Top Benefits Of The RHUB Collaborative Remote Support Server

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Many businesses find RHUB collaborative remote support products very useful. They are used by these companies in cases when: they need to increase call capacity in times when their budget is reduced, resolve certain support issues, avoid travel costs especially for long distance traveling and reduce incident handling time. These remote support serves have many functions, but the main functions include: collaborative remote support, session recording, unattended remote support, remote reboot of the supported computer and reconnection to the support session and complete control of all the features in a remote computer.

Since there is a fierce competition in the field of remote support products, RHUB development team has decide to work and include several features which are exclusive for their remote support server like in-session online training, collaborative support and knowledge sharing and guaranteed connection. From the moment an attendee joins your open support session, you can control and view everything their computers. The interface is really simple and with only fee clicks the attendee will provide full access to their computers and you can give them support. This is the only thing they need to do and once you are connected with their computer they can engage in other activities. Even if you need to reboot the computer you don’t have to worry about the connection because the support session will continue automatically (the user doesn’t have to allow access again). The product gives you a chance to record the entire process. Now let’s check some of the special features of this remote support system.

As we have mentioned before the remote control is allowed only after the attendee finished a really simple procedure – they need to fill in a session ID and password and with only one click you will take control of the desktop. If the computer needs to be rebooted you can also choose whether you will start the supported computer in the safe mode or normal mode. You can also remotely login and logout as a different user if needed. The remote access to the computer is not limited to only one person. You can invite up to two more colleagues to join this support meeting. This means that you can work on a problem as a team remotely. This is also a good way to train new support staff in real time. In addition, you can witch the viewing screen so the attendee can view your screen while you are viewing their screen. In case the session is finished and the attendee is not back on the computer you can remotely lock their computer in order to avoid possible security problems. Furthermore, you can start an unattended support session to access remote computers at any time later. Having a mini-meeting is another great option. Thanks to this option you can host a mini-meeting with 10 participants (including yourself). This is a completely interactive meeting session.

RHUB Collaborative Remote Support Server comes with many benefits and it is up to you to find out how to use all of them.

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