with you wherever you go so that you do not need to be tied down to a desktop or even a bulky laptop again. Additionally, the iPad is thin and small enough that you can carry it without feeling weighed down. Even better, it can perform a variety of remote support functions.

Technicians, in particular, are able to benefit from this by traveling when the need calls for it and still remaining productive. For instance, a technician can provide quality collaborative support from any location and at any time simply by using the RHUB iPad app. The iPad also offers the benefit of flexibility in regards to the way in which it delivers remote support.

Users are also able to begin a support session using iPad Remote Support from their iPad. This can save tremendous amounts of time. Users are also able to view as well as share screens remotely. In the event that the user needs to take control of the end user’s keyboard or mouse, this can be done directly from the iPad.

The iPad Remote Support App also provides another great feature and this is the ability to collaborate in an efficient manner. For example, users can have chat sessions with representatives and end-users.

With the RHUB iPad Remote Support app, your company or organization is able to become more flexible and efficient in terms of the way in which service is delivered. As long as you have your iPad on hand, you can quickly and easily communicate with colleagues and customers easily and quickly.

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits offered by the RHUB iPad app? If so, call us at 1-866-758-0984 or email us at to find out more about how you can collaborate securely and easily with RHUB.

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6 Ways to Use RHUB Web Conferencing Servers to Make your Freelance Business More Effective

September 24th, 2014

Around the world, the landscape of the business world continues to evolve and become more dispersed. It is now more common than ever for workers to telecommute. Freelancing has also become increasingly common. Even so, freelancers face an entirely new set of responsibilities. While a freelancer is able to set his or her own schedule, there is also the need to deal with invoices and maintain consistent communication with teams and clients regardless of your location.

The below tips can guide you through how you can use RHUB Web Conferencing Servers in order to effectively manage some of the most common freelance challenges.

Working on the go. More and more freelancers today are working while on the road. With RHUB Web Conferencing Servers, freelancers can take advantage of mobile apps for iOS, making it possible to attend and host meetings from any location.

Working with clients who have a restrictive firewall. Firewalls are a common and effective security strategy for blocking the unauthorized incoming and outgoing communications from a computer. RHUB Web Conferencing Serves are able to work from behind your clients’ firewall, thus providing complete protection from any unauthorized person who attempts to join your meetings. We also provide a step-by-step guide to ensure the complete satisfaction of you and your clients.

Communicating design changes to clients. If you need to transmit detailed design changes, screen sharing is an excellent way to do so. The built-in drawing tools in the RHB Web Conferencing Servers platform allow you to take advantage of robust online collaboration by circling, highlighting, and pointing precisely to the points that you need to reference on a screen.

Working with clients who aren’t “technical.” With RHUB Web Conferencing Servers, there is no need for your clients to possess a lot of technical knowledge. Joining a session is easy with an automatic download for first-time users and a single click to join meetings.

Need to time meetings. If you work on an hourly basis and need to time meetings, the Record button in the RHUB Web Conferencing Servers can also be used as a meeting timer. All you need to do is hit record at the beginning of your meeting. This feature also provides an information log for accounting auditing.

Prefer not to take notes. Do you dislike taking notes? The Record feature on the RHUB Web Conferencing Servers can also be used as an automatic note-taker. Everything that was said and displayed can be tracked by simply recording your sessions. You can opt to play back the recording for taking notes later or post the audio from the meeting online securely, allowing you and your clients to reference it as needed.

Attempting to facilitate collaboration while simultaneously keeping track of client information and working on a remote basis can be a challenge. RHUB Web Conferencing Servers can help you to benefit from clearer communication while managing your freelance business in a more organized manner.

To learn more about RHUB products, contact us at 1-866-758-0984 or email us at

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Enjoying the Benefits of Multi Monitor Support for Online Meetings with RHUB Web Conferencing Servers

September 23rd, 2014

Research shows that based on the type of work done, multi-monitors can provide the basis for increasing productivity by as much as 50 percent. Multi-monitor, also sometimes referred to as multi-display or multi-head, refers to the use of multiple physical display devices for the purpose of increasing the area available for computer programs that operate on a single computer system.

With RHUB Web Conferencing Servers, you gain the ability to support your customers who possess multiple monitors. Consequently, you gain the ability to navigate between monitors while in a session. In addition to helping you make a better impression, multiple monitors also help you to be more productive, provided that you know how to use them effectively. Read on for tips on how to put multiple monitors to work for you.

Using Multiple Monitors for Presenters
With RHUB, a presenter with multiple monitors can opt to display a specific monitor or choose to show the entire desktop, which is comprised of more than one monitor.


Using Multiple Monitors for Supporter

In TurboMeeting, an individual who is providing Remote Support to a computer with multiple monitors is provided with the option to display the entire desktop or display individual monitors.

For many of us, the use of multiple monitors has become so commonplace that we would find it difficult to give them up. If you have become accustomed to using multiple monitors, you may well have found that they help you to be more productive.

Below are several excellent reasons to use dual monitors:

  • According to published studies, using a dual monitor in the workplace can increase productivity by as much as 50 percent. For instance, if you work as a computer programmer, you may find that the ability to display source code on one monitor and your program on the other monitor would be beneficial.
  • In true multi-tasking, you need a sufficient amount of screen space to maintain two or more apps in full view at the same time. The ability to keep multiple apps completely open at the same time is a feature that you are certain to appreciate. Web designers and customer service reps are just two examples of professionals who would be able to benefit from dual monitors.
  • Cutting and pasting between documents can also be accomplished much easier when you do not need to alt-tab between the documents and scroll between them. This feature can be particularly beneficial for creating PowerPoint presentations and newsletters.
  • Video and picture editing can also prove to be much more effective with the use of dual monitors. You gain the ability to have all of your necessary editing tools in view on one screen while you actually work on the project on the other screen. With this option, you can compare before as well as after views of your project to allow for better results.
  • You will also find it is much easier to compare products with dual monitors. For instance, you can opt to display the specs for two video cameras in a side-by-side manner in separate browser windows.
  • Dual monitors also provide a much better experience for video and gaming. With this option, you gain increased visibility as well as the opportunity to stream video on one screen while working on another screen.
  • New multi-monitor features are also available through Windows 8, including the ability to utilize various backgrounds on each individual monitor, use multiple taskbars, and have your background image span multiple screens.

Are you interested in having Dual Monitor Support? To obtain more information on how you can setup RHUB web conferencing servers for multi monitors, contact us at 866-758-0984 or email us at

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Mitigate Data Breach Risks with Small Security Steps for Remote Servers

September 18th, 2014

With increasing stories about data breaches making the headlines on a near daily basis, the topic of security has become more important than ever. According to a report issued by the Ponemon Institute and IBM, the average cost of data breaches around the world increased by 15 percent during the last year. Each compromised record translated to a cost of $145, translating to a total cost of $3.5 million per company for each data related breach. The most common causes of many of these breaches involved malicious code and sustained probes.

Another element that many of these data breaches seem to have in common is that even a small, simple action, such as applying a security update or requiring two-factor authentication for remote access could have prevented the attacks.

Criminal attacks are now a growing concern among most organizations. In order to prevent such attacks, organizations that use remote-access tools must ensure those tools are secured through the two of two-factor authentication. Simply put, if you are not defending your front line with two-factor authentication, hackers will find it to be much easier to brute-force passwords. Among the most recent breaches was the Heartbleed attack. In those attacks, implementing a Heartbleed fix could potentially have thwarted a breach. Insider threats are also a serious issue today. While the most obvious protections could prevent the loss of data, those measures are often the ones that are overlooked the most.

The subject of security is one that we have been reviewing with customers for many years. Among the most common mistakes that many organizations make is providing unlimited and unmonitored access to system administrators. This, unfortunately, sets the stage for trouble later on. In many instances, admins use hosted remote access tools such as Gotomypc or LogMeIn. If these admins were required to use a centralized remote access tool such as RHUB remote support servers, an audit activity trail would be captured. In addition, the scope of access would also be limited, thus reducing possible threats. Additionally, by requiring two-factor authentication to remote access tools, you can ensure that your employees are not able to utilize another individual’s credentials in order to gain access to different systems.

It should be noted that this would not prevent an admin from utilizing a rogue remote access tool in order to gain access to your network or even from physically logging into a system. Nevertheless, by blocking unauthorized remote access tools from your network and implementing the right physical security practices, you can significantly reduce such risks.

In all instances, successful security should be multi-layered. Those layers must often be comprised of a series of small steps. While on the surface those steps may seem unimportant, the grand sum total can help to mitigate risks and protect your organization from data breaches and hackers.

Are you interested in obtaining improved remote security for your networks? If so, contact us at 866-758-0984 or email us at

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RHUB Remote Support Servers Changing the World

September 17th, 2014

Have you heard of what is known as the butterfly effect?

As crazy as it might sound, according to the concept, a seemingly insignificant action can have a massive impact. For instance, Chaos theory supposes that the slight motion of a butterfly flapping its wings can set off a chain of weather events that can ultimately result in a major weather event thousands of miles away.

While it might seem improbable, Chaos theory is actually based on the atmosphere’s instability. The fact remains that even small actions can have serious consequences.

At RHUB, we are keenly aware of this theory and wholeheartedly believe that even small changes can result in significant positive impacts. Each new feature that we introduce is measured carefully. We take the time to study each potential impact. Some of the simplest features we offer at RHUB, such as assisting customers in getting into RHUB sessions quicker, can have a tremendous financial impact.

Although a few minutes might not sound much in the grand scheme of things, it can have a serious impact. Consider the ripple effect for a moment. Suppose every employee who requests technical assistance being able to get back to work even a couple of minutes faster by receiving expert technical support. Not only that, but receiving the support needed more easily. This is precisely why our team at RHUB spends so much time in considering each aspect of every product. We are committed to ensuring that our technical support is as robust and effective as possible. While one feature might only save a few minutes, when all of our features are used in conjunction with one another, they can help to tremendously boost productivity. We take the time to do this because we understand the implications involved in presenting a state-of-the-art remote support experience.

One of the main reasons that we are the go-to choice is the fact that our product is built with security at its very core. We do not view security as merely a buzzword or the latest trend. We understand the risks and implications involved in security for a remote support appliance. This is precisely why we are not only the preferred choice but often the only choice for many high-risk industries, such as healthcare, national defense, and banking. Without the proper security, life as we know it can change dramatically in these industries.

Suppose that RHUB is used to bring a medical device back online. In this instance, this is not just any medical device but one that is need to save the life of a patient in that moment. That is not only affecting one individual, but also an entire family.

In today’s modern world, technology is not only a convenience; it is essential and touches every aspect of our lives. Whether it is a classroom full of students who depend upon computers for learning or it is a military platoon that is depending upon a network for strategic operations, technology can have a tremendous impact on our lives.

According to the six degrees of separation theory, we are only six degrees away from everything. Suppose that a student in a classroom with RHUB technology learns one thing that inspires a passion for medicine. That student goes on to become a surgeon who utilizes RHUB to access medical records that ultimately saves the life of a young child. That child grows up to become an intelligence operative. Several years later, that intelligence operative uses a secure RHUB channel to connect to vital data regarding a terrorist attack. The attack is thwarted and hundreds of lives are saved, including the life of a child who will one day grow up and find a cure for cancer that will save millions of lives. It all started with the best remote support solution in the world.

Contact us today to learn more about RHUB Remote Support Solutions at 866-758-0984 or visit our website

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