Web Conferencing your Virtual Career day through R-HUB’s Web Conferencing servers

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It is all about simplicity. How and why R-HUB’s web conferencing servers can be really helpful for every virtual career day organizer.

Virtual career days have become a common experience in today’s digitalized society. From students to managers, there is almost nobody that has not attempted to find a job by participating to one of these events at least once. Not surprisingly, the number of the institutions that hold, organize or promote career days is on the increase, at the point that even EPSO, the recruitment office of the European Union, has started to utilize this important tool.

For virtual career day organizers, the choice of the technology is not trivial. It means to be able to find a service or product that ensures a high reliability level and high performances, for example in terms of video quality. In facts, visual expressions, and more in general body language, play an important role in the kind of communication that is established during a job interview.

Other common issues,  with which virtual career day organizers have to deal,  are high volumes of traffic  with sudden  peaks  concentrated in a relatively short time, the necessity to allow access to virtual meetings  to many users without paying an arm and a leg in licenses, and obviously the security issues.

But the most important factor to take into consideration is simplicity. The attendants of a virtual career day need something that is easy to utilize and understand, as they are not software men. Same situation for managers and organizers, their ideal product is something easy to deploy and upkeep, as the institutions that have the means of the European Union are few, after all.

The products of the Californian Company R-HUB can be a good solution for virtual career day organizers for several reasons.  On the side of the attendee, they offer easy graphic interfaces with intuitive commands and tools. There is no need to install any software, and they support every mobile device. Finally the quality of audio and video is excellent, even on tablets.

On the side of virtual career day organizers, the most interesting R-HUB’s product features are:

  • Plug and play technology. No devoted IT team is necessary, as R-HUB’s technology utilizes on-premise servers that are self-installing, self-configuring and self-upgrading. Just plug in your server and it will start working. That’s all.
  • Unlimited users allowed. R-HUB’s web conferencing servers use a float licenses system that allows to add further users without the need to buy additional per user licenses. This simplify a lot web conferencing management.
  • Compactness and noiselessness. R-HUB’s web conferencing servers are silent, small and light. They can be placed on a desk, and they do not need any cabinet or special room or space.

Naturally there are other products on the market that ensure high quality web conferencing services. But R-HUB products really deserve a mention. For further information, visit their website: http://www.rhubcom.com/

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