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Why Choose RHUB Audio Conferencing Solutions

January 27th, 2015

There are many audio conferencing solutions on the market today, so one may wonder why RHUB’s TurboConferencing is the best solution for them. Unlike many other audio conferencing services, this one integrates traditional telephones with VoIP (computer speakers and microphones), video conferencing and web conferencing. All these things allow RHUB Audio Conferencing services to provide the following advantages that cannot be found in other audio conferencing products.

1. It will save you money

It is up to the host to choose whether they will use paid audio or free audio for each individual meeting they organize. In other words, hosts need to pay only for an audio session when needed for certain meetings. Paid audio sessions won’t cost you much because they cost as low as 3.9 cents per minute. Callers using computers to make the call can use this service for free no matter if the session is paid or free.

2. It reaches many countries

You can dial-in with domestic tool numbers in 17 countries for free audio. You can also dial-in with toll or toll-free numbers in 28 countries for paid audio. Of course, you can always join in from any computer that has internet access by using a microphone and speakers.

3. It provides rich-media recording

Thanks to RHUB audio conferencing solutions you can record different type of media. For example, you can record computer screen updates and voices of regular phone callers and computer callers. In addition you can record webcam images. What is even better you can play or publish these media recording in Flash and other popular formats which can make this process a lot easier. This is an option that you can’t find in other audio conferencing options.

4. You can get real-time reports

With the help of RHUB audio conferencing solutions users are able to get information and reports on all call details. These details include access codes, host names, caller numbers, star and end time (duration) and cost. This is a very practical option that can help you make analysis.

5. It provides excellent control

The hosts using this audio conference product are able to display active speakers at any time and mute unmute anyone or everyone with few clicks. In addition, they can use self-mute or self-unmute option through their computers or phones and raise hands via computers or phones. Finally, they can also schedule audio conference.

6. It allows PBX integration

This is only an optional feature for those who are planning to buy this product. This feature is free for internal PBX callers. With the help of this interesting feature, users can extend conferencing based on PBX and include hundreds or even thousands of participants from 28 countries and computers via internet.

7. It provides high audio quality for enterprises

RHUB and their team of experts have carefully chosen premium quality telecom carriers from all over the world in order to provide customers high quality audio services. Their services can be used for free for a certain period of time.

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Breadth and Depth of Deploying Real-Time Collaboration Tools

January 22nd, 2015

Over the past several years, real-time collaboration tools have matured to the point that the value of such tools has become clearly obvious. In fact, as real-time collaboration tools become easier to use and more oriented toward multimedia and mobile, practically everyone in business can benefit from these tools.

The Benefits of Real-Time Collaboration Tools

Perhaps the biggest benefit offered by real-time collaboration tools is increased productivity. It is now possible to communicate more succinctly and quickly with customers, coworkers, service providers, partners and anyone else with whom you need to communicate regularly using real-time collaboration tools.Along with helping to save time, collaboration tools also help to reduce expenses. Regardless of industry, in every business each employee has associated with him or her a cost of necessary tools that must be provided in order to allow that employee be as productive as possible. Such tools might include a computer, desk, telephone, etc. Companies are increasingly finding that real-time collaboration tools are now a necessity that must be added to the list. Even so, rather than increasing the cost burden of outfitting a new employee, real-time collaboration tools offer a cost-effective solution.

The benefits offered by such tools will naturally vary significantly within a department. Furthermore, the type of tool utilized might also vary among specific departments. In order to manage this environment, many companies will perform ROI estimates to justify both where and when such tools should be deployed. This type of broad-swipe approach, by its very nature, will deny tools to many employees who would be able to ultimately benefit from them. The constraints that such analyses are coping with include cost, multiple vendors for IT support and disparate vendors.

The best practice solution is an approach that allows for easy breadth and depth deployment, such as R-HUB TurboMeeting. With TurboMeetings 6-in-1 approach, every department in a typical business has a tool that can be leveraged for greater productivity. From Webinars to Meeting software to Remote Support and Remote Access, there is a capability for every need.

No Limitations on Usage

One of the most common cost-related problems that many organizations encounter when choosing a real-time collaboration tools is the limitations placed on the number of users. Consequently, the process of deploying such tools in an organization can become very expensive very fast. TurboMeeting’s floating licenses make it essentially free to deploy as deep as you would like in an organization. When the company receives a ROI with just the power users alone, additional return can be gained by providing access to more casual users. There is absolutely no cost for the floating license aspect.

Industry experts continue to point to 2015 as the year of integration. Real-time collaboration tools serve as the lynchpin for such integration. As such tools become increasingly integrated into business processes; employees in all departments are afforded a single place where they can accomplish their work.

Are you interested in learning more about real-time collaboration tools available through RHUB? If so, contact us today at 866-758-0984 or email us at for a demo.

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Top Benefits Of The RHUB Collaborative Remote Support Server

January 22nd, 2015

Many businesses find RHUB collaborative remote support products very useful. They are used by these companies in cases when: they need to increase call capacity in times when their budget is reduced, resolve certain support issues, avoid travel costs especially for long distance traveling and reduce incident handling time. These remote support serves have many functions, but the main functions include: collaborative remote support, session recording, unattended remote support, remote reboot of the supported computer and reconnection to the support session and complete control of all the features in a remote computer.

Since there is a fierce competition in the field of remote support products, RHUB development team has decide to work and include several features which are exclusive for their remote support server like in-session online training, collaborative support and knowledge sharing and guaranteed connection. From the moment an attendee joins your open support session, you can control and view everything their computers. The interface is really simple and with only fee clicks the attendee will provide full access to their computers and you can give them support. This is the only thing they need to do and once you are connected with their computer they can engage in other activities. Even if you need to reboot the computer you don’t have to worry about the connection because the support session will continue automatically (the user doesn’t have to allow access again). The product gives you a chance to record the entire process. Now let’s check some of the special features of this remote support system.

As we have mentioned before the remote control is allowed only after the attendee finished a really simple procedure – they need to fill in a session ID and password and with only one click you will take control of the desktop. If the computer needs to be rebooted you can also choose whether you will start the supported computer in the safe mode or normal mode. You can also remotely login and logout as a different user if needed. The remote access to the computer is not limited to only one person. You can invite up to two more colleagues to join this support meeting. This means that you can work on a problem as a team remotely. This is also a good way to train new support staff in real time. In addition, you can witch the viewing screen so the attendee can view your screen while you are viewing their screen. In case the session is finished and the attendee is not back on the computer you can remotely lock their computer in order to avoid possible security problems. Furthermore, you can start an unattended support session to access remote computers at any time later. Having a mini-meeting is another great option. Thanks to this option you can host a mini-meeting with 10 participants (including yourself). This is a completely interactive meeting session.

RHUB Collaborative Remote Support Server comes with many benefits and it is up to you to find out how to use all of them.

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How Your Security Needs Can Be Met By The RHUB Web Conferencing Servers

January 20th, 2015

Accessing the servers from a remote location can have both good and bad sides. The good side is that it offers the companies the opportunity to quickly access the documents which they need in order to beat their competition, but the bad side is that it can lead to security breaches from the people that want to access that data. Remote control improves the efficiency and productivity, but you should be aware of the fact that these types of technologies can potentially have negative impacts.

According to some research reports from last year, the remote access of servers was named as the most common method used by hackers to attack sensitive data. Over forty percent of all security breaches involve an unauthorized access from a remote point by using control software. Why are the remote servers so vulnerable to attacks? The simple answer is because they are made and designed to be easily accessed from anywhere.

RHUB Web Conferencing Servers takes the security issues very seriously, so it allows the data to be accessed only by people that have a specific permission to see it. RHUB uses a double layer of security which makes it harder for hackers to breach the system. Only people that sit on specific computers with certain IP address, after inputting the correct password and ID can access the servers.

RHUB Web Conferencing Servers have a very powerful SSL encryption, which makes the wireless connections very hard to capture. Even if the hackers somehow manage to intercept the signal, they would still not be able to decrypt the data without correct SSL key. With RHUB Web Conferencing Servers you can hold webinars, web meetings, remote access, support and control, without requirements for the participants to download or install any type of software. Any platform works well for accessing the meetings, no matter whether it is Windows or Windows Mobile, Linux, Unix or Mac.

The best way to conduct the meetings is through on-the-spot servers that have a strong firewall, but that can be often costly and some of the companies cannot do it on regular bases. Thanks to the RHUB Web Conferencing Servers, companies can get the best from both sides – having easy access while not having to worry about the security.

The RHUB Web Conferencing Servers can be used in three most common ways to meet your security needs:

– Restricted only to internal company meetings – behind the firewall;
– DMZ: designed for external and internal meetings;
– Restricted to external company meetings – outside the firewall.

The first two offer very strong measures for security, while the DMZ is available on all routers. DMZ offers bigger flexibility when it comes to accessing a web meeting. Using the software is very easy, you just need to check the options whether you want internal our outside attendees. Whichever you choose, the RHUB Web Conferencing Servers will block the other attendees which are not checked. RHUB Web Conferencing Servers remain the best option for meeting the security needs of your company.

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How To Use Webinars To Promote Your Business And Increase Sales

January 15th, 2015

Webinar is a video conference in which participants can directly monitor the lectures or workshops. Just like participants who are in a room for a lecture, anyone can be an equal participant in any discussion by asking questions to the lecturer and receive an answer in real time. Almost everyone is aware of the meaning of a seminar or presentation. There is a lecturer on one side and other participants who listen and discuss with the lecturer on the other side. Now imagine a situation where you’re sitting in your home, office or even a coffee shop and participate in a seminar that actually takes place hundreds of miles away in which few hundred people from all over the world listen and can ask a question if they want. Webinars have become quite popular in the past few years and almost every educational organization has webinars in their offer.

Due to the large number of free webinars, each of us with the help of a personal computer has the opportunity to attend a particular webinar. Webinar is a shorter, simpler and more economical form of training than full-day group training at a particular physical location. Learning through webinars has many advantages especially in times of the global financial crisis which led to a severe reduction in the education budget. But, webinars can be useful for business too. Now let’s see how business owners can use webinars to promote their business and eventually increase sales.

One of the easiest ways to use webinars in order to improve your business is to organize a free webinar. The main advantage of free webinars for business owners is the fact that they can get information about the attendees. In this way you can build a list of potential clients, because leaving an email is a must for those who want to attend a webinar. You will also get the chance to increase the awareness of your brand.

By positioning yourself as an authority in the field where you work (where you are offering products or services) you will promote your brand and improve your position. If the topic is interesting you can expect hundreds and sometimes even thousands of participants. Don’t be disappointed if the first webinar didn’t end as you wanted and focus on the mistakes and the good points you’ve made. It is a good idea to record the webinar and watch it in order to improve your presentation skills. Finally, hosting a free webinar can increase your sales and that’s what matters the most. There are many people who have confirmed that they have significantly increased their sales after hosting few successful webinars. If you are able to host a webinar like that you can use this tool as a lead generator source.

So, the main point is that webinars work and they provide real business value. In case you didn’t host one then it is definitely the right time to do it.

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