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Choosing the Right Conference Tool 2 – Web Solutions

May 7th, 2010

One of the first choices you might be faced with when exploring web conferencing solutions is going with a hosted or on-premise service. This is only one of two possible solutions for online conferencing. The other method is using an appliance such as those provided by RHUB Communications.

Using a hosted service means that the service is operated from a server controlled by the vendor. Thus, the flow of the meeting is largely dependent on the vendor’s capabilities. Pricing for hosted services is generally based on the number of attendees. So the end user is dependent upon the provider for performance issues such as having the appropriate bandwidth and to quickly fix bugs.

choosing between web conferencing services

Making the Tough Decision between Conferencing Services

In deciding between the two types of web conferencing services, what boils down is how much control the user would like to have. What some consider a negative to the hosted option is the fact that the vendor needs to stay on top of potential issues that may arise. Bugs must be reported quickly, and the vendor must also respond quickly. The performance and usability of the service is almost entirely dependent upon the provider. Also, users need to stay on top of upcoming updates as it could also cause compatibility issues with the user’s operating system. As such, there is the need for constant communication between the vendor and the end user.

On the other end, on-premise solutions performance is dependent on the user. Users will also have more control in allocating resources to support their communication needs. Appliances are attractive options as they require no manual software updates and brings down the cost of ownership through elimination of monthly fees.

The success of your real-time communication will depend on variety of factors. Even within hosted or on-premise solutions, features and offerings will vary by provider. Learn more about what each supplier has to offer and try the product before you make your decision. This way you can avoid headaches later and ensure smooth communications with your online meetings.

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