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Deploying RHUB for Classroom Use

August 21st, 2014

As students begin preparing to return to the classroom, many families and schools are now focusing on the ways in which to provide the best possible learning environment for students. Technological advancements have made it possible for students to attend virtual classrooms from practically anywhere in the world from practically any device. Web conferencing now plays a large role in providing rich learning environments via a remote setting for homeschooled students and distance learning.

There are now many services available that will allow instructors to conduct meetings for a monthly fee. Along with the cost-prohibitive monthly fee, most of these services offer significant limitations. In order to take advantage of the convenience offered by online educational classes, an appliance is required that will allow you to connect to your own network and conduct meetings whenever you like without the need to pay additional costs.

This is precisely where RHUB excels. TurboMeeting from RHUB offers a host of advantages and services that make it perfect for deploying for classroom use. In a live classroom environment, students typically raise their hands when they have a question. This same functionality is preserved with RHUB by allowing each attendee to raise their hands. It is also possible to raise hands via telephones by simply pressing *2. As a result, attendees are able to feel fully engaged in the lesson material and take advantage of the opportunity to ask for the clarification of material when something is not clear.

RHUB also provides the ability to stream desktop video with a high-speed Internet connection in real time at acceptable frames per second. There is no need for students to feel as though they are lagging behind. Materials can be presented in real time just as it would in a traditional classroom setting. Instructors are also able to share their computer audio with attendees.

A large HD viewer via webcam is also provided with RHUB. This means that you can use your HD webcam to present video in the size that is the same as your desktop. Video will be delivered by the system at photo level or even in true color with 100 percent accuracy. This option is ideal for instructors as it allows them to show their whiteboard to students. Doctors can also take advantage of this feature to show moving details with extremely high image quality. It should be noted that the frame rate is not as high as a regular webcam video. Thanks to the large size, this function focuses on image quality and details.

As technology continues to evolve, education will continue to change, as well. RHUB web conferencing servers have made it possible for educational institutions in all arenas to provide high quality instruction to students from around the world in real time and with incredible accuracy and clarity.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of RHUB for a classroom setting, visit or call 1-866-758-0984 to learn more about RHUB, its cost effectiveness, and many features.

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What a Single Investment with RHUB Can Do for Your Business

August 21st, 2014

Web conferencing and real-time collaboration tools have come a long way in just the last few years and now offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to save money and operate more efficiently via a remote settings. Today, you have a number of options available when it comes to remote servers and web conferencing. The most common problems that many users encounter with the vast majority of web conferencing solutions today are their limitations and high costs. Most of the web conferencing solutions currently available require users to pay a monthly fee per named user and frequently do not provide a wide breadth of service for that ongoing fee.

RHUB has completely revolutionized the remote web server industry by offering a 6-in-1 solution for a single, one-time cost. With the RHUB 6-in-1 appliance, every department within your organization is able to benefit.

Sales/Marketing Department

With the webinar function, the sales and marketing department is able to take advantage of the opportunity to host remote sales presentations. This is not only a great way for your sales staff to function more efficiently, but also helps your organization to dramatically slash travel costs.

HR Department

Training can easily take up a significant amount of time and other resources. With the RHUB remote server appliance, the HR department can quickly and efficiently provide training to new employees coming on board. As a result, new employees can receive the training they need without the need to wait until the next training session is available. Staff in the HR department are able to ensure that employees are trained more efficiently and effectively.

IT Department

The unattended support option available through RHUB gives the IT department the opportunity to provide remote support to any desktop within your organization regardless of location. This function makes it possible to provide more immediate support, reduce downtime, and slash travel costs.

Engineering Department

Collaboration is the key to any effective engineering department. With RHUB, your engineering department is able to take advantage of interactive collaboration in a remote setting even when they are not able to be in the same location. In addition, meetings can be secure, controlling access, so that sensitive intellectual property can be discussed.

Finance Department

One of the most common reasons that many executives find it difficult to agree on a meeting time is due to schedule conflicts, particularly when the meeting requires traveling. Conduct an executive meeting via a remote online conference without the need to juggle disparate schedules. Again, if confidential financial information is being shared, the meeting can be secured.

Customer Support

Improve your organization’s customer support and customer satisfaction by providing remote support. Customers are assured of receiving more accurate assistance, thus reducing their downtime and improving their overall experience with your company.

Unless you need to remotely access a large number of PCs for unattended support, the TurboMeeting 6-in-1 web conferencing server is easily the best and most affordable choice. By providing the most functions and flexibility for your organization’s various collaboration requirements, RHUB can meet your needs today as well as tomorrow. For a one-time fee, your organization can be assured of a completely scalable solution.

Interested in learning more about the RHUB 6-in-1 solution? Visit or call 1-866-758-0984.

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LDAP Integration for User Authentication Provided by RHUB Web Conferencing Servers

August 8th, 2014

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) refers to a set of open protocols that are used for accessing information that is centrally stored over a network. LDAP offers the primary benefit of consolidating information for an entire organization into a central repository that can be accessed quickly and efficiently. For instance, instead of managing user lists for individual groups within an organization, LDAP can be utilized as a central directory that can be accessed from any location on the network. Also, because Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TSL) are supported by LDAP, confidential data can be protected.

Through the use of RHUB Web Conferencing Servers, it is possible for organizations to use their own application server for authenticating users, ensuring that all user authentications make their way through a single system.

LDAP offers such benefits as:

Enhanced Security- LDAP supports SASL, a crucial Internet standard that is responsible for allowing clients to choose specific authentication protocols. Additionally, LDAP supports TLS, thus encrypting all of the data that passed between the client and the server. This offers the benefit of protecting such information from possible security breaches.

Lightweight- LDAP is considered lightweight by many programmers because it carries fewer operations and is also more flexible and simplified in terms of custom requirements. Programmers are benefitted by the fact that they can implement and connect to multiple servers more easily.

A Single Directory- One of the most essential benefits of LDP is the fact that it provides users with the ability to make use of a single information directory containing user data. Additionally, it offers directory access from multiple services. For example, information directories can be used for web browsers, email, and other services. Time savings are also provided from a single central directory when used for multiple services.

Easy to Use-  LDAP is also known to be quite easy to use. Users can take advantage of the opportunity to add information to the directory as needed by the organization. Such information might include office location, telephone numbers, addresses, and other important data.

Additionally, LDAP is an excellent choice when an organization needs to store data long-term. It is also a great choice for leveraging data that is stored on a long-term basis. This is because LDAP is specifically designed to provide the ability to retrieve data quickly.

RHUB web conferencing servers can be easily integrated with your LDAP servers including Active Directory servers for the purposes of user authentication. All that is required is simply completing a single form and everything is handled. RHUB web conferencing servers continue to make strides in providing users with the ability to accomplish more in a more secure and reliable environment while remaining protected from potential external threats. The integration of RHUB web conferencing servers with LDAP integration represents one more example of such progress.

If you would like to know more about LDAP integration using RHUB, call us at 1-866-758-0984 or visit our website:

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Remote Support and Web Conferencing iOS App Offers Same Level of Functionality

August 1st, 2014


With the iPhone and iPad becoming more mainstream, they have also increasingly become a topic of hot conversation at RHUB. It seems that everyone today has an app for everything. The idea of developing a RHUB app for the iPad has always been appealing. Even so, we were cautious about moving forward with the release of an app because we did not want to rush into throwing out a hastily developed piece of technology that would not really allow our users to do to do everything that they needed to be able to do.

RHUB has become known as a feature-rich solution that provides our customers with in-depth functionality and support tools. We are quite proud of our competitiveness and the fact that we are the only product on the market that can provide that level of robust functionality. In the process of developing an app, we wanted to ensure that we did not offer anything less than the best when it came to remote support and web conferencing from the iPad. We believe that this is precisely what we were able to do with our app.

The RHUB iPad app gives businesses almost all of the same functionality as they are able to enjoy when providing remote support or conducting online meetings from a laptop or desktop. In fact, the RHUB iPad console extends far beyond the capability of basic remote access or online meeting app. With our robust app, users can join or even host meetings from anywhere and at any time with their iPhones or iPads. This makes the app tremendously beneficial for frequent travelers as well as anyone else who does not want to be tied down to a laptop or computer while hosting or joining meetings. The app makes it possible for users to maintain complete flexibility.

Available from the Apple App Store, TurboMeeting iOS app for iPhone and iPad provides users with a wealth of robust capabilities, including:

  • Join meetings and be able to be heard and hear others through VoIP. Users can also participate in chat or polls as well as become a controller with the app.
  • Begin a remote support session with the iPad or iPhone controlling another Mac computer or Windows PC.
  • Host interactive webinars or meetings

As the world becomes increasingly mobile, it has also become more important for our users to be able to accomplish more from their mobile devices. By providing our customers with the same level of functionality on mobile devices that is available from a laptop or computer, we are continuing to improve the level of support that we are able to provide to our valued customers. While mobile technology may well continue to evolve and develop in the future, RHUB will be there to meet those developments and provide the same unparalleled functionality, mobility, and flexibility.

To learn more about the RHUB iOS app, contact us at 1-866-758-0984 or email us at

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How to Conduct a Free Audio Conference Using RHUB Web Conferencing Servers

July 31st, 2014

At RHUB, we are continually striving to find more ways in which we can provide the best service possible to our valued customers. This is why we added integrated audio to our TurboMeeting application. Through this addition, meeting participants gain access to several audio options, including an integrated toll-based number or VoIP for audio over the Internet. Additionally, each participant within the same online meeting is able to choose his or her own audio option.

The integrated audio solution from RHUB is offered at no additional cost to customers. You are able to choose from Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or phone. You can also opt to allow both options. Participants who opt to join a meeting via a telephone will dial a free audio conference number provided by RHUB. Participants are then charged the standard long-distance rate that would typically apply for calling any regular long-distance number. Participants who opt to join the meeting using VoIP will need access to headphones or speakers in order to hear the meeting. A microphone will be required in order to speak during the meeting. A USB headset is recommended.

A conference call number, audio PIN, and access code will be automatically generated by RHUB for all attendees who opt to join the meeting via telephone. Participants will need to make a decision whether they wish to use the RHUB integrated audio or whether they prefer an alternative method.

According to an annual survey conducted among users of conferencing services in North America, the vast majority (89.1 percent) believe that an integrated audio and web conferencing service provides a personal value over two independent providers. The ability to initiate a single conference with audio and web capabilities offers a distinctly simply solution. When combined with the ability to visually present audio control, the entire virtual meeting experience is elevated to an even greater level. It should be noted that the RHUB Appliance must be in warranty in order to use the free audio conferencing service.

Steps for Making a RHUB Audio Conference Call

1. First, log in to the RHUB TurboMeeting application.
2. Once the application has launched, click the “Host” option that is located along the top of the navigation menu.
3. Choose the appropriate “Meeting Types” option from the list of meetings.
4. Select a meeting title within the optional subject field and then a password if one applies.
5. Click Continue.
6. Next, click the Invite button located at the bottom and then click Email in order to send an email invitation to participants.
7. Dial the audio conference number and then enter the access code that is displayed along with the option PIN.
8. Ask attendees to dial the audio conference number and enter their unique optional PIN number.

That is all there is to it. Would you like to learn more about how you can conduct a completely free audio conference call with your own customers? Contact us at 866-758-0984 or visit our website at

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