How to address the 5 Most Common Concerns about Video Conferencing with R-HUB`s TurboMeeting

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According to a survey of West Unified Communications, 23 per cent of a sample of 230 US workers said that they feel uncomfortable during video conferences, and an astonishing three quarters added that they still prefer audio conferences.

The survey confirms also the fact that millennials feel more comfortable when it is their time to communicate remotely. It seems that 61 per cent of them use this technology quite frequently, against 47 per cent of baby boomers.

Why do workers feel uneasy during video conferences? Among the most common fears, we have the worries about public speaking and how other participants judge their appearance, and the concern that the video conferencing technology might fail.

R-HUB`s TurboMeeting ( is a reliable video conferencing solution based on a technology that has been tested and bettered during a period of over ten years. Its adoption enables organizations to greatly improve workers’ comfort, by addressing their concerns about video conferencing.

Let’s see how. (Concerns)

It won’t work!

TurboMeeting uses a non-premise server based technology that addresses some few common pitfalls like bad or spotty internet connections or poor bandwidth.  The design of R-HUB`s apps is very user friendly, which makes TurboMeeting very easy and intuitive to use: it is really possible to jump into a conference in just two clicks, and there is no need to download and install any software. Frame overlapping is greatly reduced, being TurboMeeting the product with the smallest delay in real streaming on the market today.

I look awful on camera

TurboMeeting supports Full HD and assures you a good registration and reproduction of any kind of visual data, without much noise, distortion or deformation. Naturally, also camera, monitors and screens play a role in the image quality of your video conferences. Therefore, it is important to pair R-HUB`s products with a good quality video equipment, in order to make the most of them.

They can see me doing somethingelse

TurboMeetings offers multiple functionalities to protect your privacy. For example, you can pause the meeting in the middle to do something that you do not want to share.  The functionality “real-time privacy protection” automatically pauses the meeting session if an application accidentally opens over the area of the desktop being viewed by the participants. It is also possible to hide everything on the desktop, while sharing an application to the participants of the meeting.

My office is too noisy and messy

TurboMeeting supports a clear, crisp audio. However, background noise can become a real problem in some few cases. This is the reason why users should be trained to set the environment where they get or make their virtual calls opportunely, and take care of their virtual presence.

I hate public speaking

The fear of public speaking is mostly related to the fact that people must show their faces while speaking. This is the reason why audio calls are usually more welcome than video conferences. TurboMeeting allows users and speakers to easily start and stop webcam, so that they can avoid showing themselves while speaking.  A nice desktop background or a photo of the speaker can work as well.

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