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Audio conferencing is heavily utilized today not only for business, but also for private use. In this post, we will see how to get your audio conferencing tool for free.

In an interconnected world, the quick growth in popularity of audio and video conferences does not come as a surprise. No matter if the purpose is to organize a dining with friends or hold a meeting of the board of directors of a global company; this technology will prove to be very helpful in most situations.

Now, the question is whether it is possible to get it for free. The answer is yes, as many providers of audio and video conferencing services often offer free versions of their products, yet limited to private use or free trial periods of 30 days.

For example, the servers of the suite R-HUB`s TurboMeeting include a great free audio conferencing service, Turbo Conferencing. It allows you to host audio conferences for any kind of devices – from traditional landline telephones to mobiles, pcs and tablets – with calls from 28 countries. The quality of audio is ensured by the choice of reliable carriers, and phone providers are not charged in order to avoid that they refuse your calls.

It is possible to schedule, record and publish your conferences anywhere you wish.  Especially audio conferencing service providers will find TurboMeeting particularly interesting, as it is able to offer a high level of seamless integration with your existing systems and functions.

For further information, visit R-HUB web site (

UberConference ( is characterized by a well-designed GUI with strong visual features that allow you to know every moment what your participants are doing (for example, speaking).  The cons are the severe limitations of the free version: recording is not allowed and the max number of participants is limited to five. If you wish to have something more, it is necessary to upgrade to the Pro version and spend 10$ a month.

FreeConferenceCalls ( has a name that says it all. Through this tool, hosting conferences for free is really possible and there are not nasty surprises, as when you have to pay for some important additional features like recording. The limit of participants per conference is 96, which goes up to 1000 in the HD version that is available also for iPhones and Android.

Another useful tool for audio conferences is Speek ( Being a completely browser-based application, you do not need to download anything, and there is no pin access code. It is free for up to five guests per conference.

Last of the list is JoinMe(, another browser-based app  for collaborating online that offers many useful features like file sharing, whiteboard, chat and meeting recording. It is easy to use, and the max number of participants per meeting is quite high (250 in the free version).

In conclusion, finding an audio conferencing tool for free is easy, independently from the technology that you prefer.  Simply start browsing through the web, and many other will pop up, each one with its free version.

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