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Four great Video Conferencing Solutions with Low Latency and Seamless Live Streaming

November 25th, 2017

Nothing is worse than frame overlapping and frame delays, while working remotely in real time with your team. These four video conferencing products have efficiently addressed these annoying issues

Working remotely in real time has become common practice for almost all global organizations today. Unfortunately, it has also become a common experience the annoying problems of frame overlapping and latency, two issues that can potentially disrupt any communication among remote users.

Frame delay / latency simply mean the time that is employed by an image captured by a remote cam to reach your eyes in the form of a frame video. The shorter this span of time, the better and more performing the video conferencing solution that you are utilizing. However, speed is not enough to ensure good performances: it is also necessary a good frame synchronization, so that frames do not get overlapped and their stream is seamless.  Consider that frame overlapping practically disrupts any remote communication and compels video conference participants to fall back to audio conferences or even text chats.

Latency and overlapping depends much on the quality of your connection and your equipment. This is the reason why it is important to opt for video conferencing solutions that take care of these two issues. Among the best, we signal:

R-HUB`s TurboMeeting ( An on-premise server based solution that  presently offers the fastest live streaming service for real time collaboration available on the market, with delays that are limited to only 3- 18 seconds  (on average, the delay can be even over 30 seconds) in dependence of  network conditions.  No software to install, as data are streamed to your participants’ devices through their browsers. Smartphone users find this feature very helpful, as they do not need to take up other memory of their devices which is usually full because of the installation of any sort of apps.

Vidyo ( ) . It was the first manufacturer to launch some video conferencing solutions in HD, and it is considered to be the leader of the market. Today, Vidyo offers software based multipoint video conferencing solutions with low latency across multiple different networks in HD 4 K and virtual meeting rooms for small groups. A distinguishing feature of Vidyo software is video optimization, a tool that preserves bandwidth and assures each participant a good user experience.

ezTalks ( This company offers a huge range of video conferencing services that cover almost all the possible technologies available, from on-premise server based solutions to cloud and software based solutions. In other word, you can choose the technology that suits your need best or all-in-one solutions. This company was the first to launch free conference rooms where to host up to 100 guests.

Polycom ( is another company that offers multiple video conferencing and real time collaboration solutions through which to browse in order to pick up the best for your specific needs. Its distinguishing feature is a particular system to reduce / block background and environmental noises, one of the most common and annoying causes of distraction during video conferencing.

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The Secrets to enhance your Guests’ Video Conferencing Experience

November 24th, 2017

Sixfast- to-learn and easy-to-implement tips that increase a lot your chances to run successfully any video conference

In a world of virtual conferences where the mantra is to engage participants in any way and by all means, the importance of a good video experience for your guests cannot be underestimated.  To understand the importance of video communication, consider that, according to the US Department of Labor,  people retain 65 % of the information delivered through a combination of visual and verbal messages against a poor 10% of the communication delivered through verbal messages only.

Video conferencing is the only medium that allows you to communicate on both ways today. Therefore, assure your guests the best in term of video experience is crucial for whomever, whether he be a speaker, a marketer or a business man. These five tips will help you to make you and your participants to profit as much as possible from video conferences.

First, eliminate environmental noises: nothing is more annoying for your guests than hearing ringing phones, text message typing or other not pertinent noises on the background. Before any meeting, please ask the participants to close, mute or silence their mobiles. Naturally, you have to do the same.

Keep eye-contact with the participants to your video conference. Keeping eye-contact is crucial also in real life meetings. This is quite easy to do, you have simply to set your web cam at eye height and watching it while speaking.

Ban side conversations. People that start chatting to each other are annoying during real conversations, never mind in a virtual meeting. Therefore, you should ban side conversations and ask people to devote their attention only to the speaker. Today, video conferencing tools like R-HUB`s TurboMeeting ( enable clients to easily disallow or mute peer-to-peer chats and side conversations.

Dress up for the occasion. Clothes make the man, we say. This is true in both real and virtual life. Therefore, take care of your appearance, exactly as in real meetings. Before the meeting shave yourself, visit your hairdresser and wear appropriate clothes for the occasion. Video won’t save you if you look wild, dirty or not properly dressed up.

Be natural. When speaking, be relaxed and natural as much as possible. Try to make the meeting an enjoyable process for any participant, by smiling, laughing if it is the case, and answering questions. If you feel self-confident, participants will realize it immediately, and they will be relaxed as well. Putting your guests at ease increases a lot your chances to successfully run your video conference.

Take care of the visual noise. Noise is also visual. Ban anything in the background of your screen that can cause distractions, like paintings, posters, furniture, people that come and go. Ideally, you should have a white panel behind and nothing else.

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How to Look great during a Video Conference

November 21st, 2017

In a media-dominated society, appearance matters. Let’s discover some useful tips and tricks to look great when attending a video call with the boss

Face-to-face meetings through video conferencing are undoubtedly a more powerful mean of communication than the traditional phone calls. However, most people still prefer the latter. The problem is the subtle discomfort that many users feel when they are placed in front of a camera, even those of one’s own pc. The concerns are mainly about one’s own appearance: how do I look? Does the platform reproduce my image in a proper way?

While it is easy to answer the second question – it is sufficient to choose a good HD Video conferencing product like R-HUB`s TurboMeeting (http://www.rhubcom,com) – the list of check-outs to prepare oneself to a video meeting is not as intuitive and easy-to-imagine as we expect. Paul J.Bailo, author of the book “The Essential Digital Interview Handbook”, observes that “Everyone thinks they know what they’re doing but they’ve never been trained to do it”. Therefore, it is important to learn the basic techniques to look fine on the screen:

Set the lights properly

The point is to avoid shadows under your eyes which make you appear ugly or not natural. In order to reach this result, avoid default lighting that usually comes from overhead. Instead, place two soft light sources behind the web cam (on the right and left sides) and another behind you.

Set the angle of your cam properly

Cam can be tilted of a certain amount of degrees, which obviously affect their field of view. Laptop cams are fixed, and – unfortunately – usually do not capture your face at the right perspective. You have to adjust your cam or your laptop in a way that captures your face and your shoulders and with an alignment of lens at your eyes’ level.The utilization of a small tripod can be helpful.

Set your room and yourself

It is inevitable that the cam captures also a piece of the room or the environment where you are sitting during the conference. The ideal solution is that behind you there is only a white wall, so that your interlocutor does not get distracted and no extra messages  are involuntarily conveyed (for example, the glimpse at an unmade bed in the background  creates  immediately a bad impression).

Similar considerations work for your appearance. Dress formally, as if you were in a real job meeting. Check the temperature in order to avoid sweating, and consider that you should stand up for any reason.

Set your staff or people around you

Distractions during a conference are always bad. This is the reason why you should alert people that are in your house or in the office during your conference to keep out. Similar considerations work for pets. Having your cats that jump on your lap during a meeting with a job interviewer is not only annoying, but also embarrassing and creating a bad impression.

Avoid consulting notes

A video conferencing is slightly different from a real meeting. Consulting notes or reading something or checking for something on the PC means losing immediately the right perspective in front of the cam and creating a sense of noise and confusion. Prepare yourself before the conference, so that you do not need to move or shake your body too much.

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The Solutions for Video Conferencing with the Best High Definition in 2017

November 18th, 2017

High video quality is a must in today’s video conferencing world, as in a virtual meeting our image conveys a good  70% of communication through body language and other non-verbal signals. In my review, I will introduce the reader to what are the best HD video conferencing products in 2017 in my opinion

Appearance is one of the most common worries of the user of video conferencing product. This does not come as a surprise, as everybody is well-aware of the importance of looking fine in the media-dominated society of today. But behind this concern, there are less futile reasons than the desire of looking beautiful or handsome:  our appearance reveals much more than we wish through a complex set of messages that is called non-verbal language and reaches up to 70% of communication during a face-to-face meeting.

So, how to look great on the screen? First, it is important to have a good monitor with HD resolution and a good connection. Second, it is also important to use a good HD video conferencing product. The combination of these two requirements creates the final outcome we are looking for.

Assuming that we have good screens and good connections, what are the best HD video conferencing solutions to complete our equipment? In my opinion, the remarkable products of 2017 are:

R-HUB`s TurboMeeting ( , a suite of on-premise servers for video and audio conferencing, remote access and support, live streaming. It is the latest technology available for real-time collaboration, with an astonishing frame delay cut down to 3 seconds only that makes TurboMeeting the fastest available solution on the market.

HD is well supported, and bright and sharp images and crisp audio are ensured in almost any condition of operation. You can connect up to 30 web cams and enjoy functionalities like resizing and support to different display formats. Telepresence is supported up to 8 monitors, with flexible layouts.

Prices are very convenient, as R-HUB`s servers range from 995$ of a basic HD video conferencing model up to 2995$ for the most powerful all-in-one R-HUB`s servers. R-HUB`s flat license policy allows users to add as many participants as they wish to a conference, without the fear to spend an arm and a leg.

GoToMeeting ( is a popular HD video conferencing software that is particularly well-suited for professional purposes. It has reached the first position in terms of customer satisfaction because of its simplicity and its being purposely designed for organizations and businesses.

In comparison with TurboMeeting, however, GoToMeeting suffers from severe limitations. The number of participants per chat room is limited to 100 guests, against 3000 of R-HUB`s HD Video conferencing servers.In the free version, registrations are not allowed, and the most useful functionalities of a virtual conference (like polling and registering) as well.

ezTalksMeetings (http: // is the self-proclaimed global leader of HD Video conferencing. It offers a software-based solution, which means that you have to download and install on your pc their software. Prices, functionalities and performances are similar to R-HUB`s TurboMeeting, at the point that we could say that exTalks is a kind of software based version of the first. However, in my opinion TurboMeeting is easier to use because of the intuitive design of its many apps, one for each purpose. Another point for TurboMeeting is the safety level of on-premise server based video-conferencing solutions, which is considered to be the highest possible.

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7 Easy and Fast-to-implement Tips to improve your Virtual Conferences directly from Harvard

November 12th, 2017

Virtual meetings can be more valuable than face-to-face meetings, on the conditions of following some ground rules as the ones laid down by Keith Ferrazzi, trainer and researcher, in her article published on The Harvard Business Review (http:

Prefer video conferencing to audio conferencing

Video is more engaging than audio only, as participants can see each other‘s emotions and reactions. Therefore, turning on your monitors is always a great idea. Today, technology offers valid and tested solutions for superb Full HD video conferences, like R-HUB`s TurboMeeting ( ), a suite of on-premise based web conferencing servers that ensure great telepresence and supportive-streaming with very low delay.

Prepare participants

Sending a concise list of the topics to discuss during your virtual meeting to every participant is proved to be really helpful in almost 100 % of cases. Your guests can thinking ahead of the contents and formulate some good suggestions or ideas. Another advantage is that this increases their engagement levels.

Listen to your team’s opinions before the meeting

Preparation is not a one-way road. The organizer must be prepared as well. This is the reason why it is important to get some feedbacks from the participants to your meeting even before it starts.  The agenda can be then modified, in order to cover all the points that are relevant to the main topic.

Introduce participants to one another

People feel more comfortable when they know each other, and they also perform better. This is the reason why it is important to create connections and introduce your guests to one another at the beginning of any real and virtual meeting.

Give each participant some time on the agenda

Everybody must give his contribution to the meeting, as it fosters collaboration and allows you to get input from all the team members. In this way, your guest feels also more engaged and participative.

Request your participants’ attention

Multitasking is proved to be the natural enemy of attention. Therefore, ban mute and forbid your guests to leave the meeting to go somewhere else and perform different tasks. A great way to check that every participant is attentive is to enable video, so that everybody gets visible.

Ask for questions at the end

When your meeting is going to finish, it is not a bad idea to leave some freedom to your guests. It is the time to allow questions. While you are answering who asked the question, the other participants can relax and take a break.

Are you interested in virtual conferences? You are going to find several useful resources, guidelines, articles and interesting posts on R-HUB`s blog at It is also possible to enjoy a 30 days free trial of R-HUB solutions for audio and video conferencing.

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