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How to Conduct Webinars through R-HUB`s TurboMeeting Servers

August 21st, 2017

Very popular today, webinars are multi-purpose virtual events that can be indifferently used to launch a new product or to give a lecture to some distant learners.  Usually, webinars have many participants (over 30) and are delivered through some particular products that offer specific tools to engage the audience.

The servers for web conferencing of R-HUB`s suite TurboMeeting ( are a great solution for webinar organizers. The reasons why to opt for R-HUB`s web conferencing servers can be clustered in these three main points:

  • R-HUB`s servers give you the possibility to host in the safest way large size virtual events that can reach up to 3000 participants at zero additional cost per participant because of R-HUB`s flat license policy.
  • A huge set of functionalities is available, like polling, raising hand, file and screen sharing that assure you all the necessary resources to make your webinar highly engaging and interactive.
  • Attendees do not need to download any software.
  • Last, the prices of TurboMeeting servers are quite inexpensive, as it is possible to bring home a TurboMeeting server for 995$ only. The costs of maintenance and installation are risible, as they are fully plug-and-play machines.

It is possible to enjoy a free trial of 30 days of any R-HUB`s product.The procedure to host a webinar through R-HUB`s TurboMeeting is quite easy.

Step 1: Download TurboMeeting

Open your browser and reach your R-HUB‘s meeting web address. Click on “Host Meeting”. The download process of TurboMeeting will start immediately. Login with your credentials.

Step 2: Select Webinar among the multiple types of meetings

A view with a form showing a list of four different types of meeting will be displayed. Check out the option “Webinar”, then press the “Schedule” button and fill the field “Subject”in order to submit the details of your Webinar and get it scheduled.

Step 3: Invite your guests

Once scheduled, your webinar will be showed in a list through an appropriate icon. Press on the icon, and then on the button “Invite” to send your invitations through email.

Step 4: Start your webinar

Pressing on the icon of your webinar on the list of the scheduled webinars is also the way to start up. The different kinds of attendees are individuated by a specific type of icon, one for panelists, one for participants that use Flash, one for participants that do not use Flash. Your guests participate to your meeting by opening their browsers.

Step 5: Use TurboMeeting functionalities

TurboMeeting makes available multiple tools and functionalities to make your meeting engaging and interactive, like:

  • You can chat individually with a participant;
  • You can conduct surveys and polls;
  • You can enable the function “raising hand”, so that your attendees can make questions;
  • You can give control to other panelists;
  • You can register the webinar;
  • You can get a report of the webinar including each participant email and details;
  • You can share files and show photos or other multimedia contents.

Step 6: Thank your participants

At the conclusion of your webinar, do not forget to thank you your participants for coming. It is a good idea to send them a follow-up email with a link to the registration of the webinar and an invitation to stay tuned for other webinars on similar or related topics that could be given in the future.

In conclusion, TurboMeeting can be really helpful to improve corporate communication. For further information and more detailed directions, please visit R-HUB`s web site and its blog at

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How Conducting Webinars using R-HUB Web Conferencing Solutions Helps your B2B Business Grow

March 18th, 2015


Webinars can be a highly effective tool for business-to-business marketing. Previously, the only way that a B2B business could deliver a message to large audience was to hold a conference or seminar, a method that required travel expenses as well as attendees to juggle their schedules. Today, technological advances have made it possible to replace such old school methods with web-based seminars or webinars.

With these modern tools, it is possible to deliver the exact same message without participants needing to spend money on expensive travel or take time from their busy schedules in order to travel to a central location. A highly versatile tool, webinars are now being used to achieve a variety of different business goals. As a result, webinars have become one of the best tools available for B2B marketing. Below are just a few of the ways in which webinars can be used for B2B marketing purposes:

Developing Business Contacts
If you are attempting to break into a new industry, webinars can be used to introduce your business while building your brand name and connecting in a more interactive manner with attendees. By providing the audience with the ability to interact with the speaker, business becomes more personal. The strong connection also helps to build credibility.

Product Promotions
Webinars provide the ideal platform for promoting and selling new products. Using webinars, speakers are able to show off what makes their product unique and stand out from the competition through live demos, video clips, and photographs. The ability to provide product demos can be particularly beneficial when your service or product is complex in nature and is best explained or demonstrated live. Decision makers will also be able to benefit from the ability to receive live resources and answers to any lingering questions. After the webinar is concluded, guests can be directed easily to a sales page to close the deal.

In the past, when you needed to provide training to new customers, it often meant sending a sales rep out into the field. With webinars, you can deliver training in a cost-effective, interactive, and convenient manner to provide new customers with the training they need in order to be successful with your service or product.

Lower Expenses
Holding seminars and conferences can take a huge bite out of your business’s budget. By hosting a webinar, you can attain the same benefits at just a fraction of the cost. The money that you would have spent on travel arrangements as well as renting facilities and the myriad of other expenses associated with hosting a conference can instead be reinvested into other areas of your business.

Along with the benefits listed above, webinars can also assist your business in growing a global presence, capturing more sales leads, and maintaining better relationships with clients. As a result, you can leverage the opportunity to develop new sources of revenues.

To learn more about how webinars can enhance your business, check out our R-HUB web-casting solutions today at

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