How Can Remote Access to Your Computers Help Offsite Employees?

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Working from home can be great. It gives employees the luxury of having a flexible schedule and working on their own time, and generally allows them to work where they are most comfortable (which is usually their home). For this type of arrangement to work successfully, remote access to a company’s computers is important for all employees that work from home. If you want to help your offsite employees, then you need to provide them with remote access. Below are a few reasons why remote access to your company’s computers is absolutely important.


Reduces their commute


Employees that have remote access to the computers of your company will usually never have to commute to your workplace. This helps offsite employees tremendously, because it means they are able to save time by immediately getting to work the moment they wake up in the morning. For a lot of employees, their daily commute is a significant fraction of their workday. With remote access from home, employees are able to focus more on their job and less on their commute.


Access on business trips


The beauty of remote access to the computers of your business goes beyond aiding offsite employees. Any employee that needs to go on a business trip will have the luxury of having access to the computers of your business no matter where they may be in the world. As long as they have a broadband Internet connection or even access to a 3G or 4G data connection (more on that in a moment), they can access your company’s computers from literally anywhere. This means that work can be accomplished no matter where they are and thus ensuring that productivity has the potential to remain at an all-time high.




We mentioned flexibility a second ago, but it bears repeating once again. Offsite employees that have remote access to your company’s computers will find that working from home and having the same access that every employee in the office has will provide them with enough flexibility that their work will improve as a result. Even if the employee become sick, they will be able to take care of themselves in the comfort of their own home while ensuring that they are still able to work.


It also allows them to plan around life itself. How many times has an employee come to you and asked to take an hour early off of work due to family? Probably more times than you can count. With an offsite employee that works remotely, they will reserve enough time for family while having the freedom to wake up extra early if needed and finish the day’s tasks.


Any device, any time


Offsite employees with remote access to your company’s computers will also be able to use the nearly any mobile device in addition to their laptop and desktop computers. If someone wants to work on their iPad instead of their laptop, they have the freedom to do so. It is yet another reason why remote access for offsite employees is such a great idea!

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