How to get rid of Skype for Business and still have great Video Conferences?

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Skype for Business is not the only possible option on the market for your video conferences. There are many new products that ensure an overall better experience than the popular platform. Let’s have a glance at some of the most popular video conferencing tools.

There is a moment in life when we need to change our habits, maybe just for curiosity. If you start to feel annoyed when the icon of Skype for Business pops up, it is time to consider a new solution for your video conferencing needs. Luckily, the alternatives are many. Here come some good suggestions:


R-HUB Turbomeeting

R-HUB web video conferencing servers support conferences up to 3000 participants (it depends on the model) per meeting room, full screen HD, different display formats and resize,  telepresence, tablets and mobiles. The endowment of tools to engage guests is rich and includes instruments like polling, screen sharing, control sharing, conference recording.

R-HUB offers a period of 30 days of free trial. For further details, please visit R-HUB web site at


Google Hangouts

This tool allows you to chat over text, video or VoIP calls at a very affordable price.  Group video chats up to 10 participants are free, and it is possible to broadcast the conference on air.

The strong point of the product is that you do not need to download any software on your pc, as you gain access to Hangouts via your Google Plus or Gmail account.



Totally free, VSee offers you unlimited group video calls for free. It consumes half bandwidth than Skype for Business and have file sharing and HD video calling as one of its main features. The free plan allows you one screen share per day.


Uber Conference

It is probably the most used video conferencing software. The free plan offers unlimited conferences with up to 10 participants, the possibility to record and lock the conference for security reason, and HD quality audio.



The free trial lasts 30 days, then it is necessary to continue with the paid plan. Its prominent features are the tools to engage the audience, like screen and control sharing. GoToMeeting supports up-to 25 members video conferences in HD, and Android, iOS, Mac, Windows devices.



It has been expressly designed for holding online meetings. The paid plan offers users conferences up-to 8 participants and features like screen, apps and file sharing, online whiteboards, the possibility to highlight documents. Noticeable the Call Me feature that places a call on your mobile at the time of the meeting.

As you see, there are several tools on the market that are able to assure you a great video conferencing experience at affordable prices. Replacing Skype for Business is a piece of cake today; simply browse through the available products and pick up the one that fits your needs.

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