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Getting More for Your Money with Self-Hosted Web Conferencing

April 27th, 2010

on-premise web conferencing help you saveOne of the greatest value on-premise or self-hosted conferencing solutions offers over hosted services is the reduction in cost. With a self-owned appliance, there are no recurring costs and cost per use actually decreases with increased usage. The other day we received feedback from one of our customers who agree with us on the value of an on-premise appliance.

Thanks Mike for sharing with us Platinum DB’s experiences!

Platinum DB Consulting is a full services SAP consulting and hosting organization. Our purchase of the RHUB appliance was a simple decision, with an ROI of five months when compared to ongoing Webex costs, it was an easy decision to make the switch. Since implementation, collaborative efforts have increased between our geographically disperse team of software engineers, our sales force has been making more online presentations and our IT staff resolves internal and customer issues more quickly. With RHUB our usage has gone up and our costs have gone down. End users appreciate the simple to use interface and the cross platform capabilities while the IT staff appreciates the excellent support RHUB has given us in resolving any issues.”
— Mike Neuliep, IT Director, Platinum DB Consulting

How are your experiences with TurboMeeting? Share with us, we love to hear what you have to say.

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Self-Hosted Web Conference: “Never Rent What You Should Own”

February 12th, 2010

Here are RHUB, we take pride in our products and we strongly believe in the value of a self-hosted, on-premise web conferencing solution. Unlike monthly subscription services, costs are fixed, you buy it, you own it. No more fees. Plus, on-premise solutions allows for integration and customization with your system for added security. Like what one of our customer in the financial industry has to say, why rent when you can own it.

“After almost a year of researching a remote solution for my CPA practice I selected RHUB. Six months later I could not be happier with my selection. From the sales staff who were patient and informative, to the technical support staff, who were patient, diligent, and informative, we have had a very positive experience. Your product is reliable and functional, with innovative features not found in comparable product at several times the price. Our clients love it and are impressed with what they perceive our our technical expertise. Little do they know we’re just pointing and clicking!!

I advise my clients frequently to never rent what you should own. With RHub we own the product.”

— Dennis Duke, CPA, Duke & Duke CPAs

What are your thoughts on hosted versus on-premise solutions?

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