What are the Six best Platforms for Free Conference calls?

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Online conference calls have become a popular way of communication today. From R-HUB Turbomeeting to Paltalk, here comes a quick description of six products for free conference calls that in our opinion offer the best in terms of quality and user-friendliness.

R-HUB Turbomeeting

What I like most of R-HUB products is their technology. The adoption of an on-premise server based approach has solved many of the problems that are usually connected with web applications, like spotty internet connections and security issues.

The price to pay is that there is some hardware to install; but this is manageable, as R-HUB’s web video conferencing servers are silent, light and take little space. A big plus is that there is no need of a dedicated team for installation and maintenance, being R-HUB’s web video conferencing servers real plug and play products.

R-HUB Turbomeeting offers a wide set of tools to engage your audience, from command/ screen sharing to polling. In one word, you get a product that has all the pros of a web app without the cons. For further information, visit R-HUB web site at http://www.rhubcom.com


Probably the most popular and known conference call platform in the world, Skype is easy to use and allows clients to host groups up to 25 participants. It is endowed with a rich set of tools that assure you and your guests a great user experience.

The cons: some security issues are possible as well as the risk of bad audio quality on faulty internet connections, as Skype is web based. Like most products of its kind, Skype requires the downloading and installation of software on your pc or mobile.


This product is not completely free, as you can use all its features for a trial period of 30 days only. Purposely designed for face to face video conferencing, GoToMeeting offers a high video quality and a great easiness of use.  The price to pay is that it is necessary to download GoToMeeting conference call software; but this is a common issue of many web-based solutions.

Free Conference Calling

Free Conference Calling allows you to host up to 1000 participant conferences for free 24 hours out of 24. For this reason, it may be considered as one of the most powerful conference call software available.

Other interesting features are free recording (on other platforms you have to pay for this service) and the ability to dial into their free conference call services by mobiles or landlines, as VoIP is fully supported.


TokBox have some features that are not usually available for free, like the ability to do webinars or create talk show formats. Other interesting features are free video and audio calls, screen sharing and messaging.


PalTalk strong point is its compatibility with many devices, for example iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle. Both free video conference calls and free voice calls are supported.

A special feature of PalTalk is that they have about 5000 group chat rooms where you have chance to meet people that can share the same interests.

In conclusion, never has it been so easy to find a platform that offers conference calls for free.  Consider that this list is far from being exhaustive; start to browse the web, and you will discover immediately new products. If you spend time in researches, it won’t be difficult to find the right product.

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