Why Web Conferencing has been deeply changing Distance Learning

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It is the whole set of the features that come available during a web conference that makes this instrument so appealing for both educators and pupils. For example, consider how the possibility of recording and posting lessons online has revolutionized the world of distance learning.

They say that the web is not about publishing, but about keeping contents on line forever. This specific feature of the web offers a great instrument to educators, as it changes the way education is delivered. Storing a whole set of classes on a web conferencing platform has led, for example, to a revolution on the way of conducting online classes.

The point to understand is that online classes are accessible to anyone who may have missed them live. This is a great solution for classes where students have different schedules from each other, like in international classes where students necessarily connect at different times.

Even though a student may not be able to ask live questions because he missed the lesson, he may see all of the questions that other students asked live. New questions may be also asked by posting some comments on the web page of the on-line archived lesson.

To cut it short, not only does the web make education independent from the space, but also from the time. This is the real feature of the web that makes the difference with the traditional medias. Profiting from the web means understanding this crucial point.

The progress in web conferencing technology has made other interesting ways to exploit the web become available for both students and teachers over the years. In general, web conferencing creates an interactive environment that is perfect for educational purpose because of its many useful features, among which we mention:

  • Document sharing;
  • Chats;
  • Functions to raise hands;
  • Online pools;
  • The possibility to pass presenter control to one’s own assistants during a presentation.

So, we must conclude that web conferencing that encompasses whole set of web conferencing functionalities, opens a new frontier for educators. Their development is thus likely to be going to change education deeply again in the next few years.

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