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Why does Video Conferencing beat Physical Meetings?

May 25th, 2017

The right answer is because video conferencing has become an essential tool of the organization of work in the digital economy. Yet still important, money-saving concerns have become secondary today.

In the digital economy, the organization of work has been going through disruptive transformations in the last few years. This has changed video conferencing from a mere curiosity to an indispensable tool for everybody. The shifting from the traditional way of working in physical places to what has been defined as “virtual corporations” compels almost every digital worker to utilize video conferencing daily.

Why video-conferencing and not some other technology? Indeed, the benefits that the application of video conferencing has brought to the digital organizations are huge. Let’s quickly run through the main points.

1) Video conferencing helps telecommuting

Without video conferences, teleworking and telecommuting would be very difficult, as it is the only way to reduce the lack of interaction between managers and remote workforce.

2) Video conferencing helps managers to oversee remote collaborators.

Remote working poses new problems, for example checking and tracking remote workers efficacy and effectively. Video conferences allow managers to immediately see what their employees are up to .

3) Video conferencing makes your meeting independent from money and time concerns.

The main implication is that more frequent meetings are possible, and the coordination and control of managers on workers subsequently increase. This is then mirrored in an increase of workforce productivity, the main reason why so many organizations are going more and more virtual and less and less physical.

4) Video conferencing makes your remote communication more human.

Never forget that communication is almost all non-verbal and visual. While in a traditional phone call visual communication gets fatally lost, during a video conference you can fully enjoy the pleasure of a face-to-face meeting.

5) Video conferencing allows users to interact with more people at a time.

The simultaneously interaction with more than one people comes quite easy and comfortable in a video conference, even through mobiles. This feature, which is not present in traditional video calls, is very useful. For example, it enables managers to give directions to their remote teams from everywhere and at any time.

6) Video conferencing allows users to give live demonstrations.

Showing is the best way to persuading, and this is possible through video conferencing. Products like R-HUB`s TurboMeeting ( allows users to utilize a wide set of tools to make your conferences interactive and to engage your audience, like screen and file sharing, polling and raising hand buttons.

In conclusion, it is quite impossible to think of a digital working environment without a massive usage of video conferencing, as in a world of remote users, remote managers and remote workers; video conferences are the most effective way to communicate.

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