Why you should start using Video Conferencing in your Business Operations Right by now

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In a world of remote sales teams, there is a real need to meet collaborators on a regular basis in an inexpensive, but efficient, way. Video conferencing is the only technology that allows you to achieve this goal.

According to the NRF, in 2017 the segment of online retail is expected to grow of 8-12% in the US, three times more than the wider industry. This datum stresses again the importance of remote sales teams in today’s market. We have definitively entered the era of operating from remote, and every firm that wishes to survive is compelled to update its strategies and instruments. Now, among the digital tools that are particularly fit for marketing, video-conferencing is certainly one of the most powerful and effective.

Why is video-conferencing so much important? Because it is a powerful means of communication. In fact, through a video conference you can:

– Implement an effective decision making process

Video in itself is not enough. What really rocks is the possibility to share screens among the participants to a conference. In that way collaboration becomes easy and it is possible to refine ideas, contents, designs and anything is relevant. Decision making times collapse, with a consequent quicker and more agile response to any market situation by your management.

– Speed up your business

Speed has always been a key-factor of success on any market, especially for sales men. Now, it is difficult to imagine a better way than video-conferencing to speed up your business: your collaborators become immediately reachable, no matter how far they are, and a very low price, as there is no need to catch airplanes or stay in posh and expensive hotels.

– Get conspicuous money savings, yet increasing productivity
Reckon how much money you are going to save in terms of fuel, airplane tickets, hotels and restaurants through video calls, and you will catch immediately the meaning of the sentence “video-conferencing helps to cut down on costs”.

The expected increase in productivity is led by several factors. Not only will you save time on travelling, but your staff will be also more productive as a consequence of more streamlined and quicker decisions. In fact, many video-conferencing tools, like R-HUB`s TurboMeeting (http://www.rhubcom.com), offer specific functionalities (for example, polling) that make any decision process easier.

– Increase your team flexibility
It is a usual situation that the team member you need is out of office, or at home, or on an airplane. With video-conferencing, all the members of your team are always reachable. You can get a highly flexible team that way, the member of which are always ready to be asked for action at any moment.

– Have great meetings

Solutions like R-HUB TurboMeeting assure you reliable, hi quality video and audio conferences that are connection-independent and enjoyable through any screen and device without any significant loss of video and audio quality, from TVs to mobiles. The adoption of a flat license policy makes TurboMeeting easy scalable, as you can add a virtually unlimited number of participants to your conferences. Last but not least, the utilization of a special on-premise server based technology assures you the best in terms of security.

Costs are affordable. A server of the TurboMeeting suite has a price from 995$ up.

In conclusion, it is difficult to think to survive on the digital economy of today without video conferencing. This medium is the only way to speed up and slim the decision process of your business, so that to have efficient teams that are able to keep up with the fast moving markets of today.

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