5 Easiest-to-use Team Meeting Apps

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Which meeting app to choose for your team among the several products available on the market? Simplicity and reliability are the two leading criteria to stick to, as nobody likes a tool too complicated or so full of technical issues that it is necessary to call the support every moment. To help you, here comes a selection of 5 best products.

No matter whether you need to virtually meet your colleagues or your clients: in both cases it is necessary to have a tool that is easy and reliable. Here’s a list of the 5 easiest –to-use team meeting apps according to our experience.


1 R-HUB web video conferencing servers

We have all dealt with products that are software based up till now. But there are also hardware based solutions. For example, R-HUB Turbo meeting  utilizes on-premise servers.  The result is a high performative and high secure product that can host up to 3000 participants per conference room in HD screen. Maintenance is very inexpensive and easy, as R-HUB web video conferencing servers are plug and play machines. The endowment of tools to engage guests is rich and includes instruments like polling, command and screen sharing, conference recording. Full support for tablets and mobiles is ensured.

To find more information, visit R-HUB website at http://www.rhubcom.com



Zoom  is emerging as one of the top video conferencing apps because of its collaborative tools that allow you to deliver group texts,  images and audio files. Another interesting feature is that participants can join a video conference through wi-fi and mobile:  in that way, team members on travel will have better chances to participate.

Coming to pricing, paid plans start at 10 $ per month.  It is also available in a free version that offers an unlimited number of meetings with the limits of 45 participants and 40 minute max length per meeting.


3 GoToMeeting

What makes the difference from GoToMeeting to other “go-to” solutions for virtual meetings is its international toll-free numbers and the options to translate control settings.  In one word, this app is an inexpensive solution for global teams.

As for prices, the Pro plan starts at 39 $ per month with max 25 participants per meeting. The Plus plan starts at $56 per month with max 100 participants.


4 Join.me

Ease of use is the feature of Join.me we have appreciated most, especially the fact that there is no software to download. Participants can call via VoIP or telephone from over 40 countries, which makes this app a good option for international teams.

Pricing: the basic version is free and limits to 10 participants per meeting. Pro and Enterprise include up to 250 participants and several advanced options and tools, like recording and reporting.


5 ReadyTalk

This suite offers a complete solution with web conferencing, video conferencing, mobile conferencing and webinar tools and services. In a nutshell, it gives you all that you want in one product. Good the technical support, really quick and effective.

Prices vary from $24 for 10 participants to $34 and $59 for 25 and 100 participants respectively.


6 Onstream Meetings

Its distinctive feature is the ability to add up to 1000 participants to an event, which makes Onstream Meetings a great option for companies that need to host big meetings.  Another interesting feature is the possibility to edit meeting recordings without downloading the video file.

Subscriptions start at $49 per month.


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