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How and Why Video-Conferencing is Reshaping Sales

August 18th, 2017

Technology changes have always heavily impacted society and people’s daily life, and video-conferencing does not make exception. Let’s try to figure out how sales could become in a near future when the usage of video-conferencing would be massive.

Video-conferencing is one of the most promising technologies of today, as it is clearly proved by statistics. The global market for video-conferencing is projected to reach about 3 billion $ by 2020, with a growth rate of about 7.5% per year. Among video-conferencing users, companies are going to increase their share of usage massively, mainly for business meetings. According to a survey (source: ), 74% of B2C and 92% of B2B marketers already use this technology in their marketing efforts today, and this trend is largely on the increase. Therefore, a question that comes up spontaneously is how video-conferencing is going to reshape sales in the future.

1. Direct sales are going to die out

Video-conferences have made direct sales obsolete. Through video-conferencing, salesmen can have the same benefits of real-life meetings without the burdens and expenses. This is particularly true for overseas sales. Who would spend a fortune to meet a far potential customer, when the same result can be easily reached by a free Skype call?

2. Customers will prefer to avoid any direct human interaction

Today’s buyers are able to make decisions without the help of a representative, as they can find all the information they need themselves. According to a research published on the Harvard Business Review ( ), 60 % of buying decisions occurred before speaking to a sales man. It seems that nowadays the task of representatives is different from giving information to their customers.

On the other hand, video-conferencing makes presentations easy and inexpensive. A video-conferencing server of R-HUB`s suite TurboMeeting (, for example, allows a salesman to host a virtual presentation for up to 3000 participants at zero cost per any additional guest. The equivalent real-life solution would cost much more than 20.000$, not to mention the annoyance of the organization of such a big event.

3. Sales pace will increase

Online tools and technology make the selling process easier and faster. As a consequence, sales pace gets quicker and salespersons more productive. The evidence is the huge amount of sales that happen every minute through the web.

4. Sales costs will decrease

In the future, sales managers won’t leave the premises of their office buildings, as video-conferencing gives them all the necessary resources to build and keep commercial relations. This will impact massively on costs: a reliable estimation speaks of a reduction between 50%-90% of sales costs accompanied by an increase in productivity.

5. Virtual meeting rooms will be branded

This is a consequence of the relevance of visual aspects in any sale-process. Salesmen will want to personalize their virtual meeting rooms by showing their companies’ brands and logos. They could even try to create a kind of personalized virtual environment, for example by using the colors of their companies in the background.

In conclusion, video-conferencing is going to replace the traditional face-to-face sales. The benefits of video-conferences are mainly related to increases in productivity and cost reductions, without forgetting decreased levels of stress for salesmen.

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What are the five best Video Conferencing products on the Market?

January 17th, 2017

Whoever you are – manager, small business owner or team member – there is a moment in life when you need a remote communication tool. Which is the best option among the several platforms that have become available on the market in the last few years? From on-premise servers based solutions to web apps, the choice is wide. In this article, we outline the main features of what in our opinion are the five best video conferencing products of 2016.

It is important to know exactly what you need, in order to choose the right product. While on-premise servers based solution could be great for a small business, a browser app often reveals to be a good option for occasional users.

It isn’t only a matter of costs; you should also consider some issues like security, reliability, the necessity to download software or install hardware, the frequency of utilization, and the max number of participants to your conferences.

However, it is also true that an outline of the main features of the most popular platforms could help to clear ideas. So, let’s start with the review of first product on the list.

The on-premise servers based solution: R-HUB Turbomeeting

There are several features that make the difference between R-HUB Turbomeeting servers and the web based solutions. First, they are secure and reliable. Hackers and spotty video streaming will become a distant memory soon, as R-HUB technology is not web dependent. Second, the number of participants to a chat room  can be scaled up to 3000, which is quite uncommon in web conferencing  products world; third, from mobiles to TV, almost any kind of device is supported, no matter if it runs on iOS or Android.

Coming to price, R- HUB web video conferencing servers start from $295. They are sold under a flat license that allows you to add additional participants at zero cost. Maintenance and installation are inexpensive and there is no need of a dedicated team of technicians, as R-HUB web video conferencing servers are plug and play products.  For further information, please visit R-HUB web site at

A web based solution: GoToMeeting

Very popular among the web based solutions, GoToMeeting have been advertised a lot especially on TV. Its strong point is that it runs well alongside programs like Gmail and Outlook. It also ensures a clean, simple user experience.

The trial period lasts thirty days. After, you have to buy one of their packages.

The right tool for webinars: OnStreamMedia

Webinars that are managed through this platform can host up to 300 participants, and a great user experience is ensured by its many tools to engage the audience. Unfortunately, this software comes out without the usual tiered pricing benefits that other platforms offer.

Thought for small businesses: WebEx

Among WebEx’s most interesting features, there are conference recording, application sharing and the benefit of tiered pricing that makes this product a good idea for a small business.

No software to download: Zoho Meeting

If you are looking for a 100% browser based solution, this product is what you need. Very easy to use, Zoho Meeting is great for those who are seeking for a two people conference web app for free. Over this number of participants, you have to pay.

Have you cleaned your ideas? If not, start to browse the web. This list is not exhaustive, as web conferencing platforms have been mushrooming in the last few years. And please feel free to signal us any software that in your opinion deserves a mention.

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