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How to address the 5 Most Common Concerns about Video Conferencing with R-HUB`s TurboMeeting

November 11th, 2017

According to a survey of West Unified Communications, 23 per cent of a sample of 230 US workers said that they feel uncomfortable during video conferences, and an astonishing three quarters added that they still prefer audio conferences.

The survey confirms also the fact that millennials feel more comfortable when it is their time to communicate remotely. It seems that 61 per cent of them use this technology quite frequently, against 47 per cent of baby boomers.

Why do workers feel uneasy during video conferences? Among the most common fears, we have the worries about public speaking and how other participants judge their appearance, and the concern that the video conferencing technology might fail.

R-HUB`s TurboMeeting ( is a reliable video conferencing solution based on a technology that has been tested and bettered during a period of over ten years. Its adoption enables organizations to greatly improve workers’ comfort, by addressing their concerns about video conferencing.

Let’s see how. (Concerns)

It won’t work!

TurboMeeting uses a non-premise server based technology that addresses some few common pitfalls like bad or spotty internet connections or poor bandwidth.  The design of R-HUB`s apps is very user friendly, which makes TurboMeeting very easy and intuitive to use: it is really possible to jump into a conference in just two clicks, and there is no need to download and install any software. Frame overlapping is greatly reduced, being TurboMeeting the product with the smallest delay in real streaming on the market today.

I look awful on camera

TurboMeeting supports Full HD and assures you a good registration and reproduction of any kind of visual data, without much noise, distortion or deformation. Naturally, also camera, monitors and screens play a role in the image quality of your video conferences. Therefore, it is important to pair R-HUB`s products with a good quality video equipment, in order to make the most of them.

They can see me doing somethingelse

TurboMeetings offers multiple functionalities to protect your privacy. For example, you can pause the meeting in the middle to do something that you do not want to share.  The functionality “real-time privacy protection” automatically pauses the meeting session if an application accidentally opens over the area of the desktop being viewed by the participants. It is also possible to hide everything on the desktop, while sharing an application to the participants of the meeting.

My office is too noisy and messy

TurboMeeting supports a clear, crisp audio. However, background noise can become a real problem in some few cases. This is the reason why users should be trained to set the environment where they get or make their virtual calls opportunely, and take care of their virtual presence.

I hate public speaking

The fear of public speaking is mostly related to the fact that people must show their faces while speaking. This is the reason why audio calls are usually more welcome than video conferences. TurboMeeting allows users and speakers to easily start and stop webcam, so that they can avoid showing themselves while speaking.  A nice desktop background or a photo of the speaker can work as well.

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Four Video Conferencing services with seamless Streaming of 2017

November 6th, 2017

A good video conferencing service that deserves its name must assure seamless and smooth streaming of audio and video. Here comes our selection of the four best video conferencing services for streaming quality of 2017

Never has it been so easy to find a video conferencing service as in 2017: there are so many video conferencing apps and products to choose from that it has become difficult to pick up the right solution for our needs.  However, the distinguishing criteria for a good video conferencing solution have not changed: the streams of image and audio must be seamless, smooth, crisp and synchronized with each other. If only one of this parameter fails, communication is irremediably disrupted.

What are the video conferencing products that conform to these standards? Here comes our selection.

R-HUB HD Video Conferencing Servers.

Affordable and extremely safe thanks to the adoption of an on-premise server based technology, R-HUB video conferencing servers ( support several native apps to host interactive meetings, classical video conferences, telepresence and live streaming.

Frame delay in live streaming  is probably the lowest possible, between 3-10 seconds, and speed is even faster than the great brands.  The presence of Full HD assures you  a great quality of images and crisp audio.

R-hub’s servers can be a good solution both for a small-sized business and a global organization, as their power (3000 participants per chat room) and high level of integration with the existing systems make R-HUB`s servers very flexible, scalable and versatile.

Skype for Business

Version for business of the popular chat service, Skype for Business is a natural solution for individuals and free lancers, as it offers a close integration with MS Office. However, it is necessary to install Office 365 Business Essentials and Premium, and its VoIP system is not fully fledged.

Price is very affordable, about 8 $ per month.  It is necessary to download and install the specific software, being Skype for Business an application.


Contrary to Skype for Business, LyteSpark is a browser based solution for video conferencing. The advantage is that you do not need to download or install any software. The conference is fully hosted; users have simply to name their rooms and start to invite participants.

LyteSpark offers good support for Office and the ability to create Office documents on the fly, but does not have a great audio support. Another problem with LyteSparkis that conferences cannot be recorded.


Flexible and scalable, WebEx can be a great solution both for small and big organizations. Audio is good, VoIP and HD Voice being supported in their Meeting Centre, and the integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook is high . The downside is price, as the premium version costs 69 $ per month, and many useful functionalities of this app are available in the premium version only.

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Five best practices to enhance your Video Conferences that are easy and fast to implement

November 2nd, 2017

Success in digital marketing is due to your ability to communicate, lead and negotiate. These five best practices will help you to engage your audience  and  create new opportunities of business

According to a research of Carnegie School of Technology, “85 % of your financial success is due to your skills in human engineering”, which means the ability to communicate (source:  In other words, technical knowledge does not matter so much; while the nerd invents, the communicator makes money on his inventions.  This is the reason why business schools give emphasis on communication so much, even when the medium is highly technological as video conferencing.

How to put this principle into practice in your everyday life as digital marketer? These five best practices are expected to help you to reach this goal. They are easy to understand and fast to implement,  no  investment or complicated technology being requested; you need to dedicate just a bit of your time. Use them to enhance your web conferences and create new connections and new business opportunities.

  1. Engage participants in peer-to-peer conversations

Peer-to-peer conversations are a superb way to grab the attention of your potential customers and build long-term relations. Therefore, it is a great idea to ask each individual question or message your participants during a conference, as it could easily shift to a peer-to-peer chat after the end of your virtual event.

Through R-HUB`s TurboMeeting (, it is intuitively easy to open and manage peer-to-peer chats during any kind of virtual conference;  an advantage of R-HUB on the cloud-based solutions is that this on-premise server based product  assures you the highest level of protection  and privacy, which is crucial in any kind of business.

  1. Use photos and slides

Most people remember more easily a clear image than a long, complicated speech. This is the reason why slide presentations were introduced. Use nice images in combination with short descriptions and concise titles to express your ideas. Synthetize as much as you can.

Images can be easily transferred through TurboMeeting, like any kind of file. You can also show your images by sharing your screen to your participants in excellent HD definition.

  1. Surprise your audience

Surprises are always very welcome. They break monotony and make a conference memorable, with better chances that your participants will keep memory of you and your product. You do not need to create a big show or a special installation; just think of something simple that your participants could find nice and amusing.

  1. Engage, engage, engage…

Turning people into active participants is the new mantra of the digital area. Therefore, make any effort to invent interactive events. For example, you could simply ask the participants to a web conference to  share their experience, values, suggestions, and so on. During webinars, a great trick is to answer every question. The goal is – ideally – to build an individual relation with each individual participant to your conference.

  1. Use video content

During a virtual conference, some video contents can increase participants’ attention and involvement. This is also a nice way to create surprise and break the monotony of a presentation.  TurboMeeting allows you to share videos in HD simply by sharing your screen while your video is running. Make available videos that are holding the registration of your presentation or explaining important features of your product  on your web site after the event,  so that participants can watch them later with ease.


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