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Six Good Reasons why you should implement Remote Support for Retail Clients

September 12th, 2017

In a globalized economy, enabling remote support for retail clients is a must, as your customers could live three continents away from the headquarters of your organization. Remote support is the only way to effectively help your client, without spending an arm and a leg in building up a net of local agents

Never utilized Amazon? One of the services of this popular platform that customers appreciate most is precisely its fast and efficient remote support. There is no issue that Amazon remote support cannot address often in a couple of days only, which explains the piles of enthusiastic comments left by consumers. The fact that Amazon customer service is one of the main key-factors of success of this multinational on the global market is well known by business experts, at the point that Amazon is often flagged as  a great example of success story for almost every retailers  that aims to work globally.

R-HUB`s TurboMeeting ( allows your organization to implement an efficient and cost-effective remote support, no matter whether you have to support a CMR or a digital display. Thanks to TurboMeeting, your business will then grow fast for at least six good reasons. Let’s see them.

Time Saving

Remote support decreases drastically the time of response, as your technicians can utilize directly the pcs of your customers to solve problems. To understand the importance of the speed of service, consider that a good 78 percent of customers have left a transactions as the support service provided was too poor.

Profit Increase

Saving time plus increasing customer satisfaction, totals earning more profits, as a result of a higher sales volume. This equation sounds elementary, doesn’t it? It is less evident that your organization can drive more resources to revenue producing tasks that way, so that your revenues are further fed.

Fewer Hassles

Through remote support and remote access, technicians can solve many problems directly on your customer’s PC`s. This eliminates a lot of painful steps like spending hours on the phone to understand problems that could be then addressed and solved  in a few minutes. TurboMeeting allows remote support also for unattended computers. In other words, in some few cases your technicians could be able to solve the problem even before your customer get aware of it.

A Larger Market

Remote support is – obviously – the only way to go global without building up a complicated and expensive organization of local agents and retailers that provides your customer with customer help and support. It is also the only way to get out of your local market and grow fast in terms of sales volume, geographical extension and number of customers.

 Prevention Enabled

Thanks to R-HUB remote access servers, your technicians can routinely check your customers’ PC`s and IT infrastructures, in order to detect some potential issues.  You can thus implement a consistent and effective active monitoring as a part of a more general strategy of prevention of potential issues.

Security First

The utilization of an on-premise server based technology by R-HUB assures your organization and your clients the highest level of data protection and security with TurboMeeting, which has been always regarded as the most sensitive and difficult to tackle aspect of any e-commerce.

In conclusion, implementing a good remote support service will speed up time, make your business grow without geographical limits and help you to save money, time and stress, with great advantage for you and your customers.

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Four Best Solutions for Easy Remote Support

August 11th, 2017

A short orientation among  the millions of tech remote support tools existing on the market today

How to remotely access a remote computer to fix it? Among the thousands of tools and solutions, here comes a selection of the easiest-to-use products available on the market.

R-HUB`s remote support servers (  R-HUB produces three types of servers for remote support, remote access,and remote support  combined with remote access respectively. Being based on the on-premise server technology, R-HUB `s servers assure clients an extremely high level of security. The usual issues connected with on-premise servers have been brilliantly addressed by R-HUB, by designing small and silent plug-and-play devices that do not need any maintenance. Among their functionalities, remote support for unattended computers and the possibility to get your PC to print a document.

TeamViewer ( This application can be used for different purposes, from video conferencing to giving remote support to a friend. For remote support, you have simply to invite your partner to download TeamViewer Quick Support application. No administrator access or system configuration is necessary, as a session ID and password will be automatically delivered. Your partner has simply to share them with you. Among its functionalities, we have unattended access, which means that you can access a remote computer without any permission or password if it is on.

Windows Remote Assistance.  It is a built-in functionality that is present in all Windows version through which you can access and support a remote PC. It is a very convenient option for Windows users, as it is free and already installed on the remote PC. The drawback is the procedure of connection that is a bit complicated.

Chrome Remote Desktop. It is an extension of Chrome Browser. Therefore, if you and your recipient both use Chrome, there is a good chance that it is already installed on your computers. To open this application, enable remote connections, click share button, and get the access code. At this point, you will be able to open remote desktop app.

Windows Remote Assistance cannot be enabled for permanent remote access, except for the professional version that is not in-built in Windows and must be purchased separately. Same problem with Chrome Remote Desktop. In conclusion,  R-HUB`s remote support servers or TeamViewer seem to be the only  available options for a professional usage  in our list.

Other options could be LogMeln, a paid solution for business, or set up a VNC server which is essentially an alternative to Windows Remote Assistance

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Why to prefer Remote Support from an IT Company

July 31st, 2017

If you are an IT company and the time to scale up has come along, outsourcing your services of remote support to another IT company is inevitable, as it is the only way to increase efficiency and cut down on costs.

The market of remote IT support has been growing fast in the last years, as it offers IT companies many advantages. Let’s see which ones:

1.) The costs of Tech Support becomes Billable. Out-sourcing allows you to record these costs in your company balance sheet and detract them from your company income.

2.) Your company becomes more efficient. Remote support reduces greatly the costs of travel and allows your team to save a lot of time, as much work is outsourced. As a consequence, your team productivity increases and profits as well.

3.) You can have much more customers. If your team gets able to do more work in the same time, you are able to take new business and scale up.

4.) Your service gets faster and customer satisfaction increases. Remote support allows your team to deliver a faster service by cutting out on travel and other operations and tasks. This is very helpful for your business growth, as customers want their problems addressed right by now.

5.) Remote maintenance becomes possible. You can offer your customers remote assistance and maintenance much easier.

6.) New marketing policies become possible. The result of the above-mentioned advantages is that you can adopt new and more powerful marketing strategies. For example, you could offer all-in-one packets that include service and maintenance at a fixed monthly cost. The advantage of this formula is that you have a predictable cash flow with subsequent less stress.

7.) Your pool of potential customer’s gets bigger. The improvement in efficiency allows you to reach a huger pool of customers outside your geographic location.

In conclusion, outsourcing the services connected with it`s support to an IT company is inevitable if you wish to make your business grow. The benefits range from smarter performances of your team to tax advantages and a more correct structure of your accounting.

If you are interested in remote support, visit R-HUB`s web-site You are going to find many useful posts, articles and resources on this and other interesting topics.

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5 Great Remote Windows Desktop Connection Solutions that are easy to use

June 27th, 2017

Accessing your remote window desktop is easy when you have the appropriate tool. Let’s have a quick glance to 5 of the best available solutions on the market.

Tired to solve the conundrum of how to access a remote windows desktop? You have simply to change to the right tool. These five products will enable you to control your remote Windows desktop with ease and without pain.

R-HUB remote desktop severs. It is an ultimate solution to the problem of remote access through the so-called on-premise server based technology. Compact, silent and light, these plug-and-play devices can be really placed on a shelf of your bookstore. They need no support, no dedicated cabinet and no maintenance. R-HUB`s remote desktop servers are also powerful and highly-scalable, and the price is really at everybody’s reach.

Through R-HUB`s remote desktop servers, the access to a remote desktop is quick and easy even from your mobile. In that way, you can print documents from remote (for example while travelling on a bus), and have your applications and files always at reach.

R-HUB`s remote desktop servers are highly professional devices that can be also used to assure remote support to unattended computers. For further information, please visit R-HUB web site at: 

TeamViewer:  Very rich in features and functionalities, this software is one of the best solutions to access a remote desktop. It fits for Linux, Mac, and, naturally, Windows. It is easy to use and works on almost every device, including mobiles.

One of its most appreciated features is that it is also available as free versions. It is not necessary to install any software, and the product can be also used for video-conferencing. In one world, TeamViewer is an all-in-one solution. For further information, please visit their website at:

Microsoft Remote Desktop: It is purposely designed to remotely connect to any Windows desktop from another pc or from smartphones, and it is free. These two features make this application difficult to beat, if you are looking for a specific product for Windows. It is included in the Windows packet.

However, the other products are more versatile, as they can be used also with Linux and Mac operating systems. Another issue is that this app doesn’t allow you to have video conferences, contrary to the other products on the list.

Chrome Remote Desktop: Similar to Microsoft Remote Desktop, this application allows you to access another computer through Chrome. The difference with the tool of Microsoft is that Chrome Remote Desktop is more powerful, as it is also possible to access devices with Mac and Linux as operating systems.

Join.Me: This tool is a general purpose application that can be used also to have video and audio conferences. Its strong point is that users do not need to download any software. For the rest, it is very easy to use and rich in functionalities, from screen sharing to unlimited audio.

Naturally, at the end of the day another good solution is to use your Remote Desktop in Windows 10. The steps to follow are the following ones:

– 1 Open Settings and then System>About. Take down your pc’s name.
– 2 In Settings, look for System->Power and Sleep and check for Sleep set to Never.
– 3 Finally, enter your remote pc’s full name into the Remote Desktop Connection of your pc, and here we are. Now, you are connected to your remote pc.

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The Secret of an Easy Remote Support

May 25th, 2017

When your remote support team is in the condition to work smoothly, they get automatically able to deliver a faster and more effective service with subsequent better satisfaction of your customers. Let’s quickly see the common best practices to make your remote support work easily and steadily.

Never neglect the importance of things like remote support. The most of your customers will judge your company mainly on the base of the support they will get from you. So, how to make your remote support more effective? A strategy is to put your remote support team in the best conditions to work, as a happy worker is often a great assistant. Let’s go through the best practices to do that.

Choose the right tools. Your remote support team members have necessarily to utilize a tool for remote supporting to deliver their services. Prefer products with an intuitive and easy-to-use GUI, like R-HUB`s Remote Support Server In general, ergonomics is one of the aspect that designers take care of. But it is also important that the remote support product you are going to buy has all the functionality your team requires. So, it is not a bad idea to ask your workers their opinions before wasting your money on a product that is difficult to use.

Give your workers headsets. Your remote support team should adopt headsets and Bluetooth and abandon telephones. The reason is quite simple: smartphones and standard phones propped up between your workers’ heads and shoulders are one of the main causes of bad postural positions with consequent neck pains. And someone with neck pains is not going to service customers in the best possible way.

Assure your workers are silent and free-of-distraction environment. Remote support requires dedication and attention. On the other hand, your customers need to feel that the technicians that are serving them give them all their attention. Therefore, the working environment of your remote support team must be clean, relaxing and silent.

Take care of connections. It is difficult to imagine something more annoying than a spotting connection that fails at the climax of the conversation. So, do not save money on networks, lines, cables and connections. Again, better an on-premise server based solution, like R-HUB remote support server, than web browser based solutions, as it ensures safer and reliable connections between your organization and your customers.

Train your technicians. A good technician is not necessarily polite and good-mannered, or gifted with good communication skills. Yet, these qualities are important to deliver a good service. Fortunately, your team can be trained to excel even in these tricky areas today. Invest some money also on education and training, and you will never regret it. Remember that machines are important, but never as much important as the human factor.

Are you interested in the problems connected with remote support and remote support team management? You are going to find useful resources and interesting articles on this challenging topic on R-HUB`s blog at

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