6 Top-quality Video Conferencing tools for small groups you can get for free

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Video conferencing is free for small groups on some popular platforms like Skype and Google Hangouts.  But is their quality as good as in one-on-one meetings? Yes, if you are able to choose the right tool for your goals. In order to help you, we have made a list of 6 web conferencing products listing their pros and cons.

Organizing video conferences for groups is much more challenging than hosting 2 people chat. So, a good video conferencing program comes out helpful in these cases. Here is a list of 5 top-quality video conferencing tools we selected for you.



Pros: being able to host up to 3000 participants per conference room in HD screen, R-HUB servers are among the most powerful  web conferencing tools available on the market today.

Cons: it is necessary to buy a R-HUB HD video conferencing server, as this is an on-premise server based solution.



Pros: The design of the interface is very easy to learn and use and the quality of the video call that your system is able to support is automatically checked.

Cons:  Video is not available on Linux, mobiles, and TVs: you have to fall back on audio in these cases. There is a time limit, 100 hours per month only.



Pros: Being totally web-based, there is nothing  to download and install. Just login in into your Google account and browse to the page hangouts.google.com. The user interface is smart and very intuitive.  Full support for Linux, Android and iOS, which makes it possible to host a video conference on a tablet and play games.

Cons: It is necessary to have a Google account and install the Hangout plugin on Safari, Explorer and Firefox.



Pros: The max participant number limit goes up from the usual 10 people to 12. Available on tablets, as it supports Amazon Fire, Android and iOS (but not Linux).

Cons: The red tape. You need a Facebook account to use the application in addition to your Oovoo account. So, getting logged in is a bit long and complicated. Plus, you have to install the software.



Pros: There are many tools that enrich the user experience, as slide sharing, polls and the possibility to take notes that can be further emailed to the participants of the meeting.

Cons: Limited range of supported devices (it is only available for Windows, iOS, Mac, Android).  The limit of participants is set on 6, too few in comparisons with the generosity of the other platforms.



Pros:  A powerful chat platform with many interesting and useful features, like video conference recording, screen sharing, commenting options.

Cons: It is strictly limited to 6 participants only. This limit drops down to only 3 people per conference in the free version.

If you are interested in R-HUB Turbomeeting, you can have a 30 days free trial period. For more information, visit their web site at http://www.rhubcom.com

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