How Your Security Needs Can Be Met By The RHUB Web Conferencing Servers

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Accessing the servers from a remote location can have both good and bad sides. The good side is that it offers the companies the opportunity to quickly access the documents which they need in order to beat their competition, but the bad side is that it can lead to security breaches from the people that want to access that data. Remote control improves the efficiency and productivity, but you should be aware of the fact that these types of technologies can potentially have negative impacts.

According to some research reports from last year, the remote access of servers was named as the most common method used by hackers to attack sensitive data. Over forty percent of all security breaches involve an unauthorized access from a remote point by using control software. Why are the remote servers so vulnerable to attacks? The simple answer is because they are made and designed to be easily accessed from anywhere.

RHUB Web Conferencing Servers takes the security issues very seriously, so it allows the data to be accessed only by people that have a specific permission to see it. RHUB uses a double layer of security which makes it harder for hackers to breach the system. Only people that sit on specific computers with certain IP address, after inputting the correct password and ID can access the servers.

RHUB Web Conferencing Servers have a very powerful SSL encryption, which makes the wireless connections very hard to capture. Even if the hackers somehow manage to intercept the signal, they would still not be able to decrypt the data without correct SSL key. With RHUB Web Conferencing Servers you can hold webinars, web meetings, remote access, support and control, without requirements for the participants to download or install any type of software. Any platform works well for accessing the meetings, no matter whether it is Windows or Windows Mobile, Linux, Unix or Mac.

The best way to conduct the meetings is through on-the-spot servers that have a strong firewall, but that can be often costly and some of the companies cannot do it on regular bases. Thanks to the RHUB Web Conferencing Servers, companies can get the best from both sides – having easy access while not having to worry about the security.

The RHUB Web Conferencing Servers can be used in three most common ways to meet your security needs:

– Restricted only to internal company meetings – behind the firewall;
– DMZ: designed for external and internal meetings;
– Restricted to external company meetings – outside the firewall.

The first two offer very strong measures for security, while the DMZ is available on all routers. DMZ offers bigger flexibility when it comes to accessing a web meeting. Using the software is very easy, you just need to check the options whether you want internal our outside attendees. Whichever you choose, the RHUB Web Conferencing Servers will block the other attendees which are not checked. RHUB Web Conferencing Servers remain the best option for meeting the security needs of your company.

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