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How to get a Promotion as a Remote Worker

September 20th, 2017

Five simple and easy tricks to effectively stand out in a workplace and get your boss`s attention

Remote workers wish to climb up the social ladder, like everybody on the planet. However, standing out in a virtual workplace is trickier than in a physical office. The traditional strategies and practices must be adapted to the specific conditions of the digital world that is characterized by distance and global competition.

However, the golden rule for standing out in digital workplaces is the same as physical offices. Be hardworking, and attract your boss’ attention on the fact that you are that way. What makes the difference is how. These five tips will help you to attract attention in a digital workplace.

Help your colleagues

Ask their questions, or, even better, help them actively through a tool like R-HUB`s web conferencing server ( ) that allows you to work collaboratively by sharing files, documents, and screens. This strategy will make you the person that your colleagues call or think of when in need or in troubles. The result is that your name will be one of the first to come up to your boss mind, when it is time to appoint a team leader.

Have a short meeting every day to update your team

Most remote workers keep the set of mind of traditional office workers. Therefore, they would like to go back to the past. A good idea to create a work environment that reminds the old meetings around the desk of the boss is to have a video conference every day to hand out possible updates and address possible challenges.  This is quite easy with tools like R-HUB`s TurboMeeting that ensure HD video conferences that resemble pretty much the reality under the profiles of both the quality of images and the crispness of sounds.

Use extra time to improve your skills

Remote workers do not have to commute, which means a great time saving. Employ this extra time on professional training or studying your matter of expertise. Do networking on socials like LinkedIn and join the group of discussions of your industry, in order to enlarge your professional network.

Propose new opportunities to your boss

Many organizations do not have a leadership program and welcome bottom-top proposals. Schedule a video conference with your boss on new potential projects periodically. TurboMeeting have many features and tools to make a video conference an engaging event, like screen and file sharing, polling, raising hands , and others. You will discover that a video conference can be even better than a real meeting thanks to TurboMeeting much functionality.

Reflect on your behavior

Showing respect to your colleagues and your boss is the key, as there is a big difference between a proactive person and a tyrant. Try to understand where the line lays. TurboMeeting recording function can be helpful, as it enables you to review a registered conference the day after and reflect on your behavior and your way to communicate.

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Five Easy Tips to Better Cross Team Collaboration

August 14th, 2017

Unity makes strength, especially when it becomes necessary to pick up the brains of multiple experts with different competences in order to develop very complicated projects. But without clear communication, it is highly probable that the attempt to unite your experts will fail. Let’s see how to reach an adequate level of communication in cross team.

When an organization grows, the time to get experts from different departments and with different competences to work together comes along. This is often the only way to drive innovation and get fresher perspectives. However, it works only if your experts are able to communicate and cooperate effectively. Unfortunately, according to a research of the university of Harvard 75% of cross-functional teams are dysfunctional.  So, it isn’t a piece of cake. These five tips will help you to set up cross team collaboration properly.

Choose carefully the leaders

According to the above-mentioned research, the rate of success unexpectedly rises to 76% when it has been chosen as leader a top level executive. Therefore, the quality of managers that are in charge of the project matters a lot. This is the reason why the choice of a good leader is essential for the success of your project.

Help team members to create good relations among themselves

Mutual trust is the key –factor when it comes to team success, and creating good relations among the members of a team is the golden path to build trust. Among the several ways to achieve this goal, we recommend:

  • Utilize HD video conferencing to arrange engaging meetings where your team members can know each other. R-HUB`s TurboMeeting servers ( offer you an affordable, cutting-edge solution that is very easy to manage and can host up to 3000 participants per chat room.  The level of security is top, and it is given full support to many important functionalities, from telepresence to real time collaboration, from document to remote desktop sharing.
  • Host some social events where the members of your team can meet in person, socialize and play games. Playing games is a tested way to build a team.
  • Create a mini book with the bios and the photos of your team members, methods of contacts, and any other relevant information.

Create a team chart

A team chart is anything else than a document where the purpose, mission, objectives, roles, expectations and schedule of your team are laid down. The creation of the team charter should be the first task that the team do, in order to give to everybody the possibility to negotiate with the other members of the team its role and expectations.

Use a project management app

Applications like Asana or Trello help everyone to post messages or to ask questions and share updates. In this way, your team has a comfortable tool to communicate always at hand.

Use and reward milestones

Milestones are very useful not only to organize and divide the work of your team, but also to reward and motivate people. There is nothing better than being honored for achieving a goal. Wise leaders will also invite the members of their teams to recognize the mates they appreciate. Peer recognition helps to build even stronger bonds in your team.

In conclusion, achieving cross team collaboration is difficult, but not impossible. Remember that good communication is king. In order to achieve this goal, tools like R-HUB`s TurboMeeting servers and project management apps will be extremely helpful.

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If you hate traffic, Work Remotely!

August 18th, 2016

Remote work is the definitive solution to stress and time wasting. It really improves the life quality and productivity of your staff, while carbon dioxide emissions get cut down dramatically. Let’s see why R-HUB technology can provide your company with the perfect remote work system.

Tired of getting stuck in the traffic every morning? Try working remotely just for one day a week, and you will experience one of the biggest life quality improvements of forever.

It is not only about traffic. You won’t need to spend hours to find parking in crowded business quarters any longer, for example. No more nasty colleagues, no more poor food quality canteens, no more clumsy coffee machines that turn out muddy liquids with the excuse of supplying you with your necessary daily caffeine dose. Not only will you save a lot of money by cutting down on  fuel and car expenses, but also a big quantity of time. Last but not least, you will give a significant contribution to the environment by decreasing the level of your carbon dioxide emissions.

Once you have considered the advantages of remote work, you will probably ask yourself how to arrange an optimal remote work system in your company. To cut it short, you need to have a technology at hand that give your remote workers the same advantages as office staffs. In particular, it is necessary to implement:

  • A good and safe connection to your company network;
  • Providing remote workers with a phone number that makes working remotely identical to working in a real office;
  • Avoiding that your remote workers might be left out of any conferences.

All this tasks are easily performed by R-HUB’s secure, remote support servers. Silent and small, R-HUB’s remote support servers are really inexpensive (the most expensive unit costs only $ 1495) and really plug-and-play machines: you have just to press on, and they start running. That’s all. They need no maintenance, they upgrade, self-configure and self-initialize themselves automatically. Easy, isn’t it?

We said that remote work can really help environment. How? Consider that one gallon of gasoline produces about 18 pounds of carbon dioxide; now, try to reckon how much carbon dioxide can be saved per year, if your workers stop driving their 20 km a day to reach their offices. You will get the stunning number of over 10.000 pounds a year for each single worker.

In conclusion, remote work is a great way to improve your workers’ life quality by helping the environment at the same time. And the increase in productivity of your staff will largely pay you back your investment.

If you wish to learn more about this topic, please visit R-HUB website  at

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How An Agenda Helps You Stay On Track During a Web Conference

February 19th, 2015

Many of us had to use an agenda during our elementary and junior high years. If you were like most children, you hated having to record your activities in an agenda every single day. If this sounds like your childhood, it is time to thank your instructors because they helped you to develop a crucial skill early on. Recording notes in an agenda is one of the best practices you can develop as a professional. Allowing you to document important information when you hear/see it, it is a great way to stay organized – especially when web conferencing. Below are a few ways that an agenda can help you to stay on track while you listen/view a web conference.


Notes to make things more clear


This is an obvious example, but it is one of the most important in this list. Taking notes in your agenda while web conferencing is one of the best ways to avoid any confusion later on. While you are listening to the web conference, write down as many notes as possible to guide you throughout the web conference, and to ultimately help you to perform your job better. It may seem boring and you may feel like you can member everything, but believe us when we say that there are going to be things that slip your mind that you are going to wish that you wrote down.


Catch things your mind may not remember tomorrow


As stated, we don’t always remember all of the important details when attending a web conference. It is easy for our minds to wander, to lose focus, and to flat-out become bored with web conferencing at large. Thus, it is crucial that you write notes in your agenda – especially on topics that are of the utmost importance. This will ensure that when you leave the web conference, you will be able to remember everything that occurred at the web conference, ensuring that there will not be any mysteries about what you need to remember later on.


Schedule important dates so you won’t forget later


There will probably be some important dates floating around while web conferencing. If this happens, you need to record every single date that crops up during the conference. Not only will this help you to schedule the rest of your work going forward, but it will ensure that you do not have to experience any ‘crunch time’ whenever you realize that a deadline is due at the last minute. Write important dates in your agenda the moment you hear them during the web conference, and save yourself headache later.


Never miss important information again


To sum everything up, recording information in your agenda is vital to ensuring that you never miss anything important again. Keep your life organized with the traditional agenda starting today. We guarantee that by doing so, your productivity is going to increase dramatically and your work life will flow better than ever!

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5 Steps for increasing Web Collaboration Security for Healthcare Providers

September 11th, 2014

Securing any enterprise is no small feat. This task becomes even more significant when it involves a healthcare organization. With the rapidly expanding use of web apps and collaboration tools in healthcare, coupled with the ongoing challenge of protecting patient data, it’s no wonder that healthcare institutions are now taking extreme measures to ensure that security breaches don’t occur within their organizations.

Read more:

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