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Four great Video Conferencing Solutions with Low Latency and Seamless Live Streaming

November 25th, 2017

Nothing is worse than frame overlapping and frame delays, while working remotely in real time with your team. These four video conferencing products have efficiently addressed these annoying issues

Working remotely in real time has become common practice for almost all global organizations today. Unfortunately, it has also become a common experience the annoying problems of frame overlapping and latency, two issues that can potentially disrupt any communication among remote users.

Frame delay / latency simply mean the time that is employed by an image captured by a remote cam to reach your eyes in the form of a frame video. The shorter this span of time, the better and more performing the video conferencing solution that you are utilizing. However, speed is not enough to ensure good performances: it is also necessary a good frame synchronization, so that frames do not get overlapped and their stream is seamless.  Consider that frame overlapping practically disrupts any remote communication and compels video conference participants to fall back to audio conferences or even text chats.

Latency and overlapping depends much on the quality of your connection and your equipment. This is the reason why it is important to opt for video conferencing solutions that take care of these two issues. Among the best, we signal:

R-HUB`s TurboMeeting ( An on-premise server based solution that  presently offers the fastest live streaming service for real time collaboration available on the market, with delays that are limited to only 3- 18 seconds  (on average, the delay can be even over 30 seconds) in dependence of  network conditions.  No software to install, as data are streamed to your participants’ devices through their browsers. Smartphone users find this feature very helpful, as they do not need to take up other memory of their devices which is usually full because of the installation of any sort of apps.

Vidyo ( ) . It was the first manufacturer to launch some video conferencing solutions in HD, and it is considered to be the leader of the market. Today, Vidyo offers software based multipoint video conferencing solutions with low latency across multiple different networks in HD 4 K and virtual meeting rooms for small groups. A distinguishing feature of Vidyo software is video optimization, a tool that preserves bandwidth and assures each participant a good user experience.

ezTalks ( This company offers a huge range of video conferencing services that cover almost all the possible technologies available, from on-premise server based solutions to cloud and software based solutions. In other word, you can choose the technology that suits your need best or all-in-one solutions. This company was the first to launch free conference rooms where to host up to 100 guests.

Polycom ( is another company that offers multiple video conferencing and real time collaboration solutions through which to browse in order to pick up the best for your specific needs. Its distinguishing feature is a particular system to reduce / block background and environmental noises, one of the most common and annoying causes of distraction during video conferencing.

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