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Cost Savings Available through Unlimited Hosting with Floating Licenses

January 21st, 2014

As the world becomes increasingly mobile, the benefits of web conferences are undeniable. One issue that many businesses and organizations have encountered is the named license model. Today, there are numerous services available that offer web conferencing; typically for a monthly or yearly fee. Limitations also typically apply regarding the number of named users that can tap into those services. When multiplied over a period of months or even years, this type of pricing model can quickly become exorbitant. Essentially, a business is renting a service without obtaining any type of equity for their investment.

The floating licenses pricing model with one-time purchase offered by RHUB makes it possible for everyone within their organization to be able to use it. Monthly recurring fees do not apply with this pricing model. Most businesses find that they are able to pay off the cost of the appliance within less than a year, sometimes within just three months, compared to the monthly subscription costs of hosted services. Over time, this type of investment can translate to significant savings.

As an example, many of the leading web conferencing services charge about $50 per month for just one host. Over the course of one year, that results in a total cost of about $600—for one host. Multiply that by two hosts, five hosts, or even more and it quickly becomes evident just how expensive this type of model can be for your company. That is an expense your company must face each month with the traditional web conferencing subscription service. With RHUB, you pay a one-time fee.

A floating license model, also known as a concurrent licensing model, also helps businesses to better track their spending and eliminate surprise billing. In the monthly subscription plan, extra costs can often occur when hosts exceed their monthly subscription limits. This is not the case with the RHUB appliance and floating licenses. Once the appliance is purchased, anyone within your organization is able to take advantage of the service and host meetings. Your accounting department can rest assured that your company will not be hit by a surprise bill at a later time. The more employees who take advantage of the RHUB appliance, the more cost savings you accrue and the faster you are able to enjoy a return on your investment.

Additionally, the benefits do not cease with cost savings offered by the unlimited hosting model. Once you have purchased the appliance, you own it and are able to exercise complete control. Estimates indicate that due to exorbitant costs, most companies using hosted web services only offer the service to 10 percent of their employees or less. Thanks to the floating license model used with RHUB web conferencing, there are no limitations regarding the number of users. Your company is able to take advantage of the opportunity to bring everyone into the loop and ensure they are informed and engaged. The result? A more productive, satisfied, and happier workforce.

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