3 Ways R-HUB’s Web Conferencing Servers help to make great Product Presentations.

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Product presentation is the most important (and delicate) step of any sale process, as anybody knows. Let’s see 3 useful features of R-HUB’s web conferencing servers that can really enhance your presentations and boost your business.

Web conferencing is a powerful means to present one’s products because of its several tools that are not always available in a normal conference. Actually, driving attention to the most important parts of your product can be even easier through a web conference than in the real world. Let’s see 3 common features of web conferencing (with special reference to R-HUB’s products) that can come very helpful.

1.) Document sharing. Real life: you have to carry heavy suitcases full of documents – and often at least one is missing – or bring your laptop with you in adventurous trips through stations, airports and roads. Web conferencing: you download any kind of file directly from your pc to your web conference while you are comfortably sitting down on your chair.

2.) Annotation tools. Web conferencing gives you several useful tools to write notes, highlight words and sentences, draw shapes and even write on your presentation like a whiteboard. The difference with real life is that the original documents remain clean, and you do not need to utilize mysterious tricky devices that stops working exactly in the moment you have begun with the slides of your great presentation…

3.) Multiple webcam support. Never will you get something like that in real life. Web conferencing allows you not only to make a presentation to an audience of several people, but also to display small details or specific parts of your product in a way that is not possible in a real conference. In fact, you can zoom in and out or move your product in order to show its different sides up close your customers. And this can make the difference between getting funded or getting sacked.

These are only some of the features that R-HUB’s web conferencing servers provide you during a video conference. There are other important features of R-HUB’s products that is important to consider. For example, they fully support HD and ensure you all the necessary audio and video quality. Thanks to the system of flat license, no extra fee is due for any additional participant to the conference – it is certainly not a small detail! Last but not least, their price is only 295 US$, decisively cheap, if you compare it to hosted web conferencing solutions.

For further information, please visit R-HUB’s web site, http://www.rhubcom.com

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