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Why to prefer Remote Support from an IT Company

July 31st, 2017

If you are an IT company and the time to scale up has come along, outsourcing your services of remote support to another IT company is inevitable, as it is the only way to increase efficiency and cut down on costs.

The market of remote IT support has been growing fast in the last years, as it offers IT companies many advantages. Let’s see which ones:

1.) The costs of Tech Support becomes Billable. Out-sourcing allows you to record these costs in your company balance sheet and detract them from your company income.

2.) Your company becomes more efficient. Remote support reduces greatly the costs of travel and allows your team to save a lot of time, as much work is outsourced. As a consequence, your team productivity increases and profits as well.

3.) You can have much more customers. If your team gets able to do more work in the same time, you are able to take new business and scale up.

4.) Your service gets faster and customer satisfaction increases. Remote support allows your team to deliver a faster service by cutting out on travel and other operations and tasks. This is very helpful for your business growth, as customers want their problems addressed right by now.

5.) Remote maintenance becomes possible. You can offer your customers remote assistance and maintenance much easier.

6.) New marketing policies become possible. The result of the above-mentioned advantages is that you can adopt new and more powerful marketing strategies. For example, you could offer all-in-one packets that include service and maintenance at a fixed monthly cost. The advantage of this formula is that you have a predictable cash flow with subsequent less stress.

7.) Your pool of potential customer’s gets bigger. The improvement in efficiency allows you to reach a huger pool of customers outside your geographic location.

In conclusion, outsourcing the services connected with it`s support to an IT company is inevitable if you wish to make your business grow. The benefits range from smarter performances of your team to tax advantages and a more correct structure of your accounting.

If you are interested in remote support, visit R-HUB`s web-site You are going to find many useful posts, articles and resources on this and other interesting topics.

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Is Remote Support Software Reliable?

May 21st, 2015


When customers and employees are depending upon you for tech support, you must be able to depend on your own support technology. Most of the R-HUB alternatives currently available on the market, including LogMeIn Rescue, GoToAssist, and Webex Support Center are SaaS or cloud-based solutions. This means they host the software. It also means that you must rent.

By comparison, R-HUB’s model is vastly different. Our appliance-based approach to remote support means that customers are actually able to own the solution. From a cost perspective, owning always beats renting over the long term. Owning is also more secure.

Even so, it is important to consider the implications for reliability of service. Can you expect the same standard of reliability from an appliance-based solution that you can hope to obtain from a SaaS solution?

How Does R-HUB Ensure Reliability?

Extremely Reliable and Optimized for Best Performance- Unlike software-only deployment, which typically shares with other applications running on a general purpose computer, each TurboMeeting server is an appliance dedicated to run TurboMeeting.

In many ways, each TurboMeeting server is similar to your switches and routers. As a sealed device, these servers are designed to deliver unattended services and support to your daily business operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Consequently, you can gain complete peace of mind. Both the operating system and hardware for the servers are optimized to provide the best performance possible. Below are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy with R-HUB servers.

Backup Services – You can back up your database anytime and use the High Availability (HA) cluster configuration to increase redundancy. If for any reason your server is out of service, R-HUB will provide you with online meeting services hosted by the R-HUB servers around the world. You never have to worry about being without the services and support you need.

Security – R-HUB gives you the ability to support critical internal systems without worrying that you are exposing data to the Internet. For instance, with R-HUB, there is never a need to trust someone else to guard your data. This is because R-HUB will route all of your sensitive data through an appliance that is actually behind your firewall under security measures that you already have in place.

Integration – It’s easier to integrate an appliance you own, located behind your firewall. Additionally, R-HUB also provides integrations for the LDAP, CRM, Windows, and web management solutions.

We understand how critical remote support is to your organization. You must be able to rely on your remote support software because everyone is also relying on you. R-HUB provides you with the ability to map out your own redundancy plan instead of relying on a vendor’s due diligence, which you may or may not be able to trust. We are thankful that so many companies now rely on us for their remote support software.

To obtain more information about R-HUB Remote Support Servers, call us at 1-866-758-0984 or email us at

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