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The Secret to have an Excellent Video Conferencing Presence Explained

June 30th, 2017

Make eye-contact, keep control of non-verbal messages, adjust your camera angle properly, and check the background. These are the four main tips to keep in mind to have an excellence presence during your video conference.

Solutions like R-HUB`s TurboMeeting ( assure speakers the necessary technology for seamless, top quality HD video conferences through which they can present their services and products or collaborate with remote teams. However, the human side of the affair is still important. So, how to behave in front of a cam? You will have no worries, if you simply follow these four basic tips that every smart speaker knows.

First, prepare the background.

Is the space behind you ready for your video-conference? Remember that the attendees will be able to notice every object around you. Some details, like a background window with a view or a TV device, could distract your audience much more than you expect. This is the reason why it is advisable to have just a white wall behind, so that the participants to your conference keep focused on your words and your presentation.

Second, adjust your camera angle of view.

Your camera angle of view must be never neglected, as it decides how you will be seen by your conference participants. Set your camera at your eye level, in order to avoid the so-called “video giant” effect, or, even worst, broadcasting your nose in the foreground. Remember that your pc cam is not automatically adjusted for the best user experience, so it is necessary to do the job manually before the conference begins.

Third, make eye-contact.

Eyes are the mirror of the soul in both real and virtual life. When eye-contact between the speaker and its audience is missing, the message that is commonly understood is an utter lack of interest. This is the reason why every communication manual suggests that you should look for eye-contact during a presentation. In a video-conference, it is sufficient to look directly into the camera lens. Yet counter intuitive, this movement will come across as direct eye-contact with your participants.

Fourth, keep control of your non-verbal messages.

A camera captures everything in its field of view, including your gestures and involuntary movements. In other words, your non-verbal messages will get clearly visible to your audience. So, it is important to be aware of one’s own facial expressions. Keep the mobile and every messenger shut downs, as every time a message pops up, you put on an involuntary facial expression that signals this new event to the participants to your conference. For the same reason, it is a good idea to show only your face and shoulders during a conference, as your arms and hands are two powerful means for non-verbal communication. Take also care of your hair dressing and clothes, and do not try to fulfill several tasks at a time: it would convey the message that you are neither paying attention, nor taking care of participants, which is always too bad.

In conclusion, video-conferencing can be really helpful as communication tool, at the condition to know its basics and respect some ground rules. It isn’t that difficult, after all; read again these four tips, and you will be ready for your first close-up!

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New Software Solutions for Real Time-Collaboration: R-HUB`s Live Streaming Servers

June 29th, 2017

Easy to install and easy to use, R-HUB Live Streaming servers allow users to stream real-time collaboration to team members’ browsers over the internet without any download of any kind of software.

Live streaming is the last – but not least – functionality added by R-HUB to their servers. Real-time collaboration among multiple meeting panelists and web browser attendees become possible that way, even in the case that the panelists are scattered throughout many locations in the world; this makes the difference with traditional live streaming solutions, which are able to broadcast contents from one location only.

Highly versatile and responsive, R-HUB`s servers are able to stream contents on any device, including PC, Mac, Android and iOS mobiles. So, no worries that any participant could be excluded from your conference for technical reasons. The contents are then shown on the entire user screen, in order to increase the speaker message effectiveness on the audience. Last, interactivity has been much bettered by decreasing delays to an adjustable range between 3 and 18 seconds depending on the network conditions. In this way communication and real-time collaboration – for example, through a chat or a video-conference – become really possible, as user experience is decisively better.

The utilization of an on-premise server based technical solution by R-HUB has two big advantages. First, contents are streamed to participant browsers, so that no software download is necessary. This is comfortable especially for smartphone users, as they have much too often their smartphone memory stuffed with apps and software of any kind, not to mention the necessity to wait long minutes for the conclusion of the download process before they could conference in. Secondly, security is much improved, as it is possible to secure internal all-hands meetings by the firewall of the organization.

R-HUB`s servers do not look like the traditional cumbersome machines that some few readers might have in mind. R-HUB`s servers are small, compact, fanless and silent devices that can be put even on the shelf of your bookstore. Real plug-and-play machines, they do not need any IT team being self-installing and self-configuring. Prices are very convenient: they start from 995$ , and there is no extra fee for adding new participants to a conference, thanks to R-HUB`s flat license policy. For further details, please visit R-HUB`s web site at

Real-time collaboration means the use of several tools for remote collaboration in real-time, like screen and file sharing, chat and instant messaging, and, overall, video-conferencing. Real-time collaboration has constantly grown in importance in the last decade as a consequence of the process of globalization. According to a study of Avanade (, 77 per cent of firms utilize some kind of social collaboration technology, and the trend is on the increase. Behind, there is also the need to create a collaborative and more productive work-environment, as it seems that the real-time exchanges and feedbacks that real-time collaboration allows are crucial to reach this purpose.

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5 Great Remote Windows Desktop Connection Solutions that are easy to use

June 27th, 2017

Accessing your remote window desktop is easy when you have the appropriate tool. Let’s have a quick glance to 5 of the best available solutions on the market.

Tired to solve the conundrum of how to access a remote windows desktop? You have simply to change to the right tool. These five products will enable you to control your remote Windows desktop with ease and without pain.

R-HUB remote desktop severs. It is an ultimate solution to the problem of remote access through the so-called on-premise server based technology. Compact, silent and light, these plug-and-play devices can be really placed on a shelf of your bookstore. They need no support, no dedicated cabinet and no maintenance. R-HUB`s remote desktop servers are also powerful and highly-scalable, and the price is really at everybody’s reach.

Through R-HUB`s remote desktop servers, the access to a remote desktop is quick and easy even from your mobile. In that way, you can print documents from remote (for example while travelling on a bus), and have your applications and files always at reach.

R-HUB`s remote desktop servers are highly professional devices that can be also used to assure remote support to unattended computers. For further information, please visit R-HUB web site at: 

TeamViewer:  Very rich in features and functionalities, this software is one of the best solutions to access a remote desktop. It fits for Linux, Mac, and, naturally, Windows. It is easy to use and works on almost every device, including mobiles.

One of its most appreciated features is that it is also available as free versions. It is not necessary to install any software, and the product can be also used for video-conferencing. In one world, TeamViewer is an all-in-one solution. For further information, please visit their website at:

Microsoft Remote Desktop: It is purposely designed to remotely connect to any Windows desktop from another pc or from smartphones, and it is free. These two features make this application difficult to beat, if you are looking for a specific product for Windows. It is included in the Windows packet.

However, the other products are more versatile, as they can be used also with Linux and Mac operating systems. Another issue is that this app doesn’t allow you to have video conferences, contrary to the other products on the list.

Chrome Remote Desktop: Similar to Microsoft Remote Desktop, this application allows you to access another computer through Chrome. The difference with the tool of Microsoft is that Chrome Remote Desktop is more powerful, as it is also possible to access devices with Mac and Linux as operating systems.

Join.Me: This tool is a general purpose application that can be used also to have video and audio conferences. Its strong point is that users do not need to download any software. For the rest, it is very easy to use and rich in functionalities, from screen sharing to unlimited audio.

Naturally, at the end of the day another good solution is to use your Remote Desktop in Windows 10. The steps to follow are the following ones:

– 1 Open Settings and then System>About. Take down your pc’s name.
– 2 In Settings, look for System->Power and Sleep and check for Sleep set to Never.
– 3 Finally, enter your remote pc’s full name into the Remote Desktop Connection of your pc, and here we are. Now, you are connected to your remote pc.

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Why you should start using Video Conferencing in your Business Operations Right by now

June 26th, 2017

In a world of remote sales teams, there is a real need to meet collaborators on a regular basis in an inexpensive, but efficient, way. Video conferencing is the only technology that allows you to achieve this goal.

According to the NRF, in 2017 the segment of online retail is expected to grow of 8-12% in the US, three times more than the wider industry. This datum stresses again the importance of remote sales teams in today’s market. We have definitively entered the era of operating from remote, and every firm that wishes to survive is compelled to update its strategies and instruments. Now, among the digital tools that are particularly fit for marketing, video-conferencing is certainly one of the most powerful and effective.

Why is video-conferencing so much important? Because it is a powerful means of communication. In fact, through a video conference you can:

– Implement an effective decision making process

Video in itself is not enough. What really rocks is the possibility to share screens among the participants to a conference. In that way collaboration becomes easy and it is possible to refine ideas, contents, designs and anything is relevant. Decision making times collapse, with a consequent quicker and more agile response to any market situation by your management.

– Speed up your business

Speed has always been a key-factor of success on any market, especially for sales men. Now, it is difficult to imagine a better way than video-conferencing to speed up your business: your collaborators become immediately reachable, no matter how far they are, and a very low price, as there is no need to catch airplanes or stay in posh and expensive hotels.

– Get conspicuous money savings, yet increasing productivity
Reckon how much money you are going to save in terms of fuel, airplane tickets, hotels and restaurants through video calls, and you will catch immediately the meaning of the sentence “video-conferencing helps to cut down on costs”.

The expected increase in productivity is led by several factors. Not only will you save time on travelling, but your staff will be also more productive as a consequence of more streamlined and quicker decisions. In fact, many video-conferencing tools, like R-HUB`s TurboMeeting (, offer specific functionalities (for example, polling) that make any decision process easier.

– Increase your team flexibility
It is a usual situation that the team member you need is out of office, or at home, or on an airplane. With video-conferencing, all the members of your team are always reachable. You can get a highly flexible team that way, the member of which are always ready to be asked for action at any moment.

– Have great meetings

Solutions like R-HUB TurboMeeting assure you reliable, hi quality video and audio conferences that are connection-independent and enjoyable through any screen and device without any significant loss of video and audio quality, from TVs to mobiles. The adoption of a flat license policy makes TurboMeeting easy scalable, as you can add a virtually unlimited number of participants to your conferences. Last but not least, the utilization of a special on-premise server based technology assures you the best in terms of security.

Costs are affordable. A server of the TurboMeeting suite has a price from 995$ up.

In conclusion, it is difficult to think to survive on the digital economy of today without video conferencing. This medium is the only way to speed up and slim the decision process of your business, so that to have efficient teams that are able to keep up with the fast moving markets of today.

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Two of Best Video Conferencing Software Awards Now Belong to TurboMeeting

June 23rd, 2017, one of world’s leading web directories that compare, analyze, and review B2B software has recently honored TurboMeeting with two of their best-known awards. These reputed experts recognized the potential of our HD video conferencing solution, and ascribed it a high score of 8.0/10 in this category.

Our system now holds the prestigious 2017 Rising Star Award and Great User Experience Award for video conferencing software, being one of the few performers in this category that meet all expert criteria for productivity and excellent customer service. Both of these awards are reserved for premium systems that give teams a friendly environment to collaborate, and which have established a notably good traction with customers despite of being relatively new on the market.

TurboMeeting was also discussed as one of the platform’s most popular communications software products for 2017, thanks to its powerful video, web, and audio conferencing features designed for undisturbed, worldwide communication. Our system was also praised for supporting even 11 webcams per session, and providing unparalleled audio clarity via cell phones, smart phones, and even landline telephones. According to FinancesOnline’s experts, TurboMeeting makes it easy to engage attendees and provide first-class service, and does so on a really affordable price even small businesses should consider.

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