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How to Conduct a Free Audio Conference Using RHUB Web Conferencing Servers

July 31st, 2014

At RHUB, we are continually striving to find more ways in which we can provide the best service possible to our valued customers. This is why we added integrated audio to our TurboMeeting application. Through this addition, meeting participants gain access to several audio options, including an integrated toll-based number or VoIP for audio over the Internet. Additionally, each participant within the same online meeting is able to choose his or her own audio option.

The integrated audio solution from RHUB is offered at no additional cost to customers. You are able to choose from Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or phone. You can also opt to allow both options. Participants who opt to join a meeting via a telephone will dial a free audio conference number provided by RHUB. Participants are then charged the standard long-distance rate that would typically apply for calling any regular long-distance number. Participants who opt to join the meeting using VoIP will need access to headphones or speakers in order to hear the meeting. A microphone will be required in order to speak during the meeting. A USB headset is recommended.

A conference call number, audio PIN, and access code will be automatically generated by RHUB for all attendees who opt to join the meeting via telephone. Participants will need to make a decision whether they wish to use the RHUB integrated audio or whether they prefer an alternative method.

According to an annual survey conducted among users of conferencing services in North America, the vast majority (89.1 percent) believe that an integrated audio and web conferencing service provides a personal value over two independent providers. The ability to initiate a single conference with audio and web capabilities offers a distinctly simply solution. When combined with the ability to visually present audio control, the entire virtual meeting experience is elevated to an even greater level. It should be noted that the RHUB Appliance must be in warranty in order to use the free audio conferencing service.

Steps for Making a RHUB Audio Conference Call

1. First, log in to the RHUB TurboMeeting application.
2. Once the application has launched, click the “Host” option that is located along the top of the navigation menu.
3. Choose the appropriate “Meeting Types” option from the list of meetings.
4. Select a meeting title within the optional subject field and then a password if one applies.
5. Click Continue.
6. Next, click the Invite button located at the bottom and then click Email in order to send an email invitation to participants.
7. Dial the audio conference number and then enter the access code that is displayed along with the option PIN.
8. Ask attendees to dial the audio conference number and enter their unique optional PIN number.

That is all there is to it. Would you like to learn more about how you can conduct a completely free audio conference call with your own customers? Contact us at 866-758-0984 or visit our website at

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RHUB Web Conferencing Capabilities for Audio Video and Web Conferencing

May 20th, 2014

While it would be nice if you were always able to meet with colleagues, customer, or partners in person, that is not always the case. When you cannot make an in-person meeting, RHUB’s web conferencing technology provides the next best alternative. Meet, present, share, and collaborate on content with as few as one participant or as many as 3,000. RHUB has precisely what you need to get the job done right. By providing guaranteed attendance, RHUB offers the capability for attendees to join from any platform with a full-fledged browser.

Whether you want to schedule a conference in advance or conduct one on the fly, RHUB web conferencing servers make starting your conference as quick and easy as a click of your mouse. You can launch a conference from Microsoft Outlook and then invite your participants via email.

Once inside your virtual conference room, RHUB’s multi-point video integration in standard as well as high-definition allows you to incorporate real-time video, multi-media content, application and desktop sharing. It also offers a more engaging and effective experience for your participants while providing you with the ability to grand participants control, if you so choose. Documents and presentations can be shown in full screen or zoom mode with absolutely no degradation in image clarity or quality.

The true browser-based web page co-navigation allows hosts to guide participants through any website with the option to share control. In addition, RHUB’s web conferencing, audio conferencing and video conferencing services provide a robust list of features, including polling, file transfer, Outlook integration, desktop collaboration and application sharing.

RHUB web conferencing servers also provide record functionality by offering two crucial capabilities:

1. Secured, un-editable AUDIT file
2. Easily edited standard formats

For those applications that need an un-editable recording of a session for security and compliance purposes, the RHUB Record function utilizes a proprietary format that helps you to save on file space and size. The resulting recording can be archived as an Audit on the session. The Record utility embeds a compatible player for replaying at any time that you so desire.

For applications in which you wish to edit and/or publish a session, the RHUB Record comes with a powerful utility that is capable of converting the proprietary format to one of three standard formats: AVI, WMV, and FLASH. Once converted, the recording can be edited by the standard editors provided for the format and then used as a downloadable or web viewable video.

RHUB web conferencing servers allow you to connect with anyone, anywhere, across platforms and devices, whether they’re inside or outside your firewall. RHUB web conferencing servers also offer HD VOIP audio conferencing that is capable of supporting more than 200 attendees in one meeting session. In addition, PSTN audio conferencing numbers are available in 26 countries, including the US, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, etc.

If you’re interested in learning more about what RHUB can do for you and your business, give us a call today on 866-758-0984 or visit

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Use RHUB’s VOIP for Better Communication in Relation to VoLTE

May 19th, 2014

While 4G has certainly enabled us to accomplish more much faster, it is not static. Voice over Long-term Evolution (VoLTE) is the next generation of 4G wireless networks. VoLTE is a standards-based technology that is necessary for the support of voice calls on an LTE network, the advanced data networking technology that offers the benefit of high bandwidth. Therefore, it is capable of support voice capability.

The ever-increasing demands of mobile technology, combined with the need for higher quality audio than is available over the cell network, is the driving force behind VoLTE. VoLTE makes it possible to enhance the efficiency of networks. Most current networks are actually hybrids. It is anticipated that voice traffic will continue to run on 2G and 3G networks, while data traffic will run over a 4G network. This translates to faster run times for data. Later this year, many networks will begin marketing and intensively pushing VoLTE.

With that said, along with VoLTE, VOIP over the mobile data network will be the new trend moving forward. This is because phone voice quality has declined significantly due to the massive success of the cellular network. As a result, there is now a tremendous amount of traffic on the cellular network. Cell-based calls have now grown worse in terms of quality with numerous breakups in communication compared to the old-fashioned PSTN systems. With the advent of VoLTE, voice quality has improved substantially. Most mobile users will now join meetings using VOIP rather than the cell network to take advantage of improved voice quality.

VOIP in relation to VoLTE offers a variety of distinct advantages to users and businesses in terms of improved voice communication. This is because data networks allow for more efficient use of bandwidth. VoLTE makes it possible for carriers to free their networks for the support of more data services so that they are able to pass this capability onto businesses through a more selective and scalable social package.

VoLTE will also enable businesses to enjoy better voice quality for communication, as voice will be treated as data app. This makes voice carried over circuit switched networks more efficient. Ultimately, this allows for a faster and more efficient way of conducting business and gaining new customers through an improved productivity margin.

RHUB web conferencing servers in relation with VoLTE provide integrated RHUB audio conferencing, wherein regardless of how you or your attendees use phones (PSTN) or computer headsets (VOIP), all of your attendees are able to converse together. You can even benefit by recording and replaying an entire meeting session that includes everyone’s voices and the presenter’s screen updates. You can also choose to individually mute/un-mute callers (PSTN or VOIP) and view who is speaking.

Recently, RHUB released the new 5.1 version for hosting and joining online meetings from iPads and iPhones. The new version offers integration between the RHUB integrated audio conferencing and customers’ PBX or third-party audio conferencing systems by service providers. For more information about RHUB products, visit or call on 866-758-0984.

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The Top Benefits of Conference Calling and Desktop Sharing Technology

May 6th, 2014

Conference calling is rapidly becoming a popular solution for anyone who is interested in having a business meeting with multiple people simultaneously from a remote location. Offering three types of communication—web-based conference calling, audio, and video, conference calling makes it easier to work more efficiently from a distance.

While conference calling has significantly increased in popularity, most collaborative type meetings now focus on sharing some type of data. The ability to share data via computer screens offers a far more efficient and effective solution compared to conferencing calling only. As a result, data sharing makes collaborative meetings more productive.

The video element varies in terms of efficacy. I, and many others, like to leverage the video element for associating a name with a face. This can prove to be highly beneficial for team members who may not be physically acquainted with one another to work better on a more personal basis.

For me, as well as for many of the analysts with whom I have spoken, once a visual representation is established, the webcam often becomes more of a distraction than a help. Even so, it does facilitate team bonding. The web cam can be a true aid in context of a training meeting, particularly in demonstrating how something is done.

RHUB’s web conferencing servers offer both web conference calling and data sharing in one convenient setup. As result, businesses are assisted in establishing a real-time communication with their valued clients.

There are also many financial benefits associated with web conferencing and data sharing. One of the most important of those benefits is the fact that participants are not required to travel. Businesses are thus able to save on travel expenses. In regards to a big company, this can easily run into a few million dollars. RHUB web conferencing servers also provide a variety of other benefits. Take a look:

Cost-Effective Application

To use a web-conferencing application, you will need to pay either a certain amount on a pre-scheduled basis or at one-time. Various service providers charge differing fees. Full-featured web conferencing applications are typically the most expensive.

Nevertheless, RHUB web conferencing servers have only a one-time payment option. With that one payment, you own the server for life. In fact, it can typically be paid off within 3 to 10 months, compared to the recurring monthly subscription costs of hosted services.

Unlike hosted services, which charge named users for subscription fees, the RHUB web conferencing server uses floating licenses and has no limitation on the number of users. Consequently, it is far less expensive than hosted services. Take a look at the following examples:

For 2 employees, it takes 3 – 12 months to pay off WebEx/GoToMeeting, LogMeIn or combined.

For 10 employees (using RHUB), it takes only 1 – 2.5 months to pay off.

Saves Time

Financial savings are not the only benefit offered by web conferencing. It also saves time. Whether meetings are held within the office premises or elsewhere, employees still lose a tremendous amount of work time in order to participate in such meetings. When employees participate in a conference call using RHUB; however, they do not even need to leave their workstations.

Promotes Healthy Relationships between Employees

The process of initiating and holding meetings in which all employees participate is usually not that complicated in a small to medium sized company. This is not the case in a large company where thousands of employees may work within a single complex. In a big company, it often simply is not possible for meetings to be held on a regular basis for each department within the company. As a result, this can cause employees to feel left out and unengaged.

By using RHUB web conferencing servers, it is possible to benefit from conference calling without any limitations. Conference calls can be held at any time and with an unlimited number participants taking part. In this way, it promotes regular, two-way communication between employees, thus significantly strengthening working relationships.

Easy to Use

RHUB web conferencing servers are also extremely easy to use. No special software is needed for conference calling. The only equipment necessary is a desk phone or a cell phone.

Allows You to Transfer Data

RHUB’s web conferencing servers can also be used to efficiently share files, videos, presentations, and much more. The ability to share data presents a clear advantage over verbal exchanges by obviating the risk of misrepresentation or misunderstanding of facts, figures, values, etc.

Geographical Location Is Irrelevant

Web meeting solutions, such as those offered by RHUB, have dissolved physical boundaries. This is quite crucial in light of an evolving global business environment. It is even possible to participate in a web conference with complete comfort and easy from any location. Regardless of where you are located, if you have a working computer, phone, and fast Internet connection, you can participate in a web conference.

With so many advantages offered, it is hardly surprising that so many people are now embracing and utilizing conference calling and data sharing technology.

Without a doubt, conference calling and data sharing have become inseparable and invaluable. According to many experts, this trend will continue to expand in the future as new technological advancements are introduced. For more information about RHUB products, please visit or call 866-758-0984.

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Using Web Conferencing Software for Driving Sales

April 18th, 2014

In today’s competitive business landscape, it is more important than ever to engage regularly with clients while also reducing overhead costs. While sales professionals today have an array of technologically advanced tools available at their disposal, one tool that makes it possible to save time, reduce costs, and drive sales is web conferencing. When used as a tactical tool, web conferencing applications such as RHUB, make it possible not only develop prospects, but also improve customer relations and close more deals.

One of the increasing ways in which web conferencing is now being used as a strategic way to boost sales is to build and strengthen client relationships. As most sales professionals are well aware, meeting with a prospect face-to-face is an excellent way to establish trust and understanding. Unfortunately, in-person meetings can be expensive and difficult to arrange given increased travel costs and scheduling conflicts. With RHUB, web conferencing makes it possible to build customer relationships by expanding the reach of customer communications and increasing the frequency by which you can meet with clients.

Additionally, web conferencing makes the sales process increasingly flexible as well as more personalized and interactive. One of the most crucial periods during a sales cycle occurs at the beginning, when you are just becoming acquainted with the customer and developing an understanding of his or her needs. Web conferencing gives you the ability to solidify customer relationships through informal brainstorming and creative collaboration. The RHUB servers boasts an impressive array of tools that makes this process easy, including application sharing, chat, whiteboard, and annotation features. Through web conferencing, it also becomes much easier for sales representatives to qualify leads as a result of increased interaction during the early stages of the sales cycle.

As the world of business grows more competitive, the ability to deliver information in real time becomes more important than ever. Web conferencing supports this need by providing the opportunity for enhanced customer communication. While traditional phone calls and even emails may be acceptable for casual communication, when you need to deliver important information to a client, the robust HD video web conferencing capability of RHUB make it possible to communicate more effectively and faster. Unlike with a phone call, web conferencing participants are able to examine charts and graphics while viewing gestures and facial expressions to ensure a clear and accurate dissemination of relevant information.

The RHUB servers also possesses an impressive suite of document collaboration tools that make it possible for participants to view as well as edit all types of sales literature as well as agendas, contracts, and more in an efficient and effective manner. As a result, you are able to interact with clients as if you were in the same room with them without incurring significant travel costs.

Whether it is developing leads, solidifying customer relations, closing a deal, or negotiating a sales contract renewal, web conferencing provides a host of benefits that make it possible to drive sales and reduce costs.

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