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ACCI, Inc. Adopts RHUB Web Conferencing Appliance to proivde IT consulting service

April 2nd, 2012

American Computer Consultants Inc (ACCI), a comprehensive technology consulting firm based in Birmigham, has recently adopted RHUB 6-in-1 TurboMeeting Appliance. The company found that RHUB’s appliance, which delivers six different services in one box, perfectly serves their needs for both web conferencing and remote support.

RHUB 6-in-1 appliance was not ACCI’s first choice for web conferencing and remote support. Before adopting TurboMeeting the company has used both LogMeIn and GoToMeeting hosted products but felt that they didn’t deliver the service they were looking for. In fact, many companies are now starting to realize that hosted solutions fall short when compared to the appliance counterparts and are starting to make the transition from one to the other.

Hosted solutions, while apparently easier to use since all they require is an internet connection, have two major negative aspects: cost and security.

Hosted solutions are more expensive than their appliance counterparts because they charge recurring monthly fees. As the number of users increases, the licensing cost could become an ongoing cost to the company. On the other side, appliance-based solutions are bought and owned by the company. On the long run, monthly fees surpass many times the one-time payment for an appliance.

Security concern is another reason for ACCI’s switch from hosted to appliance-based solutions. Most companies need to have complete control over their own data flow and video and web conferencing transmissions. But hosted solutions could not provide this level of security. Appliance-based solutions, on the other hand, allow companies to deploy the servers behind the firewall and give companies complete control over the system.

In addition to the cost and security, other reasons companies are changing from hosted to appliance-based solutions include the LDAP integration, branding and floating licensing options.

The 6-in-1 TurboMeeting appliance was developed by RHUB and offers six different services in a single package: video conferencing, web conferencing, audio conferencing, remote support, remote access, and web seminar.  The appliance is easy to install. It requires no IT maintenance, and all the services are easy to use.

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Virtualization as One of the Keys to Economic Recovery

June 21st, 2011

Things are not looking very good for global economy right now. On one hand there is an oil crisis which affects prices on most commodities and has vast repercussions on the industrial sector, on the other there is another crisis in Europe, the US most faithful friend, which affects deeply the American import/export sectors, slowing down growth and crippling the economy. All of this has two consequences:  increasing the unemployment rate and decreasing confidence, making people cut on spending which further cripples the economy.

The latest Gallup index, which measured the confidence of the American people, shows that confidence went down by 9% in just two weeks. According to a Gallup survey, 70% said that the economy was getting worse and 47% said the economy was poor.

Another report, this time from the National Federation of Independent Business, found out that small business are refraining from hiring as a way to cut back on spending.  In fact, this same report states that in May there were more business planning to decrease payrolls than increasing them.

This only shows that businesses are looking for ways to cut their spending and many still see laying off as one of the most effective ways to do this. In the face of the current situation, it is normal that businesses are worried about surviving than growing.

But what many businesses don’t realize is that there are other ways to curb spending and one of these ways is to restructure their practices and operations. As times are changing, so is technology. Practices that in the good old days could be done by physical presence are now possible to be done virtually, saving the costs and time that the physical practices required.

RHUB conferencing and remote support appliances can help restructure many business practices and virtualize operations, reducing business expenses. RHUB appliances have four applications: web conferencing, remote support, remote access and web seminar.

Web conferencing allows companies to meet in a virtual environment thus cutting on costs of travel, including gas, hotels, etc. It also saves time and allows people in different parts of the world to participate from their local offices. Web conferencing is perfect to discuss business practices, collaborate interactively in the same project, make sales presentations, etc.

Remote support allows companies to give remotely PC and Mac support to their clients. This saves the costs of the dislocation to the clients house to work directly on his computer and also saves the time of the travel.

Remote access allows workers to access their office computers from anywhere and anytime, meaning that they always have access to their work. With remote access function, employees can work directly from home and to solve any problem or question that might arise when they are not present, making them more productive.

Web seminar allows workers to attend a seminar to improve their working practices without leaving the comfort of their offices. This saves time and money on the travels and it also saves the costs of renting the required space for giving the seminars.

In an age where small businesses are fighting for their survival, virtualization of their business operations might be the key to their success. All that is required is a shift in the frame of mind of managers and CEOs and a small investment that in a short time will pay itself many times over.

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RHUB rated among the Top 5 Web Conferencing solutions

June 3rd, 2011

, an independent website that tests web conferencing software over the internet, has rated RHUB’s TurboMeeting software among the top five web conferencing solutions and online meeting tools available.

RHUB’s TurboMeeting was ranked in fourth place, behind Citrix’s GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect 8 and Cisco’s WebEx and in front of Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007, in a total 36 web conferencing products. Each product was tested and given a score from 0 to 10, RHUB’s web meeting tools got a score of 9.1.

“We are very proud of our product ranking and the value we bring to our customers,” said Larry Dorie, RHUB’s CEO. “We will continue to work at driving outstanding value by providing top quality, fully featured products at affordable prices.”

Behind RHUB’s fourth place and score are a number of reasons which are properly detailed by Online Meeting Tools Review. Easiness of installation, meeting setup and use are among them. Pricing, security and the fact that TurboMeeting is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris are other reasons why RHUB’s software was awarded the fourth place.

According to the testers, the software is very easy to install for hosts and attendees.  They could easily access it through the browser and make simultaneous invitations available using Outlook.  A clean and well designed interface gives host s the absolute control of the meeting through the console and a single button allows users to change meeting hosts easily. Every major feature is present in the TurboMetting, from the whiteboard to desktop annotation, file sharing, meeting recording and desktop sharing.

Equally important for the achievement of the 9.1 rating was the pricing of the RHUB’s online meeting tool. Being one of the top cost efficient tools in the market, Online Meeting Tools Review has given TurboMeeting tools five stars in this department. RHUB charges $12.95 for one host and one attendee a month with an additional $1.00 for each extra attendee.

TurboMeeting received four stars in the security department because it is 128-bit SSL encrypted and is certified by GoDaddy and software licensed by Thawte Code Signing.

According to the Online Meeting Tools Review, RHUB’s TurboMeeting is the web conferencing solution best used for virtual teamwork.

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Getting More for Your Money with Self-Hosted Web Conferencing

April 27th, 2010

on-premise web conferencing help you saveOne of the greatest value on-premise or self-hosted conferencing solutions offers over hosted services is the reduction in cost. With a self-owned appliance, there are no recurring costs and cost per use actually decreases with increased usage. The other day we received feedback from one of our customers who agree with us on the value of an on-premise appliance.

Thanks Mike for sharing with us Platinum DB’s experiences!

Platinum DB Consulting is a full services SAP consulting and hosting organization. Our purchase of the RHUB appliance was a simple decision, with an ROI of five months when compared to ongoing Webex costs, it was an easy decision to make the switch. Since implementation, collaborative efforts have increased between our geographically disperse team of software engineers, our sales force has been making more online presentations and our IT staff resolves internal and customer issues more quickly. With RHUB our usage has gone up and our costs have gone down. End users appreciate the simple to use interface and the cross platform capabilities while the IT staff appreciates the excellent support RHUB has given us in resolving any issues.”
— Mike Neuliep, IT Director, Platinum DB Consulting

How are your experiences with TurboMeeting? Share with us, we love to hear what you have to say.

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RHUB Communications Web Conferencing Appliance Receives Listing as a Solid “Influencer and Contender”

February 5th, 2010

San Jose, CA,  February 04, 2010 — RHUB Communications, Inc. (RHUB), the provider of the TurboMeeting web conferencing and remote support appliance, today announced that it has been recognized as an industry ‘Influencer and Contender’ by Wainhouse Research (WR) in its 2009 Rich Media Conferencing: Audio and Web Conferencing Infrastructure Products report. This acknowledgement by WR recognizes RHUB’s ability to deliver a unique and viable collaboration solution to the market that is both recognizable and competitive within the enterprise conferencing area.

“We are excited to be recognized as a key contender in the WR report,” said Larry Dorie, CEO of RHUB. “We’ve worked really hard over the years to make our customers and influencers in the industry aware of our unique product offering which exists in a unique market segment that will continue to grow based on the ever changing business climate. We’ve tried to raise the bar in the industry by making our technology “own-able” and affordable, and by giving our customers four complete real-time collaboration technologies all in one appliance.”

In an executive summary, Wainhouse Research forecasts that the conferencing infrastructure product segments covered in their report will grow from $1.9B in 2009 to over $3.2B in 2014, resulting in a 5-year revenue CAGR of 11.2%. In addition, WR identifies drivers that are forcing corporate, government, and educational institutions to look at audio/web conferencing, unified communications, and team collaboration solutions with greater interest than ever before including, globalization, travel disruptions, and the emergence of the virtual business model.

Even given these growing challenges, RHUB has worked to address the demands of globalization and virtual work teams through its solution called TurboMeeting. TurboMeeting is the leading “Collaboration Quad Player” in the market as the solution delivers a 4-in-1 Web conferencing solution that’s fully loaded with four complete collaboration solutions – all in one box. The technology fully delivers Web conferencing that provides Web-based interactive meetings; Remote support which remotely supports PC and Mac users; Remote Access for remotely accessing computers at home or in the office from anywhere, anytime; and, Web Seminars which requires no downloads and delivers meeting access in seconds.

TurboMeeting also overcomes two key barriers found with WebEx and GotoMeeting – 1) the requirement of downloads, and, 2) ongoing monthly fees. Now, for the first time with TurboMeeting’s view only solution, there are No downloads, No Java, No Flash, No Nothing – just online meeting accessibility done fast.

For a full listing of TurboMeeting appliances and specifications or to learn more, visit

To download the executive summary for the WR report “RMC: Audio and Web Conferencing Infrastructure Products – 2009” visit .

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